Something… something…. Episode 7

scene starts with swasan with Tara coming down.

Tara: guys I’m going to Kolkata, my grand father is not feeling well he Wana see me.
Rag: how will u go now and went will u return.
Tara: I don’t no. I’ll call u after reaching.
San: ok I’ll drop u till the station……..they both leave.


Ap,DP,RP,Raghav,and Janaki (Raghav and Janaki are raginis parents) entered the mansion.
seeing them Prakash uttara and laksh too blessings from them.
Ragini: maa papa what a sudden surprise!!!!!!! u both here…..
Prakash: I only called them, because tomorrow we are going to celebrate your birthday in karma mansion only…
Ragini: omg I forgot my birthday.
Uttu: now u all fresh up and rest and I’ll prepare dinner.
Ap: come uttara even I’ll help u.

in kitchen:

uttu,Ap and Janaki are cooking.
Ap: uttara where is samiya packet, today I Wana prepare kheer for my children.
uttu: ya maa yug,jay and pranay will like it.
Maa u just rest now I’ll do rest of the work……… Shona enters now.

All are having dinner except swasan.
uttu: sanky please come and join for dinner nah.
San: di please don’t force me. I’ll have it in my room……….. he was above to go but suju calls him now.
Suju: sanky not yet dinning table eat there it’s self. can’t u do this for your maa….. saying this suju asks Kamala kaki to bring his food.
Kamala kaki: serves him.
sanky looks at shona. she nods in no…..

sanky: Shona did u finish feeding jay.
sho: ya completed.
sanky: kaki serve Shona also.
kaki brings a plate and gives her…….
uttu: kaki why did u serve some other food for Shona????
Prakash while controlling his tears… uttu leave it. let her eat what she wants. I’m happy that she is staying here.

After having dinner all are chit chatting but sanky went to his room Fastly.
Ap serves kheer for all while Shona is winding up the kitchen.
All met after a long time so they are chit chatting and enjoying…..
Kavitha is trying to impress Ap any suju… suju neglected her, so she is busy in filling Ap’s ears against Shona.
Ap observed jay didn’t touch his kheer. so she went to feed him….
Ap: jay.. my bacha…. y are u not eating it?
jay: buamaa…. nai aayi…
ap: Acha… I’ll feed u.
jay: no…no…… but still ap forcefully started feeding him.
after some time he started shouting,
jay: buamaa…..papa… buamaa….. papa…

hearing his voice Shona came running from kitchen.
sho: jai wt happened??? she sees he is slightly breathing heavily….
sho: jai wt happened? he points towards kheer. she takes n tastes kheer.
Sho: aunty did u add khaju in it.
ap: yes.

sho: shouts…. kaki…kaki… bring injection.
hearing her shout sanky comes down.
kaki: beta it’s not there in fridge.

sho: sanky jay’s injection…..
san: I’ll bring it. he runs to his room n quickly brings injection. he slowly injections it to jai.
after few minutes jai becomes normal. but still he is scared. he is not leaving sanskar.
San: angrily…… Shona wt happened to jai. who gave him khaju. she is silent. Shona tell.
sho: ap aunty. jai said he don’t want to eat. still she feeded forcefully.
San: in refrigerator jai injection was there who took it.
lak: one day morning I saw it. I asked jiju. but he said he don’t know. as children are there I threw it.

San: for God sake laksh. stop taking Ur own decisions. u must ask everyone before throwing. it’s not any toy it’s medicine….
ap: sanskar y r u getting angry for that boy.
San: he is my son. did u listen mrs.annapurna maheswari. he is my son. from his 21st day am only taking care of him. the one who u thought to throw believing someone words.

it’s Jai’s naming ceremony. they showed his kundli to pandit.
pandit: his kundli is also like sanskar. this boy don’t listen to anyone. he will take his own decisions. and… and………
ap: and wt pandit ji?
pandit: he won’t come to anyone’s hand easily. he will only to one person in his life. that is his solemate. he is threat to evil thought.
ap: u mean total Bose family will be ruled by someothers.
Prakash dadi: u mean he will also become like sanskar……. going against everyone.
ap: kakiji i know wt am telling is wrong but we don’t have any choice. we must leave this child….
uttu: wt r u telling ma. r u understanding. no I can’t leave my son.
Prakash: uttara do u trust me. she nods. Prakash smiles. power goes. sanky takes the child n runs. after that he officially adopted jai n became his papa.
FB ends.

San: jiju today jai will sleep with me. saying this he goes with swara keeping a hand in his shoulder.
he makes jai sleep in middle of bed.
San: Shona how can she behave like that.
sho: shhh….. sanky stop thinking of all these. now Ur son is safe. wt u want. she makes him sleep on her lap n caresses his hair.
San: Shona u will never leave me nah.
Sho: never ever….. she thought she change his mood.
sho: sanky I want to watch romantic movie.
San: Shona no. I won’t allow u to watch. I said nah it’s not good.( yes guys Shona never watched romantic movie).
sho: ok normal movie only. but at least allow me to watch kiss scene. u always close my eyes when ever a kiss scene comes.

San: no kiddo. it’s not good. still u are a kid n u must not watch all those baby.
sho: sanky plzzz nah. in my office everyone saw except me.
San: baby they all are elder than u. now no more discussion.
sho: but….
San: shonu baby I said no nah. so leave it. now u just sleep like a good girl. saying this he kisses on her forehead n both cheeks.
San: gud nyt.
she also kisses on his both cheeks n wishes him gud nyt.

so guys how is it. plz do comment.

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  1. Neptune

    Aww sanku is possessive towards shona how cute..
    Loved the epi.
    Continue soon

    1. Shreny

      Thank you dear…….

  2. Neha_01

    Cute & sweet update..when will swara’s past will be unfold

    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear….
      Swaras past will b unfolded soon.

  3. Pravee


    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear….

    1. Shreny

      Thank you dear….

  4. possessive sanky even not letting her to watch movie… cute
    update next part soon

    1. Shreny

      Thank u dear…….Yaa sanky is possessive about shona, coz she is innocent to dangerous level. U can see her innocence in next part.

  5. Bush1122

    Awwww sooooo cute…
    Sanskar really possessive about shona…
    Loved it

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  7. Sanky is so possessive about Shona. how All are related?

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      Thank u for commenting dear…
      I’ll give character introduction 2mrw.

  8. Awesome..

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  9. how possessive, awwwwwwww????????????

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