Something about you Episode 1 (swara’s decision)

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Here is the link of prologue
[Something about you – Telly Updates] is good,have a look at it! Prologue

So lets start with my first part

~~PART 1~~
“Shona you don’t have to really take this job dear
Its ohk ,we can manage “her dad says
“Yes sweety it might be difficult for our living but we will adjust” her mother adds
“Mumma ,papa i m just trying to help and besides you know now we have to pay the fees for yash’s and archi’s admission for next grade
And i don’t want you both to suffer alone and its final i am going to palace and i want to be alone for some time”says swara
Her mom dad did not say anything because they knew if she gets something in her head she is adamant on it

“Return soon “her mother said
Swara went to a park nearby
Nature always meant peace for her
She felt good and heavenly
Swara’s pov
I always wanted to be an artist ,but i cannot complete my dream because of our financial situation … I left my dream but i cannot compromise on my sis and brother’s future
I would never let them suffer
My mom dad never wanted to make me leave my dream but they also cannot help their situations
I sensed the growing financial tension in our house and so i decided to take a job of maid in palace
It will be difficult but its nothing in front of my parent’s sacrifices for us
Hope all goes well
But what all is i m excited to see those archers and weapons nd the planning they do for war
Oh god i can’t explain how much i love investigating crime and realted stuff
Hope i get to learn archery by some means

And yup some group of friends or one or two maybe and i am all set to do my work happily there
And surely i am waiting to meet prince
He has always been my ideal
Kind and friendly this all what i know
I used to watch him on television at my friend’s place that’s because we never had a t.v.
Oh god i forgot to inform about my job to my bff uff ladoo
She will definitely kill me
Let me tell her
And she left for her house

Lado’s pov

“What you dayan i will kill you…… !!are you serious and when were you going to tell me?”
“Chillax ladoo i just forgot and iys not a job of pretending to be princess ..i have to just work as maid”.says swara in calm tone

“Ohk i am not mad ..i am not mad untill you owe me a icecream treat from your first salary and you never say what can happen
May be prince falls in love with you?”
“Ladooo don’t joke ,he will not notice me ever and i am just there for the money,you know!”

“Yes boss ” and she laughs and soon swara too smiles whole heartedly
Done wid the part
Hope you like it

Don’t wrry frnds soon you will get swasan meet

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