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? ONE SHOT ( OS ) ?

Location — Canada
Niagara Falls ..
Time — Midnight

” Niagara Falls ” the hanging tongue of crystal-like water on the face of Earth, is drooling endlessly over its own beauty. The beautiful natural five showers of water falling three sides from the Coast of Canada meeting the other two sides of U.S.A. The dropping tinkles of water nd the shimmery reflection over it is something more ethnic. The one who’d witness the really five showers of Niagara, is now numb nd extremely drowned to describe the Real beauty of it. Niagara cannot be judged by its beauty but by counting the infinite times of its falling down nd then getting up back again. The heavenly falls where the moon daily appear to give an awestruck reflection of it like if the moon has descended down from galaxy nd is now floating over the Niagara. If one side, Niagara brings about happiness nd stillness with its apparent face of pure water falling down then the very other side it’s deep, down, dark water drown many happiness of souls. A boy of mid twenties nd a girl of same age were standing near the Barrier of Niagara fall. There was such a deep, dead silence that the whispers of water showers were audible enough. Their dark shadow made up by the moonlight were actually their existence. After a while or so, the girl wiped her tears nd went near the boy in such way that their shadows hugged each other.


The girl said in a plain blunt tone nd walked away releasing their entwined shadows. Laksh, slid down contemplating on the bench with a dull thud nd looked at the moon aimlessly. What just happened, he thought. Dead silence coursed all over. Laksh was now broken, meaningless guy. He lost his life, the reason of his appearance. But as it is said that God send his demigods to unmotivated people. Thus, laksh too had one.

” it’s ironic isn’t it ? Like we adore the one who ignore us nd ignore the one who adore us. We love the ones who hurt us nd hurt the ones who love us ? ”

Said a guy of late twenties. His complexion was fair, his lips curled in a soothing smile, his appearance was pleasant but his eyes showed a certain helplessness nd unenthusiastic motive. He was simply a person with fake happiness he called. Laksh gazed him weirdly nd frowned. Of course anyone would do that only if someone explains the simplest idea with mere true bitter words. It was the reality, the truth what he said but bitter to gulp.

” Excuse me ? ”

Laksh said frowning with narrow brows. He thought who the heck this person is to interrupt in his life but somewhere he said right. He helped him sort of ..

” Umm .. Sorry I was just tossing around nd I saw u sitting here .. Hey you’re laksh Oberoi. The tycoon of USA ? ”

The guy said squealing out a shriek. Laksh was totally amazed how can he knew when he disguised himself. But laksh admired the fact of being known to everyone.

” How do u know Sir ? ”

He asked him confused. The guy shrugged nd sat beside him on the bench holding a bouquet of white heathers ( Flower ).

” well I do read some mags .. I saw ur pinup in insta mag. I’m sanskar. Pleasure to meet you ”

He said smiling. Laksh couldn’t help but return his gratitude with smile. He felt a bit relaxed after this guy’s appearance.

” Pleasure ”

Laksh too replied with a thankful glint in his eyes.

” hmm, enjoying trickle-down alone ? ”

Sanskar mocked nd winked him whereas his ass was again confused.

” trickle-down ? What do you mean ? ”

Laksh asked him bewildered.

” u call it Niagara Falls, I call it trickle-down as it erases existence soon .. ”

Sanskar said thoughtfully yet logically. There was again a pin drop silence.

” So, why did she left you ? ”

Sanskar asked him after a while. Laksh again went into the trauma of his love’s departure nd shuddered knowing the painful winch in heart. He wanted to grasp all the mess inside him but he spill out his heart to sanskar. He deemed sanskar charming, kind nd loyal friend nd That too Indian. Where could u find an Indian brother in an unknown country. So he thought to share his pain to him.

” Well u said u know me, laksh Oberoi. Business tycoon of USA .. That’s what my life is. Just like my dad wanted. A bright one but I found it colourless without her .. Ragini. I loved her since I saw her on the bookshop where she worked. Nd we started dating. But when my dad turned to know about this he warned me to stay away from her. But that’s not what love is. I decided to elope nd I called her here nd discussed everything. But what did she returne … A rejection. She said it’s not good to fool our parents nd she .. LEFT ME ”

Laksh trembled with pain of loosing his first ever love. Sanskar somehow supported him. Laksh avoided his gaze but His eyes fell on the fresh bouquet of white heathers. The delightful inner yellowish curves merged with the white aura of its petals were so soothing that for minutes laksh released his tension, his sorrow.

