SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 7


Shyam takes Bay to an isolated place, Baby asked him where they are and why has he brought her here, Shaym said that from a long time he was hiding his feelings from her, but today he has got a chance and will not leave this, he told that from the beginning he wanted to touch her, feel her body, taste her skin, Baby realised that he os having bad intentions regarding her. Shyam came close towards her and picked her up in his arms, Baby shouted for help and soon she saw few men coming towards them, she shouted even louder with a hope that they will help her, but Shyam told her all her efforts are worthless as they are his men. Baby somehow managed to escape from there and while running she dashed with someone, and when she saw the person she felt bit relaxed as he was none other Mikhail, he asked her what is she doing here and why is she looking so tensed, she was so much frightened that instead of answering Mikhail she hugged him tightly and said that they need to run as their lives are in danger

Meanwhile, Ria sprained her leg during her search and Karan asked her to sit and take rest and he will continue the search, but she refused and said that she can’t leave him alone and will stay with him, Karan is she afraid of something she said yes, she is afraid of darkness. Karan sits beside her and says her to take rest after some time they will continue the search, after sometime Ria said that they should leave now, and Karan saw her struggling while walking so he took her in his arms and they shared a passionate eye lock, Ria said to herself, I feel so good being so close to him, it feels as if I can even die in his arms. Karan thought what is happening to me, even before this I have hold many girls in my arms but this is a strange feeling, I just don’t want to drop her I want to continue the whole journey like this only

Anaita saw a rat while moving and she ran towards Veer and hugged him very tightly Veer asked her what happened she pointed towards the rat and Veer started laughing and said her, tum ek chuhe se itna dar gai, uh to badi sheni badi firti ho ab chuhe ko dekh k halat kharab ho gai, Anaita requested him not to laugh on her, Veer asks what if he does not stop laughing, she said then she will not leave him,Veer said to himself I have no problem infact I am feeling good that uh hugged me so tightly, Anaita asked if he said something he denied and said that rat has gone Anaita thanked him, Veer pointed towards her hands reminding her that she is still hugging him, she hesitantly removes her hand and their nok jhok continues.

Mikhail and Baby were running when they were stopped by goons Shyam asked Mikhail that let him spent half an hour with Baby and then even he can have fun with her. Mikhail boiled in anger after listening this and warned Shyam not to look at Baby else he will be dead. Shyam asked why is he getting so possessive is he her boyfriend, Shyam was talking with Mikhail when Baby saw a guy running towards Mikhail with sword in his hand, he was bout to hit Mikhail but Baby came in between and she got hurt at her back, Mikhail lost him cool and started fighting with goons, Baby also supported him

It was getting dark and so Ria and Karan decided to stay at the same lace where they are
And same decision was taken by Anaita and Veer

Mikhail and Baby saved themselves from Shyam and his goons, but Baby’s back was bleeding and it was getting dark so they both decided to take a hault. Mikhail saw Baby’s back bleeding, so his took off his shirt and offered it to Baby

Sanyukta was practicing how will she express her feeling for Randhir, and she said, Randhir, I love you and this is a very strange feeling because I don’t feel happy when you ignore me, when you don’t talk to me. She was unaware that Randhir was standing behind her and was noticing her practicing her to propose him. Sanyukta again started practicing when Randhir interrupted her and said, I love you Sanyukta. Sanyukta was shocked and asked him if this is a prank, he said no this is not a prank as he really loves her Sanyukta sid that even I love you Randhir

Aryan and Sanaya were feeling very happy as their plan was worth it. In excitement they both hugged each other


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