Somethings are better remained unsaid (twinj os) Part 2 (The Final One)


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Episode 1

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Twinj were dating since 6 months and were very happy. Twinkle suddenly had some jealousy issues with one of kunj’s friend as she would be flirting around him. Whenever twinkle talked about this to kunj, he always replies back saying that its just friendly so don’t worry. This pacified twinkle to a certain time when later she started being possessive about kunj. Kunj was very badly disturbed by this as he never expected his twinkle to be so possessive about him. It had irritated kunj enough and he couldn’t bear anymore of it and he decides to speak up. Twinj fought a little regarding this but later would solve the matter by either kunj saying a sorry or twinkle. Months passed by, although they fought but with this their bond grew stronger.


After 4 months ;

Twinkle’s phone was spoiled and it would return back to her after 3 days. Though she continues going to her college for three days but kunj was absent all these days. It was the last semester of college going on. Exams where arising and because both were in different classes, they wouldn’t disturb one another as they knew studies were equally important. Twinkle had stopped being on social networking sites for a week or so as she was busy preparing for her exams. Kunj was absent as he needed to prepare for his exams and had to attend some tuitions as well. After three days, when her phone was back to her, all okay, she logged in into all the networking sites which were logged out from her phone. She saw that she had a message from kunj exactly 3 days ago when she had given her phone for repairing. She opens the message and was shocked. Her face had turned pale. She had tears in her eyes. Soon they started falling on from her eyes to her cheeks. The message was;

Ku: Its all over. I don’t need you.

She fell on the bed and cried her heart out. She couldn’t believe that her kunj could ever do this to her. Her eyes were swollen and were completely red. The eyes that used to sparkle had now turned dull and apathy. She continued crying, picked up her phone, dialed a number immediately and called.

Tw: Dude (spoke while stammering)
Aa: whats wrong dude? why do you sound so sad as if you are crying? whats wrong tell me dude. (worried and concerned)

Twinkle cried and cried for another 2 minutes without saying anything. All this time, aathira was asking her but she was in such pain that words went able to come out from her mouth.

Aa: shsshs. I know there must be something big that has happened otherwise how can my twinkle cry huh? c’mon dude, if you wont speak it to me then how will i help you out. Please? (told very calmly)

Twinkle narrated her the whole story. Aathira was speechless. She never expected anything like this from kunj and why would she even? He always stood with twinkle no matter what happened. She knew there was a big reason behind all this because kunj is not that type of a guy who would leave twinkle in ease.

Tw: where are you lost? say something?
Aa: dude, just forget all this for now. We have our exams preaching so firstly concentrate on them and then deal with kunj when they end alright?

Twinkle felt that aathira was right. Her exams were approaching and she couldn’t risk it. So she therefore thought that she would firstly give her exams and then talk to him directly. She thanked aathira and spoke;

Tw: Now you go study, i wasted so much time of yours. Bye and love you so much.
Aa: dont give me your thank you. If you wouldn’t call me then who would you?
Tw: I just love you. Bye for now. I have to go.

They end their call. Twinkle composes herself and begins to study in order to avoid her mind from the recent happenings.


After 10 days (Exams began);

Every student in the college now was busy writing exams. Everyday, twinkle and kunj would see each other but would never talk. Days passed by, it was the last day of exams as well as for college. Kunj had informed the van driver that he wont be coming in the afternoon as he was going for a hangout with his friends. In the morning of the last day, when everyone left the van and when kunj was about to leave … twinkle called out his name and asked him to wait for a minute. She came close to him and within a fraction of second, kunj sensed pain on his right cheek. Yes, twinkle had slapped him. She immediately left after slapping him. Teardrops were falling on her face.

Tw: (herself) there hasn’t been a single day when i didn’t cry myself to sleep and that all because of you kunj. I hate you. I should have never trusted you.

She wipes her tears which had fallen on her cheek, composed herself and all over again acted all bold like the old twinkle, though she was all broken and shattered inside. She wrote her exams and returned back home. She got freshened up and texted kunj by 6 in the evening. She got her reply back by 8 in the evening.

Tw: Will you now tell me the reason behind our breakup? and sorrynotsorry for the slap.
Ku: First of all, the f**k is wrong with you? how dare you slap me? and i don’t think its important for you to know the reason.

Twinkle was all fumed in anger. (Note: the next few lines maybe offensive to some as it has some abusive words. Hope you guys don’t mind and if yes, sorry for it.)

Tw: How dare i slap you? Sorry lemme correct it. How dare you break my heart? how dare you not find it important for me to know the reason behind the breakup? Just let me know it and f**king leave.
Ku: Oh please. Have you seen your face? Go look at yourself on the mirror, you’ll know the reason.
Tw: Wow! Look who says it.
Ku: oh please. Just shut the f**k up and get lost. Not interested to talk to you.
Tw: You know what? its waste to even talk to you. Keep your ego to yourself. I am so done over you. Bye.
Ku: yea whatever.