” Do u want them Laksh ? ”

Sanskar asked him noticing his dropping eyes over heathers.

” No I don’t want them .. What will i do with these heathers when I don’t have my lady near me to present these ”

He momentarily doubted moving back to his previous position .. A million dollar smile appeared Sanskar’s lips. He remembered his connection with those heathers .. He felt contented.

” you really need them .. U know SOMEONE told me that heathers symbolises that the wish will come true ”

He said placing his hand on laksh’s shoulder nd giving him the bunch of heathers. Laksh confusingly remarked his words nd when he got Sanskar’s indication, he smiled curiously to know who was that, ‘ SOMEONE ‘ ..

” if u don’t mind sanskar, who is ur someone ? ”

He asked hesitantly forgetting his agony nd despair. Sanskar sighed nd intake a long breathe. He tilted his head to face the moon nd smiled remembering his life, his love, whom others call SOMEONE ..

” She wasn’t someone, in fact my world. My SWARA ”

Sanskar whispered nd his eyes turned moist. He felt so happy nd overwhelmed only by muttering her name.. SWARA !! Laksh found it interesting rather than thinking his miseries so he demanded a further description.

” Swara, nice name .. Plz share me ur love story .. Please sanskar ”

He said shaking him childishly with excitement. Sanskar’s philosophy was that it is better to keep mum rather than sharing ur feelings to world but that time he wanted to share his journey with laksh. He felt a pressing urge to advise laksh Instancing his journey. He nodded nd went back in the memory lane of past 7 years.

Sanskar’s POV ( Flashback ) ..

Just another day passed .. A day like dullest ever. I’m sanskar, Only sanskar .. No surname, no caste. I don’t even know who I am ? I just found myself on the garbage heap when I really got to know what this so called sophisticated world is. I accepted my identity as an orphan nd went in search for the aim to live. I found myself surrounded by the inequality of poor nd rich. That moment I felt disgusted of myself to know even I belong to this corrupt society. Like if you’re wealthy you r the tenderest one but when the question comes down to poor, they r the illiterate, filthy inmates of this world. This is the real face of this world nd pity so, I’m included in this low stoop category. It was a pleasant Friday, my earning day as the Good Friday prayer will be held in church nd I’m the nearest floral shopkeeper. I owned just a small shop of flowers named ‘ Sunshine Blossoms “. I earned good enough by selling those to decorators of seminars, weddings nd even funerals. That day, I was unknowingly feeling delightful as if my bouts of insanity were warning me that my profound AIM is coming. I ignored it nd went back to my small place filled in with sweet, refreshing scents. Suddenly a lavish Mercedes halted before my shop nd a slim figure moved out. The girl was more like an angel to me. Her beautiful long black locks, her lithe body, her chubby cheeks nd of course her pout due to the hotness of day were mesmerising me. Her delicacy in appearance got my complete attention nd the world around me stopped. The aroma of her bubblegum shampoo nd the fragrance of her tantalising lemony cologne overtook all the floral scents of my flowers. But right there, reality hit me that she’s a rich nd I’m a mere poor hawker. Difference more than black nd white colour. She walked in with a charming gait nd stood in front of me with a pleasant smile. Her smile skipped my beat nd she took off her shades. The mark of beauty, her hypnotising long lashed eyes were more beautiful than anything else. She worth beyond beautiful. She moved her hand in front of me nd I flushed away. She chuckled nd nodded me it’s ok.

” what do you need ma’am ”

I asked her abruptly avoiding more unpleasant situation.

” well you can call me Swara not ma’am. I’m not too old you see ”

She said freely nd I hesitantly nodded. She moved her eyes exploring the shop.

” Don’t you have white heathers (flower) for Good Friday ? ”

She complained disappointedly.

” Heathers ? No .. But why don’t u take orchids or lilies. It’s the occasional flowers .. No one orders heathers for prayer ”

I explained her for not having those.

” But I only want them .. Umm I’m giving u an order of hundred fresh white heathers ”

HUNDRED !! My eyes plopped out of its socket nd I was astonishingly staring Swara.

” I’ll place it but can I know the reason of heathers only ? ”

I muttered slowly knowing she’s rich then she will definitely rude or lash out at me for questioning her but her reply really impressed me nd I was so in love with her at first sight. Not by her physical appearance or standard but by seeing the purity of her soul.

