Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 8

Pragya feels happy as the children enjoyed her egg tarts. She was apprehensive of how will they receive it. But after seeing the way they were eating she was very happy. The children even kissed her cheek as a sign of appreciating the delicious egg tarts.
But what made Pragya very surprised was Abhi who winked at her after eating every egg tart.
On the other hand, Abhi was feeling unlucky to have grown up.

Abhi, How unlucky am I! The kids can kiss her but me? I am only able to smile at her. I wish I can turn into a kid right now!
Rinku “Papa! What are you thinking?” Abhi “Nothing my boy. Just thinking of how u all going to discuss after eating so much.” He asked in a teasing way which made Pragya smiled.
Rinku “Papa!!! We are serious at work. Come on guys, let’s go to the room!” He said loudly looking at his members.

Pragya “Rinkie, can I clean all the plates first before coming for meeting?” Rinku “No Pragie. All that Papa will do. You come now!” Abhi hearing that stared at Rinku. Rinku “Clean everything Papa! It’s my order!”

Pragya looked at Abhi who was rolling his eyes. Rinku “Papa!!! I said it’s my order. Be serious.” Abhi “Yes my Big Boss!” One of the kids asked “Uncle! Rinku is your Big Boss? Then who is the boss?” Abhi “His Dadi is my Boss. She also orders me to clean every time.” Hearing that everyone chuckled & Abhi was looking annoyed. Pragya “You are very good Mr Abhi, even being busy as a businessman you spent time for your family.” Abhi in response smiled widely. He don’t know why but he loves to hear Pragya’s compliments.

A while later,

Abhi washing the plates wondered what are they discussing with the door locked. He finished cleaning everything. He then placing the things saw Pragya coming towards him.
Abhi “What happened? Why are you looking nervous?”
Pragya “I’m sorry Mr Abhi. I have to do this….” Before he could say anything, Pragya touched his face.
Abhi’s heart beats faster as Pragya touches his face. Abhi doesn’t want to stop her from touching him at the same time he wants her to stop.

He closes his eyes in pleasure enjoying her caressing his face.
He was back to senses when he heard Rinku calling him. Abhi looks around and sees no one around. He takes some time to understand that he was dreaming.
Abhi, Damn! I think I need to consult a psychiatrist. Why am I thinking in this way? Idiot!!! Abhi!! Control your thoughts!!!

He went up to the room where they were in. He knocked the door to which Pragya opened. Abhi trying looking at Rinku asked “Did you call me Rinku?” Rinku “Haan Papa. Come here & choose a color for us. We are going to design a logo for our gang.”
Abhi went in as Pragya give in way to him. Abhi “Blue looks cool.” Rinku “Ok we are not choosing blue!” Abhi “Huh? U asked me to choose but u are not choosing the color I want!!!” Rinku chuckled without answering him. An angry Abhi carried Rinku making him scream No Papa!!

Everyone laughed loudly seeing Abhi tickling Rinku. But Pragya seeing it admired them by smiling widely.

Abhi saw her with a wide smile but he never respond to that. He felt he should stop smiling like a stupid now.

Abhi letting Rinku down quickly excused himself from there saying he have some important work.

Rinku observed the unusual behaviour of his Papa whenever he looks at Pragie. He wonders what’s wrong with Papa.

Pragya on the other hand was feeling contented with getting the chance of seeing Abhi & Rinku. It made her heart feel overwhelmed to see her son is happy with his dad.

She with that thoughts was walking towards her hostel after the meeting session. It’s just then he got a call from Abhi. Thinking it as Rinku, she gave a kiss. Pragya “How is it? I gave you kiss as you had asked today na.” Abhi who was taken aback by the kiss said “I am Abhi here.”

Pragya, Oh god! What have I done!!!

Abhi “He is really very naughty. He asked a kiss from you.” Pragya “No Mr Abhi. He is very cute.”

Abhi smiled at how she supported Rinku.
Pragya “I’m sorry for just now…” Abhi “That’s ok. I called to tell you something important.”

Pragya “What is that Mr Abhi?” Abhi “Next time try to avoid this meeting & all if Rinku calls.” Pragya “ Why Mr Abhi? Is something wrong?” She asked in a tensed voice.

Abhi “No nothing is wrong. It’s just that I don’t want my child to be involved in all this. I am trying to make him understand this. So the first step from my side is informing the parents of other kids of not attending to this. If they never allow then Rinku will slowly drop this idea. I am firstly calling you to….”

Pragya interrupted “I find you very typical like usual parents.” Abhi “What do u mean?” Pragya “Mr Abhi, can’t u see he is very talented to lead a group in helping the people around him. Even today he was telling our parents are very good so we must do even more good things to make them proud. But you are here trying to stop his talent. He have the talent to be a leader Mr Abhi”.
Abhi didn’t know what to say hearing to Pragya’s words.

Pragya “Can’t you see at this young age, he plans and organizes a lot of things. Together with him his friends also put in a lot of effort to carry out activities. But u are going to destroy their hardwork just like that? It’s ridiculous Mr Abhi.”

Abhi “Take a chill pill! I actually know all this. My intention was not to stop him from doing all this”.

Pragya “Are u trying to cover up your mistake now?”

Abhi “Leave that aside. I am sorry for telling all this.”

Pragya still in anger said “Better change your mindset Mr Abhi!”

Abhi “Pragya…I was…” Before he could explain himself she ended the call.

Abhi, I wanted her not to come here but it backfired me. She is now misunderstanding me as a dad not supporting his child.

Abhi “You are here?” Pragya “Yes…why I can’t be here is it?” Abhi “I thought you were…” Pragya “What were you thinking?” Abhi “No leave that.” Pragya was about to say something when some man back hugged her. Seeing that Abhi was gritting his teeth.

Who is the man?

So far I feel ok of updating this way. Will see how it goes. Now do u all want to continue this way? Do tell your opinion if possible. Thank u as usual for reading, liking and commenting.

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  1. Milly

    Nice am waiting to know will happen if abhi find out pragya is his son real mother…………

  2. Milly

    Nice am waiting to know what will happen if abhi find out pragya is his son real mother…………

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    Great epi once again. I enjoy the reading continuations of the stories following each other, coz then i dont get lost along the way. Mwah waiting foe next.

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