Something… something…. Episode 8

hlo guys…. I’m back after a long time with a new part of Something… something….. hope you all remember this story…

I’m dedicating this part to Harneet.

precap: ragini parents and sanlakutt parents in karma mansion. jay getting breathing problem n reason for sanskar being jay’s father.

next part:

scene starts…..

swara wake’s first and sees jay sleeping on sanskar’s chest fully. sanky hold jay securely with one arm around him and other arm around swara.

she slowly get up from bed without disturbing them.

she soon fresh up and goes down.

uttu: Shona how is jay?

SW: he is Fyn Bhabhi.

ap: who are you to call my daughter as Bhabhi. call her mam. you are jay’s care taker. don’t forget it.

pra: mom don’t call her that. she is more than a sister to me. and she is taking care of my son like a mother with full love and affection. not for money.

uttu: mom please don’t talk rudely with Shona. she is really a nice girl. and Prakash loves her more than his real sister. so please….. n she is sanky’s best friend too. hope you understand ma.

ap fumes hearing them.

soon ragini comes down. everyone wishes her.

janki: you are looking so Beautiful beta.
Kisi Ka nazar nai lagna. she kisses on her forehead.

laksh is staring her without blinking his eyes. ragini sees him and asks what?

he nods in no and signs beautiful, to which she blushes n signs thanks.

later she goes to everyone and takes blessings.

Everyone sat for breakfast.

sanskar comes and wishes ragini.

San: ma today afternoon I’m going out with jay. I’ll return by tomorrow afternoon.

Raghav: but sanskar today we are arranging party . only our family members will be there. it will be good if you are also present.

San: I’m sry uncle. but it’s important work.

uttu: then sanky leave jay and go.

San: no Di I’m taking jay with me, and it’s final.

everyone kept quiet as they know it’s waste arguing with him.

lak: maa wt is todays breakfast?

ap: today we made ragini’s favourite pasta and chicken parata with carrot halwa

jay: yippee carrot halwa!!!

San: jay u are not fine completely. so no halwa today for you.

jay: plzz papa.

San: champ understand…. no halwa.

uttu: don’t worry sanskar, I kept his halwa aside without Cashew.

sanskar is still hesitate….but he can’t make a mother sad so he said yes.

soon Prakash family enters.

uttu: mom dad…. come. plz join us for breakfast.

Shekhar n shomi: Prakash parents.
shiv: Prakash chacha.
parvathi n Deendayal: Prakash grandparents.

soon they come and join them.

sanskar and swara are feeding jay.

parvathi:(seeing swara) wt she is doing here Prakash? and who is that small boy?

( after sanky adopted him after 21st day none have seen him except prautt)

Prakash: he is jay. my second son. and shona came here to stay in her brothers home for few days. plz don’t say anything to her. after requesting a lot she agreed plzzzzz.

parvathi was going to say something. but Deendayal stopped her.

Deendayal: swara come here.

she goes to him and takes his blessings.

Deendayal: how are you beta?

SW: I’m fine dadaji. how are you? how is your health?

Deendayal: I’m perfectly fine.

sw: but doctor uncle said me that your bp is increasing day. why?

Deendayal: because you are not there nah.

shiv: sternly….. swara go and do your work.

she nods n goes silently.

parvathi: sanskar beta…. come. y u didn’t have Ur bf still?

San: aunty I’ll have it in my room. saying this soon he goes to his room while Sujatha gets teary.

in sanskars room:

Sanskar is feeding swara his breakfast and he is also eating.

San: swara plz eat at least give me one bite.

she nods in no.

San: shona will you give or should I take?

SW: oh… challenging me. try Ur luck. saying this she starts running from there.

sanskar chases her. she goes down and hides behind Sujatha.

San: maa you just move. swara shows her tongue to him.

suju: wt happened?

San: maa tell her to give that box.

SW: noo… I won’t give.

san: plzz doll. u know how much I love it.

SW: same here. but last tym you ate it alone without giving me.

San: that tym we were angry on you baby. now give me.

she nods in no while running.
suddenly she dashes someone.

she looks and sees parvathi is standing there with angry face.

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Precap: ragini birthday party and new entry.

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