Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 6 (Confusing feelings)

Abhi after a lot of attempts, persuaded Rinku & finally made Rinku to forgive him.

Rinku warned him not to get angry too much as only he have the rights to be angry too much.

Abhi carrying him said “Of course my dear angry bird!” Rinku “Papa!!!! How many times I say I am not angry bird!!!”

Abhi “To me you are cute little angry bird who always have his nose red in anger.”

Rinku looked furious at him. In response, Abhi “Ok calm down. You first change & take a nap at your room. I have something important to do in my room”.
Rinku “Work?” Abhi “Haan Rinku have files to go through.” Rinku “Ok but don’t see them too much. That day I see them & I don’t understand anything. I felt Maths is better than that!!!!”

Abhi “That is accounting file. Someone passed it to me wrongly. I also don’t understand it!”

Rinku “Oh…what’s accounting Papa?” Abhi “I will tell what is it later. First change into home clothes.” He said by making Rinku stand on the bed.

Abhi “I have to go now.” Rinku “All the best Papa!” Abhi “All the best? For what?”Rinku “To finish your work like a superman!” Abhi smiled at him before saying thank u.

He then left the room. Walking towards his room he felt emotions that made him ponder on many things.

Abhi reaching his room sits on the bed thinking of his decisions in life.

Abhi, I don’t know why I feel I am doing something wrong unknowingly. I never knew I will feel this way now after all this years

He walks towards wardrobe & unlocks the drawer. He takes out the file & sits back on the bed.

Abhi flipping the contents of the file was thinking of the time Rinku came into his life.

10 years back….
Abhi was always career-minded. He was very focused to achieve in his life with the business he had started with. He had clearly stated to his parents that he is not interested in marriage & love life. But he was always interested to have kids in his life. One way to achieve that was either adopting a child or getting a child through surrogate mother. He didn’t mind adopting a child but he wanted a child who looks like him to some extent. So he decided to have a first child through a surrogate mother & the second one by adopting.

Abhi, I never knew raising a kid will have many things to handle with. My idea of having a kid was to have fun with him or her. As time passed I realized it requires a lot of commitment, responsibility & patience to raise a child.

To make sure he give his best in raising Rinku, he neglected the idea of adopting a second child.

Abhi, But now whenever Rinku asks for his Ma, I don’t know what to say. I feel bad to lie that his Ma is no more when she might be somewhere in this world. I don’t know how long I can hide the truth of Rinku’s birth. Now there is even someone who knows of this & called me to threaten. It’s getting more complicated than I thought of. Above all this, I don’t know why I am getting attracted to Pragya!!!

Yes! I really don’t know why but from the time I see her she is running in my mind. When she cried for help, I felt as if I am in danger. When she smiled at Rinku’s cute words, I felt as if she is even more cute than Rinku. When she was weak due to her health condition, I felt as if I am in pain. When she laughed together with kids, I felt as if I am in a world full of happiness. When she was in tears of my slap, I felt as if I am a evil devil who slapped my angel. What’s all this??? This is completely ridiculous. Come on Abhi, It’s unbelievable that at this age you are getting infatuated by a girl. What the hell I want to do by caressing her soft cheeks that became red by my slap!! I wanted to kiss her man! Thank god! I was back to my senses hearing the chuckles of the ladies there if not what chaos I would have done!!!

He was getting confused of his feelings.

Pragya had done something wrong which makes Rinku & other angry. They are planning to give a punishment to her. Abhi seeing it feels bad for Pragya.

Ok now u all know the suspense. So Pragya is the surrogate mother. Abhi doesn’t know that she was the one who gave birth to Rinku. How will he know? To know that u all have to keep reading. Thank u everyone for reading, liking & commenting.

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