Something… something…. Episode 2

swara with teary eyes goes from there.
she sees college entrance n calls principal.
SW: sir am at entrance…am not understanding in which direction should I come.
sir: oh swara u came. I thought ull come by 9. am sry. I’ll send SL.he Will guide you. plz sit in garden area. he’ll come.
she starts moving towards garden area……she is thinking abt the morning incident n walking absent mindedly. car is coming with full speed towards her suddenly she felt a hand around her waist. she shivered feeling the touch n closed her eyes tightly.

he lost in her beauty, n held her more firmly.she is wearing a white colour top with black jeans. he realised what he is doing n started shouting on her.(of course he is our sanskar)
San: where r u lost. can’t u see car coming n movie a side. but no madam is busy in her own world.
swara sees their position n pushes him.
SW: hlo Mr. wt do u think of U r Varun dawan or Varun Kapoor ?????. c Ur taking advantage of me n shouting at me… oh god where is this stupid SL. am waiting for him, but still he didn’t come.
San: oh so madam is waiting 4 me. may I know y u r waiting 4 me.
oh wait don’t tell me. u r that same swara!!!!!!!

SW: smirks….yes mr.sanskar myself swara. take me to Ur auditorium hall.
San: (dramatically) omg from when girls started coming before…… god plz don’t give me such shocks in early in the morning.
SW: now plz stop Ur drama n take me to Ur auditorium….am really tired…
he takes her a room near auditorium.
San: ok now u take rest for some tym. by the way u looking very cute…. saying this he winks at her n goes.

in auditorium sanskar is checking all arrangements. why not after all he is students leader. writer Myra who stole youngsters heart with her writings… first tym she is coming to their clg(of course it’s our swara).

all students are coming to auditorium….but phones are not allowed strictly as per principals order.
so they dint bring their phones there.all settled in their places.
soon principal came n gave some speech.
sir: ok students. now here comes Ur most awaited movement… I welcome ms.myra on stage. there comes a beautiful girl in navy blue colour saree with lyt makeup. she left her hair open n made curls at end.
she is looking stunning in that attire.
all boys are gone flat in her while some girls r feeling jealous of her……..
but few are shocked seeing her. ie., ragini,Tara, Diya, Kavita,ansh, vicky n laksh….
the only word they could utter is swara………
their mind is fully blank….
they could c swara is talking…..but ryt now their ears r not ready to work
lak(angryly):how dare she takes our kavis position…Kavi y don’t u protest!!!!
she sweats badly hearing him.(�????? laughing hard imagining her situation).
ansh: laksh I think it’s better to keep quite.just c the crowd man. after this program completes let’s talk to her personally.
kav:(tensed)no guys. am happy with my life. I don’t want any name n fame.
rag: no Kavi . she must wt happens if she messes with my best friend. we will talk to her after the program completes……..
she completes her speech.
now it’s lyk live interview.
one boy: mam is Ur name Myra or its Ur pen name. I just want to know Ur name.
SW: Myra is my pen name. my name is swara.
student: mam is there any reason u always write only stories based on friendship n love.
SW:(pain is reflecting in her eyes) I believe friend is the only one whom we choose by ourselves. mom dad n everything god only choosed for us. but friendship is a beautiful relationship which we can’t describe in words. so never mistrust them.
coming to love, now a days all are thinking live as a timepass. getting into relationship today n breaking up tommarow….. going to shopping, movies parks together is not love. I want to say my pov about love….. n there is a special reason also, my friend loves, love stories….so I write them. lyk this many questioned her, she also answered them effeciently….
soon program got ended.

principal asked her to stay for some tym as few students n professors wants to talk to her. he also said sanskar to be with her till she leaves…….

precap: swara face-off with her friends….

so guys how is it.plz do comment…..

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  1. Sreekkutty

    Nice dear.. But didn’t get a connection from first episode.. How did she know sanskar’s name.. Principal said that SL only. Is it SL or SM?

    1. Shreny

      Tq dear….here SL means student leader…… Coming to how swara knows his name will be revealed in next 2 parts…..

    1. Shreny

      Tq dear……

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      Thank u dear

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      Thank you dear…

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