Somethings are better remained unsaid (twinj os) Part 1


A small intro;

Kunj and twinkle live nearby but talk rarely to each other. They also study in the same college and in spite of their van being one they don’t talk much. Kunj is in second year whereas twinkle is in first year. Kunj and twinkle had one common friend who was close to both of them equally. Her name was khushboo and she was in the final year of college. Many a times twinj had talked regarding khushboo. She also travels in the same van as them.

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In the van;

Tw: Kboo (short name for khushboo) told me to inform you that i need to know something from you.
Ku: okay, will tell later na .. i am really not in mood right now.
Tw: c’mon kunj please?
Ku: okay, just read my chat with kboo and you will get to know everything.

Kunj hands over his phone to twinkle so she could read the messages. After a while;

Tw: okay thank you x
Ku: sure!
Tw: (whispers) by the way, do you really count the number of girls you talk to? wah ji wah (winks at him)

*Flashback to the time when twinkle is reading the chat*
Kunj had mentioned to kboo saying “ i’ve counted the number of girls i talk to and they are 30”. Kboo replies to this by saying “you really are an idiot man!”
*Flashback ends*

Ku: oh shit i forgot i talked to her about all this. Anyway, thank you 🙂

They started talking to each other from this conversation. Whenever they would return back from college, they would be talking to each other all the time till they reach their homes. This continued for 2 weeks and they had become best friends and then;

While they were chatting:
Kunj would be all flirty types with twinkle but twinkle always thought about this in a friendly way when once aathira (her friend) read her messages with kunj.

Aa: Dude whats going on?
Tw: what what?
Aa: between you and kunj?
Tw: nothing man! we are best friends nothing else.
Aa: then those kisses and all? those pick up lines he is giving you?
Tw: arrey, he is a flirt. Don’t worry .. its all friendly.
Aa: okay if you think so! but to my opinion he seems to be more than just flirting.
Tw: shut up! you always think like that. now bye. you better be going or else your mum will kill you.
Aa: yea right! bye x take care.

They bid bye to one another. Firstly, twinkle neglects whatever aathira had spoken to her but later realizes she might be right. She decided to ask directly to kunj. She messages him;

Tw: dude? anything wrong with you?
Ku: no why?
Tw: the way you seem to be chatting with me is different. don’t you think?
Ku: no dude!
Tw: those emojies and pick up lines?
Ku: its nothing man!
Tw: c’mon kunj .. speak up the truth
Ku: there is nothing so what do you want me to tell you.

This continue for some while and then twinkle says;

Tw: okay fine! you wont tell me right? so bye! don’t ever talk to me again.
Ku: dude no! you cant be doing this.
Tw: yes i will! but if you don’t want this to be happening then spill it all out. Whats going on dude?

Kunj feels helpless as he didn’t want twinkle to stop talking to him as he was addicted to talk to her. He finally says;

Ku: twinkle, i know you will be completely surprised but i think i have fallen in love with you.

Twinkle was in shock. She never thought about kunj in that way but surely has a soft corner for him of which she was unaware. She immediately called up aathira and told;

Tw: you were right! he loves me! what should i do now? Shall i say a yes and take this friendship to a new level or reject it and make things awkward between us?
Aa: dude i alway knew it. You were just so blind not to understand him. Anyway, i really feel you should be saying yes to him.
Tw: why dude?
Aa: what do you mean by why? you completely feel for him as well.
Tw: no i dont.
Aa: dude i know you better than you know yourself. I really think you would make a perfect pair,
Tw: i dont know man! i need some time. bye.

She closes her phone and sleeps thinking about the whole incident. The next morning, twinkle wakes up due to a feel of water droplets on her face and body. She opens her eyes and finds aathira next to her standing.

Tw: yeh kya? How are you here at this time?
Aa: madam, wake up. Down you remember we have to complete the project?
Tw: oh shit yes! okay you wait for a while. I’ll freshen up and come in 10 minutes.

Twinkle returns back to aathira and they start doing their project. They continuously did it with no gap as they needed complete concentration and they couldn’t afford to loose it. It was almost 6 when they completed the project.

Tw: finally! we did it. (with a relieved sigh)
Aa: yea! glad i finished it.
Tw: oh i completely forgot about kunj! what to answer him?
Aa: look i told you my opinion, now its your decision entirely. And now i am getting late, I better be going.

Aathira leaves. Twinkle opens her phone and thinks to herself “ for the first time i didn’t check put my phone for so long”. Her phone notified her with kunj’s message which was “really? i am so happy”. Twinkle was confused at this as she didn’t text him anything since last night. She opens it and finds that she had replied him saying “ i guess i love you too”. She was in shock as who did it. She panicked and immediately called up aathira.

Tw: hello. dude!
Aa: yes what ?
Tw: someone hacked my Facebook.
Aa: huh? how? and why do you think so?
Tw: because i messaged nothing to kunj the whole day as i was busy in project but there is message from my side to him which stated “i guess i love you too”. Who can do this?

Aathira begins to laugh.

Tw: you think this is funny?
Aa: okay, don’t hate me but i did this!
Tw: (shocked) when and how?
Aa: when you went to freshen up.
Tw: but how do you know my password?
Aa: not your Facebook password but surely i know how to unlock your phone.
Tw: YOU! i am gonna kill you.
Aa: sorry not sorry. I thought this is right so i did. and now bye. cant talk for long. Have to go. Will call you tonight at 10. Let me know what happens.

Twinkle cuts the call. She thinks “oh god! what am i gonna do now?” She replies kunj;

Tw: i am glad to 🙂

and now kunj continues to flirt with her more and more. She thinks to herself “okay, he is not bad! i know him and he is not kind of a person who wold break my heart! I guess a little try wont harm”. This continued and they were officially dating now. Twinkle had slowly started to fall for kunj. They used to chat and call late at night as well and talk till 3 or 4 am in the morning. Kunj’s friends didn’t like twinkle much and always told kunj to leave her and provoked against her but kunj, he never listened to any of these as he completely trusted twinkle. With this, twinkle fell more and more for kunj as he was so supportive to her. They were happy, very happy.

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Precap : Twinj seperation

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Hi all of you! I always had this story in my head bur never wrote it down but finally i did now. I know its not similar to any os anybody has ever written but i just wanted to write it so i did. Comment to let me know about your thoughts on this. If i bored anyone, then forgive me. And i know its a long one but just another part and it will be over. My second part will be the final part of the os. Anyway, positive or negative both comments will be appreciated. Will be eager to read them all. 🙂 To those who know me, i wrote this as i am better now (if anyone out here reads my ff called – The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) would be knowing that i am sick) but now that i feel better, i just wrote this. In addition ignore errors (if any). Bye for now x

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