” I may sound weird but I read heathers represents purity of demand nd indicates that the wish will come true .. Nd I really want this wish to turn in reality ASAP ”

She said excitedly nd I was just lost in her. Who was she ? An angel for me or my Aim ? But I really thank God for reserving my heart for a pure soul, Swara. I cannot even imagine in my dreams that we both will be together someday .. It’s not gonna happen Ever !! Nd it’s the worst feeling of being departed but my first love will always stay alive in my heart .. I bet that !

Present .. ( POV pause )

” wow man ! Love at first sight .. So cool. Even I fell at first sight .. ”

Laksh said hooting out a squeal of joy nd excitement Which made sanskar blush. He could still remember nd will always remember the way he saw the love of his life, his Swara. Nobody else could impress him the way she did. The purity which he wished to see in this world was reflecting from her doe eyes which made him go crazy for.

” but u said u were poor nd she was rich nd to ur point rich brats r the dominating one so how come this fell in right place ”

Laksh asked him confusedly. Of course he wanted to know this keenly how things fell in right place in other’s life ..

” Well .. I changed my point of view .. ”

Sanskar shrugged nd again curiosity coursed laksh ..

” whoa cool !! Tell me next ”

He said while jumping out in desire to listen him more nd more. Sanskar chuckled seeing him desperate nd again went into his blissful memories with Swara.Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

She was different. Different from others, others whom I deemed rude nd lashing. She was so untainted with the richness strokes. That day I felt that judging someone isn’t anyone’s capability. I’m not saying that everyone is good or everyone is bad, but even we can’t judge ourselves as good or bad coz no one is perfect in this world but she seemed to me a beautiful planted sunflower in the midst of stormy clouds of this tsunamic world.

I wanted to give her white heathers that day but unlucky me to get hundred heathers, i need two three days. Suddenly I saw a white heather in my shop behind the peony vase. But it was only one left. It was behind those well blossomed peonies. I went nd picked it nd gave her a heather disappointedly as it was only one left whereas her order was of hundred.

” Ma’am here u go but it is one .. ”

I said while looking down nd her big thank you echoed in my ears a thousand time.

” thank you so much .. It’s okay if it is one. I just need a heather .. By the way bill ? ”

She asked me taking out her wallet. But giving ur love a present doesn’t worth money, Now does it ?!

” Ma’am I don’t need payment. It’s a small gift to you from me this Easter ”

I said staring her lovingly. She gave me a big glossy smile nd went the way to church. I too prayed that Jesus fulfil her wish soon. With this I ended up with my earning chore nd went back to my room within the shop. It was just a small room having a single mattress bed with a small two sitter dinning nd a small couch like sofa. It was enough for me nd I loved time spending there. I fell over the bed nd recalled today’s encounter with a pixie fairy. Swara, such a nice name to say .. I guess I said her name hundred times nd then went into a peaceful sleep imagining her beyond beautiful, glowing face at the back of my eyes ..

Weeks passed away but I didn’t saw her nor she came to my shop. Only that was my lucky day when she came along nd ordered me those heathers. Things were really different now. I used to feel an eye watching me every now nd then, now I used to cherish heathers whenever I feel lonely or upset nd now I started reading volumes over flowers symbols. It soothed me nd assured me that getting ur desired love isn’t easy in fact difficult one .. That’s what u say true love but getting ur love easily isn’t true love in fact a crush, a relation or a person u get by tying knots. But I’m not that lucky to get her in my life as she’s a millionaire nd I’m a ??
Flower seller .. ?

Present .. ( POV pause )

” huh ?! That was it .. I mean just a single meet. What kind of love it is ?

Laksh frowned as he thought without meeting her again how could sanskar fall for her that much crazily.

” so u tell me how u define love ? ”

Sanskar asked him with a smirk ..

” Umm to me love is like an unexpressed emotion towards SOMEONE without conditions nd demands .. Nd at the end getting ur SOMEONE is what I call love ”

Laksh said him with satisfied smile as if he’s the right one. But to sanskar, his definition for love was so wrong. As it isn’t written that whatever happen, you’ll get ur love ..
If it is then everyone on this planet isn’t just looking at the trickle down !!?

” Well chap, if u say this is love then u don’t love her as you aren’t getting her .. ”

He said with an understanding smile nd laksh was overwhelmed seeing the experience of this charming guy.

