Something about you Part 8

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Long time being updated SOMETHING ABOUT YOU story
So here i am to post the next part (its a short one)

~~The dinner~~
Curtains changed,chandeliers glowing giving a radiant look to the dining area. Scented candles were spread across the area .There was a huge hustle bustle as kings and their princesses would be here any moment and the royal family would not want any arrangements to be imperfect .the arrangements were made making the royal palace more attractive ,royal and radiant .These words may not be tempting but the palace was ..indeed like heaven.
Security too was strengthened .
they were here ,kings and princesses of relative friendly kingdoms ,kavita’s parents too were present making her happy and to their surprise the king of italy too had reached making prince sanskar to think something deeply.
Sanskar”s pov
Finally there were here but my full focus was on implementing my plan i had to befriend king of italy somehow and thanks to swara for her plan that day in conference hall
We all were settled in the living area and were having a formal talk .drinks were offered ,then soon we all got for dinner in the dining area
end of pov

~the dinner~
Different courses were served to them .
The drinks ,starters ,soup, main course and then desert was to be served .Now all started to have dinner but then prince sanskar got up from his seat and cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention .

“Hello ladies and gentleman as you know all have many hopes from me as this dinner is called for me to be friendly with different princessesof kingdom and then decide about marriage but my apologies to you all,I will surely need some more time thinking about this marriage thing.getting straight to the point i am not ready for marriage and hope you all understand it ans second as you all know the situations and circumstances are not good between the Kingdom of Italy and our kingdom ,i the prince of Belgium hereby decide to put aside these silly differences .King of italy was shocked but he speaks
“Prince sanskar it seemed that you were not at all interested to get ourselves the honour .if you don’t remember let me make you remeber the chaos you craeted during the last meet of ours”he says

“your highness i never tend to repet my mistakes…”
he was about to say further but was interrupted by king
“what is the proof of your saying ”
Sanskar then smirks and shows him a gift deed which states that one of the land possesed by them would presesnted as gift to the kingdom of italyand he forwrds the paper to king but it seemed the king still was not convinced
“prince sanskar i don’t think this land can benefit us anything and besides why would you present it as a gift if its that precious ”

Sanskar was now lossing his cool but then someone elbowed his hand. He tilted his face a little and saw swara offering drinks to him ,no wait it was something she wanted to give him , a paper it seemed. He took it secretly and excused himself and read it
“Sanskar be calm have to handlle it being cool ..loosing your control on your anger will make you a great loss .So be cool prince or else i have to put this chilled drinks on your face
snaksr inhaled deeply and then smiled being calm again
he went back to his place and said

“srry for going this way leaving thgis conversation in between .. you highness i guarantee you its a matter of friendship to whch i am presenting your ancestor”s land which yopu claimed earlier and which is so near to your heart .. i am very clear about my realtionship goals with you … i want to get that enemy feeling away from our minds .. its all i wanted to say
rest is your decision
the king of italywas now happy and agreed to his friendship offer
all cheered for the successful beginning

they all had champaigne and they got in talks again
the princesses with one another and the prince with the kings .
sanskar located swara and gave his million dollar smile and replied thnk you
swara smiled too giving a thumb sign and putting her collar up
sanskar chuckled on her actions and said her to meet him now to which swara widened her eyes
and shook her head vigourously in a no
sanskar got angry anf moved his face
now swara was in deep trouble
she had to make him normal
how will she do that?
and what about their trip with sahil ?
stay tuned guys

swara to make up for her mistake
royal family”s sport game
and swasan to get more close on the trip and a shocking twist in the coming epis

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