Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 1 (Bondings)

I think u all like it so I am continuing it….

She cries as he sees him fighting for her. It means so much to her. He is fighting the goons for her. She never ever expected this to happen in her life.

After fighting with everyone, he walks towards her.
“Are you ok?” He asked with concern. She was lost in looking at him.

“Are u ok?” He asked loudly. Coming back to senses, she nodded her head as yes.

“I think it’s safe if we leave from here.” He said.

Abhi looked at her. He could feel she had felt very frightened of the goons.

Rinku saw Abhi coming near the car with the lady. The lady was seen wearing Abhi’s jacket.

Rinku, Papa never even gives me his jacket but he gives his jacket to this lady. This is not good.

Abhi opening the car door asked her to sit in first. He passed her water to drink. Later he started to drive.

Rinku was sitting beside Abhi. He had to keep on turn behind to see the lady. She smiled at him but he frowned looking at her.

Rinku “Papa is she coming to our home?” Abhi “No Rinku,she asked to drop at her hostel.” Rinku chuckled hearing it. Abhi “What’s so funny in this?” Rinku “ You don’t how to say house Papa!!!” Abhi “My dear boy, I know how to say house. Hostel is like house….but u don’t get to stay with your family. It have a lot of rules & regulations to follow.”

Rinku hearing it widened his eyes. Rinku “Is it like school?” Abhi “Not really Rinku…you still have fun by being with friends.” Rinku “Can we stay in her hostel Papa?” Abhi “No we can’t Rinku. It’s a ladies hostel. Men are not allowed there.”

Rinku turned sad hearing it. He really wants to know how a hostel looks like. He had never seen it before.
Abhi “Is this the way to go to your hostel?” He asked her. All the while she was admiring the way both father & son spoke to each other. She never heard what Abhi asked for. Abhi again repeated his words & she answered him as yes.

Rinku “What’s your name Aunty?”

“Pragya… you are Rithesh right?” She asked excitedly.

Abhi & rinku got surprised hearing it. Pragya mentally slapped herself for getting over excited.

Abhi “How do u know my son’s name?”

Pragya “I saw the book here….his textbook…his name is written on it.”

Rinku “Smart aunty! I like smarty people. Can we be friends & some day u should invite me to your hostel.”

Pragya smiled at him widely by nodding her head as yes.

Abhi “Rinku, you seriously want to see her hostel ah?” Rinku “Yes Papa! How do u know?” Abhi “From the way you talk to her, I know u are eager to see it.”

Rinku “Pass me your phone Papa!!!” Abhi “Why phone now? I am driving na I can’t call anyone.” Rinku “Oh Papa, it’s not to call anyone! Wait I will take it myself!” He reached his shirt pocket to take Abhi’s phone.

Abhi “Rinku! Don’t call Pammi aunty like u did last time. I had a hard time to make her believe that I never kissed through the phone.”

Pragya chuckled silently hearing it. Rinku signalled to him not to talk about that. It was Rinku’s fault that time. He thought it was his Dadi’s number. At that time he didn’t know how to read names in the phone register. So he accidentally called Pammi aunty thinking it was Dadi. The first thing he did was giving her tonnes of kisses saying I love you sweetie!

Rinku “Aunty, can u help me save your number here? Next time u can call me to visit your hostel. My Papa will answer the call as I am busy in school most of the time.” He said politely passing Abhi’s mobile to Pragya.

Pragya find him very adorable. She feels like seeing herself in him.

Abhi “You are damn serious about this hostel visit Rinku. It means I also need to come along.”

Rinku “Papa u can’t come in but kids can get special permission if Pragya aunty ask the people there.”

Pragya “He is right…” She said by returning his mobile to Rinku.

Abhi “Another person in your gang!” Rinku proudly “Yes Papa. She looks smart. I think she can be a member of my gang.”

Pragya “He have a gang?” Abhi “ Haan he calls it chota (small) gang. I think you would be the senior member in it if you join!”

Rinku screeched “Papa!!! Don’t tease my gang. We never see age. Age doesn’t matter to us. Everyone is same to us.” Pragya smiled more when Rinku said “Do you want to join? Membership is free aunty! We also have meeting tomorrow.” Abhi interrupted “Do u call that a meeting? All of u are going to swimming pool & play there.”

Rinku frowned at Abhi for not supporting his gang. Only he knows how much of effort he had put in to form his gang.

Rinku “Papa! As the leader of chota gang, I am warning you.” Abhi laughed at his harmless warning. Abhi “A gentle reminder Rinku, you get money from me for your gang! Did u forget that?”

Rinku after being silent for a while said “Teek hai…Let’s forget everything…We are friends Papa!!”

Abhi “What a change over Rinku!!” Rinku ignored Abhi & said “Pragya aunty….u are so silent like my friend. She is also like u in the start but after joining our gang she talks non stop.”

Abhi “Now you are advertising your gang to her. Ya Pragya they bring changes in people through their gang. Like take me for example, I once met them. After that they made me almost deaf as they are so loud when they speak!” Pragya giggled hearing it.

Rinku “Pragya aunty, please don’t care about Papa’s words. We are very good.” He said innocently.

Pragya “I will join your gang…” She said happily. Rinku “Yippie! See Papa she is in & you are out!!”

Abhi “Okok enough of your gang talks. We have reached the hostel.” Rinku seeing the hostel building was amazed. It was very different from his house. It was more like a school but in a smaller size to him.

Pragya “Thank you so much. Rinku..Thank u for the invitation to join your gang.” She said looking at both Abhi & Rinku.

Rinku “Nice meeting you Pragya aunty. I will call u tonight about the meeting details. Ok?” Abhi “Rinku! Please stop this yaar. Let her go & rest.” Rinku rolled his eyes at him.

Pragya “Thank u again…I really don’t know what would have happened if u never come on time.” Abhi “No problem. Be safe next time.” Pragya “Rinku…” Rinku looked up. He was still angry on Abhi for irritating him. Pragya “Don’t get angry on Papa. He always care for you.” Rinku “I know Pragya aunty but he always disturb me. That I don’t like.” Abhi smiled at his son’s anger on him. What made him surprised was Pragya’s reply to it.

Pragya “He don’t have anyone else to disturb na…if he disturbs you means he love u that much. He loves to disturb u & see how u react to him.”

Rinku “Is it so Papa?” Abhi nodded his head with a wide smile.

Rinku exclaimed “Love you Papa!!” Abhi instantly carried him & said “Love u too!” Rinku giggled as Abhi tickled his stomach.

Pragya moved away from there quietly. She didn’t want to disturb their bonding session.

She never imagined to meet him. He never knew her at all but she knows him very well. She made an effort to know him. Now she was thinking what will happen if he knows her. Will it affect his bonding with Rinku? She didn’t want their bonding to be affected. They looked so happy together. But deep inside her, she wanted to be part of their family. Will it happen? Let’s see how it will happen.

Rinku “How careless are u Papa? U have given your jacket to Pragya aunty. Now how will I go for my meeting without that?” Abhi “Why u need my jacket for your meeting?” Rinku was in no mood to reply him. He called Pragya to ask for the jacket.

Thank u Honey, Gaurav,Qandeel,Mythili sis,Tisha lover,tajh. All your comments make me motivated to continue this. Hope you all can continue to support me whenever possible. I have thanked the rest in the update of a random love story. My only humble request is please try to give feedback on how the story goes whenever u all can as sometimes i am not able to decide what I write is ok or not. Not at all forcing u all. But do consider about it. Thank u once again to everyone reading, commenting and liking it.

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