Something… something…. Episode 5

hiii guys. thanks for Ur lovely comments. here v go with next part.

next part:

boys are coming on their bikes. all girls are coming in sanskars car. swara sat in middle n is combing her hair.
Kavitha: irritatedly…. swara wt is this? y u r combing Ur hair here….
swara: I don’t know about this sudden program. anvi came n said me to come now itself. I don’t have time. if sanskar is not having any problem, wt is it problem?????
anvi: Kavitha I only gave her this plzzz b quite.
feeling insulted Kavitha kept quite.

soon they all reached n went in.
San: as it is weekend it is crowdy. so b careful.
ansh: guys I want to spend some time with u all move…
rag:teases….. oh so love birds are gona fly away now.
Diya: ragini stop teasing us. even I’ll get chance to tease u.
laksh: anvi now don’t ask permission from Ur brothers.
Vicky: is is not going to ask because I’ll inform my friends.
anvi: no Vicky some other tym. I mean Shona don’t know u all, she won’t b feeling comfortable. so plzzz.
both are sad with her decision. swara observes them n says,
SW: anvi u don’t worry. am comfortable with Ur friends. u go n enjoy Yaar. teasingly………. u won’t get such chances again n again…… some how she sent anvi. now only sanlak Kavitha,Tara, swaragini are left.
sanskar observed swara is highly uncomfortable in their presence.
San: so swara y are u doing job from now itself.

SW: I don’t want to b a burden on any1. my father is really a hard working man.y dadi don’t lyk to send me to clg. my father loves his mom more than any1. so I started living independently.
San: oh great. so even u started Ur independent life.dont u find managing Ur job n studies difficult?
SW: when u are able to manage Ur company n clg….it’s not difficult to manage my job n studies. moreover I’ll attend only exams so no problem.
Kavi: sanky I forgot to ask r u owner of Shona naturals????? I mean how did u manage both. u r top in studies n Ur company is also in top.
San: my bestie helps me. so it’s not difficult to manage.
Kavi: u mean ansh?????
San: no other friend. u all dint know h………
SW: I want to buy popcorn.
Kavi: it’s unhygienic here.
rag: shall v go in that 360 ride.
Kavi: no am scared.
lak: ok I’ll accompy u.they both go. sanskar buys popcorn for swara.
they 4 are seeing different stalls there.
San: guys let’s go to cup saucer ride.
SW: but sanky u r having fever.its not good for Ur health.
San: now am Fyn. plz let’s go nah.
swara nodes in yes n goes.

soon the ride started.swasan are on one side. Tara n Kavitha are on other side. swara got scared n hugged sanskar tightly. seeing it Kavitha burned with jealous. y not, she always had crush on sanskar. she always tried to b close with him. but he always avoided her. but now swara is very close to him in a few hours. Kavitha feels swara always snatches wt Kavitha wants. this is the reason she created MU between swaragini. she always felt jealous of swara…….. ride completed, but swara didn’t move away from sanskar.he calls her but she is not moving.
Tara: sanky swara fainted. he lifts her in his arms n takes her. sanky sprinkled water… swara woke up.but still she is weak.tara informed to other. all went to karma mansion.
after reaching home swara is ok.
Kavi: guys this plan got spoiled. y don’t v do something interesting…
lak: let’s watch horror movie!!!!!
sw: u all watch. but am not interested in watching it.
Prakash: if u don’t watch it. then no Ice cream at dinner tym.
SW: Bhai that s is cheating!!!!
Prakash: it’s not cheating…. try to enjoy Ur life Shona. don’t sit In a corner.

all sat in room with popcorn in their hands. sanskar is between swara n Kavitha. swara sat with a big teddy in her lap. soon movie started, all were expecting swara to b scared. but she is normal Kavitha got scared n hugged sanskar.
San: Kavitha wt are u doing.dont behave like a kid.
Kavi:sry I got scared.
Tara: swara is better than u.c how silently she is.

after sometime Prakash got doubt and switch on the light…… all are shocked seeing the scenario……swara kept cotton in ears n slept hugging her teddy.
Prakash removed the cotton from her ears. feeling ticklish swara woke up n saw Prakash.
SW: Bhai wt r u doing at this tym….. then she remembered they are watching a horror movie.
San: now watch it without hugging Ur teddy. then only ice cream. in her ear, or else u have one more choice….u better know it.
SW: I’ll watch movie.
they again started movie…. swara got scared n hugged sanskar tightly from his waist n kept her head on his chest. Kavitha saw this n got angry.
Kavi:(shouts) how dare u swara!!!! I didn’t think that u are this much cheap. how can u hug sanskar who is unkn……..
San: (angry)Kavita she is scared so she caught me. n y r u making it issue. when she is here , it my duty to make her feel comfortable. now wt is ur problem in it!!!!!!
SW: am sry sanskar. Bhai am not watching it. I don’t want any ice cream also….plz show me my room, I want to rest.
San: u r going to share my room. I mean all are coming for rakshabhan n no room is free.
yug(4), jai(2) n prany(1) (Prakash sons) comes: maa hungry. uttara(she is a doctor) goes to cook food for kids. swara also goes with them.
SW: Bhabhi can I cook Jai’s food plzzz.
uttu: ok.

after movie completed all came for dinner.
all are seated on dining table. swara n uttara came n kept dishes on table.
servents came n served them.
SW: Kamala kaki just catch jai. I’ll bring his food.
uttu: swara r u sure…. jai will eat it. I mean it’s more spicy than our daily food.
SW: ha Bhabhi, actually he is habituated to this food only.
swara bought n feeded him first bite. after tasting it. he immediately kissed on swaras hand.
jai: bua ma u prepared it nah!!!!!! it’s yummy I loved it.

next day:
all got ready and went down.
sanskar saw Sujatha n hugged her. swara saw her n joined the hug.
SW: maa where is my fruit salad…
San: maa my rasgulla 1st.
suju: omg my son n daughter patched up…………… all are shocked hearing her.

precap: jai to call sanskar as papa?????

guys I Wana clear one thing… sanskar n swara are not married. plz do comment n share Ur views.

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