” ohkay .. So what happened next ? ”

Laksh reminded him nd sanskar hummed nd again went back into his memory ..

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

One fine day ..

That day I was roaming in the market for buying groceries and suddenly I bumped into someone who was busy in humming something very melodious. I realised that SOMEONE was a girl. Her all stuff fell down and my stuff too got scattered. All the fallen stuff had covered her up. We cleaned the stuff and were surprised seeing each other ..

“Heather’s Madam I mean Swara ” I muttered

“Hi” swara said ..

“What are you doin here it’s a great surprise” I asked her in astonishment.

“ why so ? rich people cant come here ? Swara said.

“Anyways while bumping I heard you singing a song ?” I asked her trying to keep her indulge in talks.

“Yeah I do that’s my passion” she said nd her twinkled.

“Can I learn singing from you” I asked her. She was shocked a bit before but then nodded with a pure glee.

“Sure today evening lake side” swara said bidding me a bye.

I literally jumped up in happiness. I was excited coz for some random reason I was going to spend time with her. It gave so much happiness nd joy that I even forgot she’s a rich .. I must be distant. But no. The happy me overtook the clumsy me nd I went to home fast nd changed into good casuals. After sometime I reached lake side I was blushing unknowingly like girl. There I spot her in midst of many youngsters. She was looking heavenly cute in a baby pink jumpsuit with all matching accessories nd bangles. Her cute diamond studs were giving an intense shine from far nd her shaded eyes were searching for SOMEONE and off course it was me. I chuckled nd blushed more. There she saw nd waved me with a warm smile. I went there nd I gifted her an Amaryllis (flower) ..

“Hmm mam this is for you” I handed her with a shy smile.

“Thanks don’t call me mam yaar Call me swara” she said inhaling the mellow scent of Amaryllis.

“Ok swara” I said nd she gave me a confused look which confused me too ..

” sanskar why Amaryllis ? ” she asked so cutely with a pout that I wanted to leave everything behind nd I wanna kiss her but I can’t ..

” Umm .. I read that amaryllis symbolises splendid beauty .. ”

She smiled nd gently kissed that flower. I felt she was kissing me. It was really a tender moment. I was lost in her until;

“Lets start” swara said taking her guitar, settling down and I sat beside her ..

She Played the tone and started singing ..

main jaan ye vaar doon
har jeet bhi haar doon
keemat ho koi tujhe
beintehaa pyaar doon

{ I’ll give this life,
lose every victory,
whatever be the price,
I’ll give you limitless love.. }

saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye..

{ I’ve broken all my barriers now,
having given me the address, you became wandering.. }

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

{ you have become (my) laughter,
you have become the wetness (of my eyes),
you have become my sky
and my earth.. }

She stopped nd I couldn’t stop myself from clapping. Including me others too started applauding her ..

“Awesome Swara this was an epic really now I’m your great fan” i said while going closer to her.

“A little practice makes you like this. Well don’t praise me” she said keeping the guitar down nd then looking at me.

“ ( huff ) now I’ll try” I said slowly placing the guitar on my lap. She guided me about the strings nd then gave me a cute smile with thumbs up ..

But now I was scared plus nervous coz I don’t even know the ‘G’ of guitar then how I’ll play. It was a mere lie to be near her but looks like I fell into my own pit. I struggled with the guitar chord and even I got a cut which welled her eyes .. I wondered why but I concentrated the guitar nd played it quite good, u say ..

We had a great time together. She taught me so many things about flowers nd we exchanged our numbers. I hope only being a friend will not cost me .. MUCH !?
She went nd I too exited to my house with a triumphantly gleeful face.

Present .. ( POV pause )

” Hmm, ur second meet was interesting. ”

Laksh said happily like if he’s living in his memory. He was unknowingly excited nd happy to listen his love journey.

” yes it was really a splendid meet ”

Sanskar said in a dreamy voice. Laksh grinned ear to ear seeing him dreaming his own love story. It was awkward !! He thought.

” so who confessed first ? ”

Laksh asked nd sanskar nodded in disbelief remembering the answer for his question.

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

The very next day, I was busy in selling the flowers when I got her call. Firstly I didn’t received coz of customers but it buzzed several times so I picked it up hurriedly.

” hello ” I answered ..

” Sanskar meet me in 15 minutes near lake side ” she said it nd hung the call.

