Something… something…. Episode 3

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sanskar is with swara only as principal said. few professors n many students came to talk to her.
San: Myra it’s tym for Ur lunch.after 1 Hr u can go. I’ll tell peon to stop students.
SW: sanskar y don’t u join me. I mean am not habituated to eat alone.
he thinks for awhile n agrees.

they were abt to eat but they hear someone fighting with peon.
sanskar calls him n Kaka wt is the problem?
peon: wo…. some students came. n saying that they want to speak to Myra.
San: who are they?
peon: Ur frnz….. ansh n all…
SW: Kaka allow them.
he goes n sends ragini, Diya,Tara , Kavitha,laksh,ansh n Vicky.

san: guys it’s lunch tym. wt u Wana talk to her at this tym.
kav: sanky…..
San: it’s sanskar.

kav: sanskar v just Wana talk to her something in personal……so v asked peon to send us. but that oldie didn’t send us.
San : Kavitha he is elder than at least give him respect. now just speak fast n go.
rag: swara y did u tell urself as Myra. even u know the truth, kavi is only myra.
Kavi: leave it ladoo.wt she vil tell, she is interested in name n fame so she even started cheating public with so fake names. ( acting like weeping) u know ladoo , am having so many dreams.after our frnz n family I thought to tell it to my love n propose him.
SW: listen Kavitha am not here to listen Ur bullshits. wt proof u r having that u r only myra?
kav: I no need to prove myself to a cheap girl who don’t have moral….
San:(angry) Kavitha is this way to speak to a guest. now all of u get out before I complain to sir.

lak: sanky u don’t know abt her. so u r taking her side.
San: am warning u all finally just get out!!!!! ansh…..
ansh: sry sanky , but v are not going anywhere. v need confirmation. when swara is only myra why she is not showing any proofs.
Diya: yes ansh is ryt.

Vicky: if swara is only myra. then ask her to show her identity card.
Kavi(scared): guys just leave it.
Tara: no v can’t leave it simply.lets file a complaint.
swara calmly takes her I’d card from her bag n puts it infront of them.

all gets shocked seeing it n sees towards Kavitha.
Kavi: guys may b she created fake id.

suddenly a girl comes running n hugs swara.
girl:shona….. miss u so much. saying this she breaks the hug.
SW: anvi!!!! when u came here. wt a pleasant surprise.
anvi: hmmm… actually I got holidays for 3 days. as I don’t want to miss it I came. but u completed it so soon(with pout).
SW: sry dear but I need to do it as per schedule. n now I have a meeting in 1hr.
San: seems lyk someone forgot me.

anvi goes n hugs him n laksh.
lak: anvi how do u know her?
anvi: Bhai she is only my frnd Shona , with whom I stay. I think u got to know her other Identity also.
Vicky: are u sure she is only myra.

(Vicky n anvi are in relationship).
anvi: yes baby….. she gives it to dad n he only submits it in office.
SW: (hurt)anvi , there is no need to explain it to others…….. sanskar am done with my lunch.plz inform sir I need to go. it’s important.
San: ok.
sw: anvi am going to room n after meeting I’ll meet u.
anvi: Shona jiju said me to inform u that he shifted Ur luggage to karma mansion.
SW: wt!!!! but I don’t know.
anvi: as u won’t agree jiju directly shifted Ur luggage.

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