The conversation ended this way. Twinkle was hurt, shattered and her heart was broken in pieces. She was so hurt she felt like she had no purpose to live. She heard a knock on the door of her room. She wiped all her tears and went to open the door. (Leela is her mom)

Le: get ready, we are going out for dinner.
Tw: no mom i am having severe headache .. i wont be able to go.
Le: c’mon. Just get ready and come. I’ll be waiting downstairs.
Tw: mom please, i am not feeling well. Please, please?
Le: okay fine. You take rest and i’ll get your food packed.
Tw: thank you mumma. Bye.
Le: Bye.

Leela leaves and twinkle closes the door. She falls on her bed lifelessly and starts crying again.She gets up, goes near the wall and starts banging her head on it. Though it gave her pain and her head was badly swollen, yet she continued. She continued crying. She was cursing her life, her fate, her destiny. Later she again came back to her bed and lied down, continued to cry. In no sooner, she fell asleep crying.

Next morning;

Twinkle wakes up and checks her phone. She had a message from kunj. She quickly opened it and it read;

Ku: Look, i am sorry. I shouldn’t have talked so rudely to you yesterday. Can we stop fighting? Cant we just remain friends? Like we were before. Like best friends. I miss my old twinkle. She was so lively and bubbly. Always brought smile on everyone faces with her charm. I think she has lost it. I need it all back. Please?

Twinkle was all surprised with such text of kunj. She replied;

Tw: I am sorry too. Even i was rude to you. But dude please? i really wanna know. What made you do this all of a sudden?
Ku: Dude, my mum got to know about us and she didn’t want me to continue this.
Tw: is it?
Ku: why would i lie to you?
Tw: okay!
Ku: friends?
Tw: i still need some time.
Ku: i understand. Take all the time you need.
Tw: thank you!

Twinkle gave a thought for being friends back again. She called up aathira and asked her opinion. Aathira told her to accept the friendship. Somewhere twinkle also wanted the same. Hence she texted;

Tw:Okay done. Friends. Back to level one.
Ku: Thank you! I love you.
Tw: ahem ahem!
Ku: c’mon cant say my friend that i love her?
Tw: yea you can.
Ku: then?
Tw: acha sorry.

Days passed by and twinj were all over again friends, best friends. But suddenly, they again had their fights and this once grew into a major one. They had included their past and blamed one another for it. As a result of the fight, they had stopped talking to each other and pretended being complete strangers.


^^Leap of 2 years^^

Twinkle has now completed her last year of college and kunj joined university. There was never a day when twinkle didn’t remember kunj. They still don’t talk to each other in spite of living next door. Twinkle hated him but also loved him. The only difference was that the percentage of hatred was just a little less than the percentage of love. Time passed by and they continued to live without each other. One day, she gets a call and when she received the call, she was just expressionless. Her face had turned pale, just exactly the same way when kunj told about the breakup. The next minute, she ran on the top most speed of hers …. rushed to kunj’s residence. She rang the doorbell and his mum opened the door. She greets kunj’s mom and notices that her face had completely turned dull. She entered the home and saw kunj lying on the floor lifelessly, half covered with white cloth. Twinkle now started to shed her tears which she tried hard not to. She ran towards him and hugged the lifeless body of kunj. She cried and cried. In a while, kunj’s mom came to her and helped her to calm down. Twinkle asked; (usha as kunj’s mom)

Tw: How did this happen aunty?
Us: I wont say anything to you. Before all this happened, he told me to hand you over this journal.

Twinkle took the journal that usha gave her.

Us: I hope it gives you the answers to all the questions which kunj couldn’t/didn’t.

Twinkle stays with usha for some while and then leaves for her home. She was very curious to read the journal as usha told her that it would give answers to some question which kunj didn’t. She went to her room and quickly opened it. There were many pages filled but majority were blank ones. The first page read out :

Page 1:

“The best day of my life”

My lady love finally said a yes to me. Oh my god! it seems like a dream. She finally did! I feel so happy. It feels like i got all the happiness in the world. I feel on top of the world. I hope we stay together forever. I promise to keep you happy forever, my twinkle.

The others pages read out:

Page 2:

“My first ever kiss”

Yes, you read it right. My first kiss that too with my lady love, twinkle. The kiss was just so passionate. It felt like none of us wanted to ever leave. It was just perfect. Just so extraordinary. No one ever made me feel so special. No one ever made me go so crazy about him/her. She has a spark of her own. No one in this world can ever be her or take place of her.

