SOMETHING CALLED AS LOVE (Mastaangi, D4, Sadda Haq) Episode 1


Nirman calls every one and says he want to select some students for a important mission he gives all a task and at the end he selects few students which were

He informs all the selected students that they will be divided in three groups and forms pair of SANYUKTA and RANDHIR, PARTH and VIDUSHI and SANAYA and JOY
They are told that only 2 of them will be chosen for task so now these three teams need to compete with each other.
All the three teams are made blind folded are are taken to an unknown place

All the fifteen participants are sitting in the bus when suddenly their bus gets punctured they all were about to get down from the bus when they heard some announcement in the speaker which was present in the bus which said”THIS IS THE LOCATION WHERE YOU ALL WERE SUPPOSE TO REACH NOW YOU ALL WILL BE DIVIDED INTO 3 TEAMS AND FROM EACH TEAM TWO OF YOU WILL BE SELECTED SO LIKE THIS FINAL 6 PARTICIPANTS WILL COMPETE WITH OTHER COLLEGES”

After listening this all the participants got down from the bus and saw that they are at a highway and saw some volunteers coming towards them. Volunteers divided them 3 teams witch each team having 5 members
TEAM A: Harry, Dia, Veer, Anaita, Trumpet
TEAM B: Ria, Karan, Tara, Amar, Sonam
TEAM C: Baby, Jignesh, Suhani, Mikhail, Netra

They all were given a task to reach point B they all were given maps to reach their final destination (though they all are unware about the problems they are gonna face)
They all start moving towards point B and TEAM C was leading all were walking quietly without talking with each other they SUHANI took the initiative to start the conversation while talking with each other MIKHAIL came to know that BABY loves to dance and was curious to see her dancing

Meanwhile in TEAM A, VEER started flirting with ANAITA and the whole team became good friends HARRY and DIA were busy in their romantic talks and TRUMPET ANAITA and VEER started teasing them
TEAM C, KARAN was mesmerized to see RIA as she was looking very beautiful they both started talking while SONAM started her jokergiri and Ria joined her and the all were enjoying.

After a while when SANYUKTA RANDHIR, PARTH VIDUSHI and SANAYA JOY removed their blind folds they found themselves at very weird places (all three were at different places) it was full dark around them and then they heard NIRMAN’S voice and he told them to generate electricity as soon as possible and whichever tems generates electricity first will be chosen for the mission

All teams started their work when SANYUKTA shouted in pain as she got hurt with something as she was not able to see anything due to darkness RANDHIR made her sit at and saw her leg in torch light of his cell phone her leg was bleeding.

Next episode: Randhir taking Sanyukta’s care……Some twist at the survival trip


Credit to: Ishita


  1. ayeesha

    epi was awesome…. Pls update soon…
    Well i agree wit u pia.angel it will b good to see aryan in place of joy… So pls try to change if u can….

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