SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 6

Sanyukta says Randhir its oky, she thought he is still angry on her that’s y he didn’t picked her call. Randhir said he was never angry on her, she asks him that he was not angry then y was he ignoring her. Randhir says lets leave it and asks her for coffee she agrees, while drinking coffee Sanyukta told Randhir that she met her brothers, Karan and Veer, she told him that they both are super cute and nice, Randhir said Haa muje pata h mujpe he to gae h vo (Yaa I know after all they got this quality from me only). Sanyukta says cute or tum, kisi bhi angle se nhi, he feels sad Sanaya interrupted their talk by asking Sanyukta if she can talk to Randhir later as she wants to talk something very personal with Randhir, Sanyukta says M teri best friend hu and tuje personal talk Randhir se karni h, Sanaya said Sanyu abb meri life m Randhir zyda important h, Sanyu said thoda accha bahan to bna deti, Sanaya said apan baad m ladenge but please leave us alone now, Sanyukta was expecting Randhir will say something but was just listening to what was happening and he himself was confused, Sanyu left the place, she once turned back when she saw Sanaya hugging Randhir, she felt bad and left the place quietly. Aryan saw all this and now he was sure that Sanyukta also likes Randhir. Sanyukta was sitting in her room when Aryan asked Sanyu that can she please give him the novel which Sanaya is reading recently (sorry I want to do publicity of any novel so i have not given its name) Sanyu asked Aryan if he also read romantic novels he said no he does not need it for himself, actually when you were out yesterday Sanaya told me that she likes someone and she wants to propose that guy, but before proposing him she wants to know if the person loves her or not and according to her that novel tells about the symptoms of love, so I want it for one of friend, can you please give it to me. Sanyu agrees, she searches for the novel she finds it but still tells Aryan she could not find it, let Sanaya come, you take it from her only, he agrees and leave. Aryan knew that Sanyu found the novel but she made a good excuse for not giving it. He sent a message to Sanaya that their plan is working, Sanyu has a doubt that you are going to propose Randhir and she is really sad by this thought, they both decide to meet at canteen to discuss their next plan.

Total 6 colleges were taking part in the survival hunt so total 6 teams with 6 players in each team. Their first task was to impress the villagers so that they can allow them to stay, but they all were college students so they all were in western attire, so the head of the village refused to give them shelter. Baby saw all this and she got an idea that they need to buy some traditional clothes so that villagers allow them to stay with them, they went to a nearby shop and purchased clothes and changed in a hut. when Ria ,Anaita and Baby came out wearing ghagra, boys were amused to see them, they were looking extremely gorgeous Then they all went to Sarpanch and asked if they can stay he happily agreed. All the other teams were shocked when they came to know that St. Louis was given permission to stay, other teams also used the same way to stay in the village
At night Sarpanch arranged a cultural program for all the teams. Everyone enjoyed a lot in that program. Sarpanch asked everyone about their families, Baby left saying that she is not feeling well and wants to go to sleep. Sarpanch’s son Shyam said that he will guide her about the way back to their resting place. Shyam had bad intentions about Baby and he was planning something very cheap. He took her to a lonely place, Baby asked him that way back to hut was different and they are going on a different way, he said this is shortcut, she refused to go by shortcut so he said just two more minutes and they will reach the hut. She agreed. Ria said that they should have not let Baby go alone as they don’t know anyone in this village and they are even unfamiliar with the routs, Anaita agrees to her and they all decide to go in search of Baby, they found Mikhail missing so Karan told he might have left earlier. They all also leave. They reach hut but were shocked to see Baby not there and got tensed

Sanaya and Aryan were celebrating their success while Sanyu was reading the novel, while reading she realised that she is in love with Randhir, meanwhile Randhir saw Sanaya and Aryan together and left thinking he should not disturb them. In his room Randhir thinks why he did not felt bad seeing Sanaya and Aryan together and feels sad seeing Sanyu with someone else. he was lost in his thoughts when he heard Aryan saying to someone that when a person is in love he/ she feels sad seeing their beloved with someone else, they feel jealous……Randhir thought this all is happening with him also is he in love? Aryan said all tht purposely to so that Randhir can realise his love for Sanyu

That night Sanyu and Randhir had a dream that they both are confessing their love for each other, and they are smiling while sleeping.
Next morning both of them decide to confess their love for eachother

Next episode: I know you guys wanna kill me as this episode was different from the episode I said I will be updating. But I promise in next episode SANDHIR will confess their love for each other, some romantic moments between Aryan and Sanaya and romance to bloom between St. Louis team

please spare me for this episode please

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  1. Awsome one ishita… but what happened to baby.??? Update it fast please

    1. Deeksha wait for next episode I hope you will like that also!

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  3. Awesome Ishitha but wt happened to baby nd when baby nd mikhail love story start pls make it soon update next one soon

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  6. Guys M sorry i updated this episode before seeing your comments
    I promise to give equal screen space to all the main leads
    Please consider this once!?

  7. Great episode
    Pls update

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