it was a lovely day with a great weather . the flowers ..the beach ..the garden …everything thing around was having a different glow in them…the Sun seemed to rise early as the whole oberoi family was awake though it was quite early..the dulled quality of the light ,like the sun is being filtered through orange paper mache . birds ofcource -going about their early morning business sailing from the branches . deep in conversation of their own sort ..the chill that comes after a warm yesterday and before a warm tomorrow . the few remaining stars blinking out of existence in the sky still hazy and swirled with a light spattering of clouds……..
the grand and the luxurious mansion of the oberoi’s was filled with excitement and happiness of course…
there was a great hustle and bustle in the hall ….and SHE..she herself might not be knowing that how many times she has ascended the stairs ..going and checking everything in a perfect manner was not truely an easy task…

on being melted for the amount of love SHE has given to the oberoi family and not to forget his son ….
she said rather showered the love she has for HER..”annika beta’s the 20th time you have mounted up and down …i understand your happiness but this doesn’t mean that you’ll keep your health at stake …i am saying no.. I’m ordering you to sit and have something…you didn’t had breakfast as well ..donn know how many times I have told you to take care of yourself like you do of others…”sighing she said these words of her..
“offo maa…how many times i have also na that i do care for myself and that’s the only reason I’m doing all this “said SHE winking to her very lovely mother in law ..
“ya I knows ” replied HER MIL (mother in law) in her extra flourished English …..
here in the …most crowded place of oberoi mansion..the two very great supporters of HIM were doing the job which they like the most I.e. cooking …cooking for someone truely special and that was HIM …then came their lovely wife’s as understanding as none could be ……they came ..took their positions at extreme left and right of the kitchen corner ..gauri on left and saumya on right and amid them were the OMRU ..who were preparing something for him …
SHE came to have a look and check the kitchen corner of oberoi mansion but was already pre-occupied by other 4 very important family members and those were omru and their dutiful wives ……..
“is everything on track”she asked omru with a raised eyebrow …”yepp…as expected bcz obros”….”are best”SHE completed the half spoken sentence along with gauri and saumya in chorus….
every one was waiting for the main pillar of the house,for HIM ..but where is HE???..

beside all the hustle and bustle in the that very corner ..were a boy with a pair of blue no green no with a hint of grey or kanji eyes …a lad of 4 years of age along with her most senior member of the oberoi family and that is none other than kalyani devi or the Dadi.. or the mentor of ishqbaazi in the mansion…
the two of them were discussing about some one very special and that is none other than HIM ..but again where is HE and who is HE ????…..
one of the most immature couple or the tejhanvi (tej and jhanvi) were too Missing HIM …
the time when everything was done and as expected in a grandiloquent style .
…each and everything seemed just perfect..arranged in a theme of baby pink and lavender and the addititon of white and vine shades enhanced it’s beauty in an extra aesthetic way…..
“hmm….so finally done..perfect “ what all she muttered after having a glance of the preparations done in oberoi mansion which appeared as newly wedded bride…no one could say that the empire was running since 50 years back…
it was when that 4 year lad came and gave a bone crushing hug to HER ..

heyy guys ..this is Sairish here …this idea was there in my mine but I never paid heed to it ..but now thought to give it a chance…
don’t know how bad it is but I have tried my level best to cope up with the kinda amazing writers we have here….few of them which I personally like are Jerry di..vhm di.. priyadas di..kanfi aapi..abbi aapi..fati aapi..and many more are there but my chhotu sa brain doesn’t remember much ?????…
plzz comment your views and opinions by writing them in the comment box below..I’ll be waiting for them
plzz read the next part too that ‘ll be uploaded afterwards …and if have time read my ff ..AN ISHQBAAZ FF~ BY SAIRISH ..if want i can provide you the link …
SAIRISH ❤❤❤??????

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