Without wasting minute I took a cab nd went lake side. The time I reached there, she was nowhere. I searched her every where but in vain. Suddenly I heard my name nd I abruptly turned to the direction. There she was, looking beautifully beautiful in that white anarkali. First time I saw someone wearing Indian outfits in Canada. But her condition was freaking. She saw me nd her face was all stained with tears. She ran towards me nd hugged me tightly. I was so numb to respond. Later after breaking hug, she pressed her lips over mine nd kissed me passionately. SHE KISSED ME !!!!!

Present .. ( POV pause )

” What ??? She kissed you ”

Laksh said almost yelling. His voice echoed throughout the Niagara. Sanskar gazed him weirdly nd then shushed him as he was overreacting.

” Stop it laksh .. Shush down man ”

Sanskar said him in displeasure.

” Umm .. Sorry. What ?? she kissed you ”

He then said in a husky voice lower than a whisper nd sanskar couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his antics.

” keep quiet nd listen what happened next ”

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

I was shocked like hell !! She kissed me. God am I dreaming ? Before I could reciprocate she broke the kiss nd looked straight down into my eyes with tears.

” I LOVE YOU ” she said hugging me again tightly.

Too many shocks .. What is happening all around me .. I couldn’t digest it that she fell in love just in one day ..

” Swara what r u saying ? How can u say u love me when we hardly know each other ” I said while breaking the hug nd facing her. Her welled up eyes tilted downwards nd what she said … SHOCKED ME TO THE CORE !!

” Sanskar I know I should have told u this before but I was scared. I love you since 8 months. I saw u at an orphanage playing with kids nd that minute I gave u my heart. I was stalking u since 8 months nd that Good Friday prayer was just a way to talk to you. I’m really sorry for this lie but I really love you nd now my dad is fixing my wedding with a foreigner .. I couldn’t hold on so I came here to tell you this. I love you sanskar .. Madly, deeply, selflessly, limitlessly .. I know u too love me .. Let’s run away from here .. Come.

She narrated nd held my palms. She dragged me but I didn’t moved. I jerked her hands nd her words bounced back into my Mind. She CHEATED me. She knew me before. How could she lie to me. I HATE HER .. She gave me a deadpanned look nd I held her arms tightly pulling her closer to me.

” You big cheat. U lied to me. U betrayed me. That prayer, buying heather, meeting me again nd that song all were fake. Nd now too you’re saying me u love me. I don’t love you .. I repeat I don’t love you in fact I HATE YOU MISS SWARA .. I hate you so much now. ”

I pushed her nd turned to go. But she back hugged me nd I stopped. My fists were veined nd I closed my eyes. She was crying badly I wanted to console her but she lost it.

” Ple..ase san..sskaar forgive me .. Ple..ase I lo..ove you .. ”

Her words muffled in between her sobs. I felt broken .. Seeing her crying like that I wanted to embrace her tightly close to my heart but she cheated me. She played with my emotions. I jerked her nd went way mumbling ” I HATE YOU ” ..

Present .. ( POV pause )

” What the f**k !! You’re crazy sanskar. How can you be so bad to her. She just stalked you na the way I stalked Ragini. It’s not a big deal .. ”

Laksh bursted out in frustration as he thought it’s pointless to reject her but only sanskar knew how he felt to know that the one nd only one whom he loved like a damn love sick puppy betrayed him. He felt ditched knowing she acted in front of him. Thus, he concluded that she just made up a good impression on him by acting.

” you think it’s f**k ? Han so tell me how you will feel when Ragini will tell you that she just acted being a stranger in fact she know you from months ? U will feel devastated the way I felt .. It really ached me .. ”

Sanskar too prodded on in anger which quieten laksh. He then thought from both the angles. Both were just nd right at their stance.

” em ! I’m sorry .. I shouldn’t have reacted like that .. Now leave it nd tell me next ”

He nodded nd resumed his love story.

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

Three days passed but I didn’t smile. It was like I forgot how to smile or how to cherish my life. I felt incomplete without her. That day I was busy or should I say I kept myself busy in work. I was arranging my shop’s banner when her car came nd halted with shriek sound of tyres. I gleamed up firstly but later turned down to grief. She was same in a branded outfit but her face was dull as ever. No attraction seemed nd her beautiful eyes were empty. I felt as broken as she does but the thing she betrayed is not coming out of mind. She marched towards me, close to me nd smile painfully ..

