Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 4 (Interesting plans)

Mike is Rinku’s best friend. He discusses with what he sees yesterday night of Pragya hiding Papa’s photo.

Mike “Rinku, I have seen in movies that if someone likes someone then they will take their photo.” Rinku in shock “You mean Pragie likes Papa?” Mike “ Yes Rinku. I think she loves your Papa that’s why she talks to you sweetly too.” Rinku “How can she love Papa. I got my Ma to love Papa. This cannot happen.” Mike “Now what to do, you already appointed her in our gang. We can’t ask her to leave too.” Rinku looks tensed of how to save Papa from Pragya. Mike “I have a idea Rinku.” Rinku “Tell me Mike, I will buy for you 100 chocolates!!!” Mike smirks & narrates his plan.

Rinku hearing to Mike’s plan became tensed.
Mike “Let’s do it Rinku!” Rinku “But Pragie looks like a good girl.” He said remembering her sweet talks with him.

Mike “Be careful Rinku! Even my stepmother used to be this way to me. Now you see, she always scold me!” Rinku shivered thinking of what would happen if Pragya becomes his stepmother.

Mike “But Rinku…where is your Ma?” Rinku had no answer to tell. Even he don’t know where she is. He wish to meet her everyday like other kids.

Mike screamed “Rinku!!!!” Rinku came back to senses.

Mike “First you need to find your Mummy too. You are chota gang leader Rinku! How can you not find her?”

Rinku felt he is right. Being a chota gang leader he can find his Ma. This is his secret mission now.

Rinku “But how to find her? Papa every time say something if I ask about Ma!”

Mike “You search his room. You will surely get something.” Rinku “The plan on Pragie is no more?” Mike “No it’s still on Rinku. But not now.”

Rinku in his mind was thinking it was not right to carry out the plan. The good thing is that Mike said it’s not now.

Mike “Then u give me your Papa’s number. I will talk to him changing my voice.”

Rinku “Why mike?” Mike “I just got an idea. We can call now itself. You pass me your Papa’s number.” Rinku with hesitance passed the number to him.

Mike called Abhi:

“Hello! I need to talk to you about something important Mr Abhi.” He said in a deep voice. Seeing that Rinku was amazed of his friend’s talent.

Abhi “Who is this?” Mike “Mr Abhi, I am need to talk about Rithesh.”

Abhi panicked “What is it about Rithesh?” Mike “I know a secret about Rithesh. I know you haven’t tell him. I am outside his school now & is ready to tell him”.

Rinku hearing it wondered what secret was he talking about.

Abhi “What rubbish are you talking? You better tell me who u are if not I will call the police.”

Mike laughed evilly saying “I know about his Ma!!!” He ended the call making Rinku look at with a frightened expression.

Abhi hearing it was feeling tensed.

Abhi, Who is he? He sounds very evil. I have to know who he is. I don’t want Rinku to get hurt by knowing the truth.

At the hostel,

Pragya “He looks very much like him. No wonder he is his father. But wait why this eyes of his is different? Oh…I know, it looks like his Ma.” She went in front of the mirror. She placed Rinku’s photo beside her face to compare.

Pragya “He have my eyes. His smile is like his. Very charming.”

Her friend who was seeing this said “How long are you going to do this comparison session?”

Pragya frowned in response. She ignored her by continuing to look at both Rinku & Abhi’s photo.

Her friend “I feel if you look more at Abhi’s photo, you have chances of falling in love with him.”

Pragya “Shut up! He is Rinku’s father. Better give some respect before talking about him in this way. I have huge respect for him as a god who is a saviour to my Rinku.”

Her friend “Haan but you know it’s better for your life na if you love him. He is a rich man.”

Pragya “So does that mean I should fall in love with him? Listen, rich or poor doesn’t matter. Love is between two people who have interest on each other to live a life forever. I don’t think he will have the interest on me & the same goes for me.”

Her friend “Interesting…..I feel both of you will have interest on each other gradually.” Pragya ignored her by walking away.

Her friend smiled looking at her.

Abhi “Ms Pragya!” Pragya turns back to see him. Abhi “I’m extremely sorry for his behaviour. Nowadays, He is spoilt by me.” Pragya “No Mr Abhi. Kids are like this only. It’s very normal..” She said with a wide smile. The next action of Abhi made Pragya taken aback.

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