Page 3:

“Happy 6 months to me and my lady love”

Yes yes! even i cant believe. We have been together since the last six months. OMG! That date was just the best thing of my life. Maybe the best moments of my life. That dance, that kiss, the way twinkle blushed. If i start about it, it may take more than a week for me to list out the things that were so good in our date. Probably because every second was special.

Page 4:

“Few papers that just ended my life”

Never thought i would be writing this. The papers, i.e my hospital reports. As usual, i went for a regular checkup but when the reports arrived, i was shocked. It stated that i was suffering from tuberculosis and not just the early stages but the last stage. When consulted to the specialist, he spoke that i could live only for a few years. The first thought that came across my mind was about twinkle. I was numb. I didn’t know what i had to do.

Page 5:

“Happy/sad 10 months”

Okay, i know you must be thinking why the hell it is sad. I’ll tell you. This was the day when i know i will hurt my twinkle the most by saying that i wanna breakup with her. I know she is gonna be completely shattered but what can i do? i am helpless. I don’t have the guts to tell her the truth about my health. So therefore, i will have to lie to her.

Page 6:

“For you, and only you”

❖ The true purpose for me writing this journal was to gift you this so you could cherish all our lovely moments but i guess the destiny planned something different for us. Firstly, i am so sorry for breaking your heart, lying to you and using such abusive words. But i just wanted you to hate me so it could be easier for you to forget me. Then the forgiveness i seeked was not planned. It just happened. I couldn’t resist talking to you. But later, all those fights .. were on purpose so we could stop talking. Being rude was all a part of my plan to make you hate me. But i know, how much ever you pretend to hate me .. you still love me. This thing was killing me inside. I was so helpless. I couldn’t give you the happiness you expected from me. Though i lived for a long time after our breakup but my soul left the hope to live as a lively person. Since that day i was body without soul. My life had ended there itself. I have got no words to say sorry to you. I know if i were alive now, you would just hit me so bad as i have hurted you so much. But here, i wanna make a honest confession to you. All these years, i have never seen or thought about any girl except you. Yes, i loved you only. You were my first and last love. I really didn’t want our relationship to take such a twist but the fate didn’t let me do as i had planned. Moreover, i know you will be thinking that why i didn’t tell you about my disease but how could i? I couldn’t let you be in such a great pain and that too because of me. I rather preferred for you to hate me than staying sad thinking about me. But just remember, though you wont be seeing me but i will always remain with you, near you. Whenever you remember or miss me, just close your eyes and feel the wind, i am sure it will make you sense my presence. To be honest, i can go writing for 100 or more pages but i have fallen short of words so therefore i’ll just stop by here. Just remember i love you and always will but promise me you wont let this affect your life and will move on and stay happy forever. If not for you then for me at least? I know you will obey my words. Bye and iloveyou ❤️

Twinkle was just expressionless. She didn’t know what just happened. She was cursing herself for not trusting her kunj. She was a body without soul soon after she read it. Her depression went on till 2 days when she realized that she cant be doing this as this is not what kunj wanted. He wanted her to remain happy forever and move on. She composed herself and spoke ;

Tw: I promise you kunj, i will live exactly the way you wanted and will stay happy. Don’t you worry. Your twinkle will do exactly as you wanted.

She went to her balcony, closed her eyes and felt the breeze and yes she could feel the presence of kunj. She smiled and spoke;

Tw: as per you wished, i am now going to stay happy forever but sorry i cant love any one other than you. I love you and will always love you.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

So here now, i end it. This is the most lengthiest thing i have ever written i guess? I hope i didn’t bore you all cuz i know it was boring. And also, so so so sorry as i posted so late but my school have just recently started and being in A level (11th grade) it’s just too difficult to handle all of it in one go so therefore i really needed some time to settle down well. On top of that, writing such a lengthy thing took me three whole days. So just sorry once again. I hope i could keep up the story as per the title. Comment to let me know about your opinions on it. Both negative and positive are okay. Will be waiting to read your comments ☺️ Hope i didn’t bore or waste anyone’s time. If yes then sorry for it as well, cuz i know i am a shitty writer. Bye guys x Love you all ?

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      Firstly, thank you so much for this comment. Its makes me so happy, can’t even describe. You thought it was my story? Okay, i shall tell you one thing and that is …. some elements, in fact the start of the story was quite similar to mine. Now shshs okay ? You better don’t forget me cuz i won’t leave you so easily okay ? Love you ?

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      Thank you so much daamini ? I really love reading long comments like the one you have written. It makes me feel so happy. I really had a big,bright smile on my face. I am just so awestruck knowing you loved my os this much. Seriously, i never had such hopes that you guys might like a sad ending, an extreme sad one. Thank you so much, i just can’t express my feelings .. i am legit running out of words. Love you ? and i will surely try posting another one 🙂

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