Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 3 (Entering a new world)

Rinku makes a call to Pragya the next day. He was unsure of whether to make a call but as Abhi was still sleeping he thought of giving a try.

Pragya picking up the call “Hello…” Rinku whispered “Hello May I speak to Ms Pragya?” Pragya cheerfully “Is this Rinku?” Rinku exclaimed “You remember me!!!” Pragya “I never forget you to remember. You are always in my mind.”

Rinku in confusion “Huh?” Pragya “Nothing Rinku. Why did you call me early in the morning?” Rinku “What can I do. Only know Papa’s phone is free. Now only I can call others to talk about chota gang.” Pragya “Where is your Papa?” Rinku “He is sleeping.” He said by checking on Abhi.

Pragya “Oh I see…” Abhi “Rinku, if u want to talk to out of the room & talk yaar. Always talking early in the morning to disturb my sleep.”

Rinku was taken aback. He quickly jumped off his bed & walked out of the room.

Rinku “I didn’t know he knows I am using his phone”. Pragya “Your Papa is smart na so he would have noticed you.”

Rinku in a upset tone “It was a secret mission….now he knows about it….” Pragya “Hey Rinku, It’s your Papa not some stranger to know about this.”

Rinku “Papas can know about secret mission? Is it ok?” Pragya smiling at his innocence said “Yes of course. Dads always know their children’s secrets as they always help in them too. You know Dads are very active when it comes to playing secret games.”

Rinku happily “True Ms Pragya, even my Papa plays a lot of games with me that I never play with my friends. All are very secret.”

Pragya “That’s so much of fun right?” Rinku exclaimed “Yes!!!”

Pragya “So why did you call me now?” Rinku “Oh you are officially appointed as a chota gang member. Can I have your email address to send your appointment letter?” Pragya chuckled silently hearing it.

Rinku “Ms Pragya?” Pragya “I don’t need it Rinku. I am very happy to hear that I am part of your gang.” Rinku “No Ms Pragya. I have seen Papa also sending appointment letters if he have new people at his work place. If I never do this then it is not prossional.” Pragya corrected him “It’s Professional not prossional Rinku.” Rinku “Haan ya that is the word. It’s so long Ms Pragya, yesterday night I practised the word but today I tell wrongly. Sorry…” Pragya “Rinku…can I tell you something?” Rinku “Sure Ms Pragya!” Pragya “Don’t call me Ms Pragya. Call me by my name. I want to be your friend so talk to me how u talk with your friend. Don’t mind our age gap as a matter. No sorry & thank you too as we are friends!!!” Rinku “Hippie! I also don’t like calling Ms Pragya. I copied it from Papa when he was calling someone as Ms Rita yesterday night. I asked him why he does that. He said when we are not familiar with a new person we have to call that way to respect them.” Pragya “He is teaching you good values. Do follow that with others but with me just be like a friend. Ok?” Rinku “Sure Pragie!” Pragya “Pragie?” Rinku “Haan i call my friends with nicknames. So for you is Pragie!” Pragya “Nice name…I like it Rinkie.” Rinku “You too use nicknames?” Pragya “Yes but only with my loved ones.” Rinku turned shy hearing it.

It sounds nice to hear when a pretty girl like Pragya says him as his loved one.

Rinku “I love you too!!!” Pragya “ Me too!” Abhi “ Who’s that? Don’t say you have girlfriend at this age!” He asked by being standing behind Rinku.

Rinku “Talk to you later Pragie. Monster had arrived”. Abhi saw him ending the call & stared for calling him as monster.

Rinku “Papa, I call you monster as you were standing behind me. Only monsters come behind kids & scare them.”

Abhi “It hurts me…” He said looking down.

He was giving a fake cry that made Rinku laughed.

Abhi “I am crying & you are laughing?” Rinku “I am not a kid to believe this. You know I also do like this when u call me as naughty boy!”

Abhi carried him swiftly saying “Talking too much na. Now I will see who will save you from this monster attack!!!” Rinku protested “Papa!!! Leave me!! Papa!!! Don’t tickle me!!!” He then laughed nonstop because of Abhi’s tickling his stomach.

Pragya at her room was smiling thinking of the conversation with Rinku. She sees out the sky from a window.

Pragya, I don’t know why I feel I am getting to see a new world. I don’t know whether I can be part of their world but I wish to experience this new world as much as possible.

That day itself, Pragya came to Abhi’s house for chota gang meeting. All the kids liked her presence as she behaved like them when telling her ideas. Pragya only behaved silent when Abhi enters the room to pass snacks to them. The rest of the time she was having fun with the kids.

At the end of the day, everyone felt like not leaving but their parents turned up to fetch them.

Rinku “ Your mum never come to fetch u Pragie?” Pragya “I am very old na so she never come.” Rinku “Oh…so you have a mum?” Pragya “Yes but don’t know where is she.” Rinku “You too?” Pragya looked how sad Rinku had become thinking of his mum.

Rinku “My Papa never tells where is mum or when is she coming. Everytime he tell something else.”
Pragya “Is this your picture Rinku?” Rinku looked at where Pragya was pointing at.

Rinku “Yes Pragie. That was when I dressed up as superman.” Pragya “You look very handsome. It looks so real.” Rinku “Really Pragie? Tell this to Papa. Papa say I look funny as superman.” Pragya “Not at all. I think he needs to check his eyesight. Look how cute you are posing. That too the sparkle in your eyes is very attractive.” Rinku turned red in Pragya’s praises.

Pragya saw Rinku blushing by looking down. She saw the photo frame of Abhi’s photo. She quickly used that moment to take it & kept it in her bag.

Rinku looking up smiled at Pragya. Rinku “Next time when you come for meeting I will wear my superman costume for you.”

Pragya “Thank you Rinkie. I will leave now. It’s getting late. Sleep early. Ok?”

Rinku nodded his head as yes. Pragya opened her bag to pass something to Rinku. That’s when Rinku noticed the photo frame of Papa in her bag. He is shocked to see Pragya having it. But he never asks her anything instead he gets the chocolate from her & said bye to her.

Rinku wonders why Pragya was hiding Papa’s photo in her bag. He doesn’t know whether to share this with Papa.

Mike “Rinku, I have seen in movies that if someone likes someone then they will take their photo.” Rinku in shock “You mean Pragie likes Papa?” Mike “ Yes Rinku. I think she loves your Papa that’s why she talks to you sweetly too.” Rinku “How can she love Papa. I got my Ma to love Papa. This cannot happen.” Mike “Now what to do, you already appointed her in our gang. We can’t ask her to leave too.” Rinku looks tensed of how to save Papa from Pragya. Mike “I have a idea Rinku.” Rinku “Tell me Mike, I will buy for you 100 chocolates!!!” Mike smirks & narrates his plan.

Does Pragya really loves Abhi like the kids assume? What will be the kids plan now? To know all this continue to read & also wait if possible.

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