SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 5

I am extremely sorry for late updates. Now I will try to keep it regular, Without taking much of your time let’s begin with the episode

Randhir was thinking” She called me means she wanted to inform me this, though Aryan is the team captain but still she wanted to tell me, but I am such a big stupid. What rubbish I am thinking She called me first because she consider me as her friend thats all nothing else, but she even consider Aryan as her friend infact they are much close then we both then why she called me first…….Oh god Randhir be in your senses stop overthinking” His thoughts were broken when Parth asked him if he can drive as he was feeling sleepy and tired by driving whole day long. Randhir agreed. While returning back Randhir asked Aryan if Sanyukta told about the place where she was going. He denied, and said that she told him that she going to meet her sister so might be she went home. Randhir said if she would have gone home then why would she say about the network problem.

Aryan asks Randhir if he loves Sanyukta Randhir refuses and says, why are you asking all this. Aryan says because I can see it, when I am with Sanyukt you get jealous and feel like killing me right. Randhir says Yaa I dont like it but not because I love her but because she forgets that even I exist and it feels bad if a friend treats you like this.

They reach ISRC Aryan goes to Sanaya and asks her that she is Sanyukta’s bff so can she tell if Sanyukta loves Randhir. Sanaya says yes she loves him but does not admits it. Aryan and Sanaya join hands to unite SANDHIR

Meanwhile when Sanyukta meets Ria and her friends they all enjoy a lot. Ria told them that she works at ISRC Veer asks then she might be knowing Randhir she says yes and how do he knows him Karan tells that Randhir is their elder brother. Baby feels low when everyone talk about family Mikhail finds her sad and asks her the reason she says she is tired and goes in the tent to sleep.
Sanyukta leaves from there to go back ISRC.

Next morning:
All 6 friends goes to a village to begin their inter college survival hunt

Randhir asks Sanyukta if she had a safe journey or not, she asks him why didnt he picked her call he said his phone was on silent and says sorry for not picking the call

Next episode will be a longer one as SANDIR will be confesseing their love for each other.At survival hunt baby will break down infront of all.

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