” Hi .. ” she said while approaching more closer ..

” what do you want now ? Can’t u just stop doing this ? ” I moved nd said rudely.

” Well Mr. Sanskar I’m not here to listen ur non sense .. Here take this .. It’s my wedding card nd I want sunshine blossoms to tend the decorators .. ” she too said bluntly giving me card .. Her wedding card. But I can’t see her wedding .. I’m just handling myself being alone ..

” I don’t want this tender .. U may leave ma’am ” I said while tearing the wedding card nd moving back into my shop ..

” I’m not pleading u .. I’m giving u an order nd u r smart enough to not reject the order of lord’s daughter .. U better come on time else ur payment will be nevertheless ”

She yelled nd went the pedestrian way to church. I don’t want to loose her. I love her like freak .. She’s my world ..

Present .. ( POV pause )

” OMG !! her wedding .. Man you’re fussed up ”

Laksh drainingly said … He was now more curious coz his love story was becoming interesting minute by minute ..

” so u let her go ? ”

Laksh asked him while sanskar nodded a big no. How can the hero withdraw himself that much easily. So he didn’t left hope nd went back in that moment until;

” c’mon now tell me .. ”

Laksh said while shaking him nd pacing all around the barrier.

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

I love her .. She’s mine .. Without thinking anything else I went back of her. She was now walking aimlessly on the road. I immediately went near her nd pinned her against the nearby wall. Nd moved closer to her. She was shocked like hell nd tears came in her eyes. She tried to push, she really fought with me, having no other option I smashed my lips with her nd she was taken back with this bold act. I kissed her like it’s my first nd last kiss nd later she too responded me with equal passion. We forgot the world nd was just busy in kissing each other. After minutes we departed nd she couldn’t help but blush. I moved my hands in air nd started leaning back ..

” I love you Swara .. I really do .. When I see you, the world around me stops nd all that exists for me is you nd only you. There’s nothing else, no noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries, no yesterday no tomorrow .. The world just stops .. Nd I could only see you Swara. I love you beyond this world. I don’t know how much my life is left but I promise the much it is left i want to hold you, I want love u nd I want to embrace you. Swara or Miss heather will u marry me ?

I stopped nd looked at her with hopeful eyes. There were tears in her eyes nd mine too .. I just love the way her nose turns red with sobs. I just can’t hold myself nd I was waiting for an ANSWER !!

Present .. ( POV pause )

” Yahoo !! U proposed her .. Well done chap !

Laksh said while doing a happy dance .. Sanskar laughed at his excitement.

” so what did she replied ? ”

He asked him suddenly nd his voice sounded concerned nd deep.

” she said a YES .. ”

Sanskar nodded saying this nd blushed. Laksh again jumped in happiness. He was finally very happy to know his happy love story but sanskar didn’t concluded yet ?!

” Do u want to meet her laksh ? ”

Sanskar asked him all of a sudden making him numb but later he nodded with excitement.

” Of course I’ll love too meet her ”

Laksh said holding those heathers.

” C’mon then .. ”

Sanskar said dusting his back nd started walking. Laksh too followed him nd they went into a shop with same name, Sunshine Blossoms .. Laksh was totally confused. Sanskar lead him to the room. It was really like he told him in his story. They passed the room nd then entered a beautiful lawn. All heathers nd sunflowers were blossomed every bit of the lawn. They walked into the lawn nd stood in front of a GRAVE …

Laksh stumbled nd looked at sanskar with tears. He couldn’t believe the one who now listened his love story is standing in front of his SOMEONE’S grave. It was Swara’s grave nd she died 7 years back .. This all thing was overheading in laksh’s mind nd he asked sanskar who was now sitting in front of her grave with a painful smile ..

He showered some sunflowers over her grave nd again went back into the trauma of his life ..

Flashback .. ( POV resumes )

I stopped nd looked at her with hopeful eyes. There were tears in her eyes nd mine too .. I just love the way her nose turns red with sobs. I just can’t hold myself nd I was waiting for an ANSWER !!

She was now glowing with happiness nd se shouted a ‘YES’ ..

” Yes .. Yes yes yes I’ll marry you … SAAAAAANNNNNSSSSSKAAAAR !!

The way she shouted my name freaked me. I saw her running towards me nd all of a sudden she pushed me back. I fell over the footpath nd a speedy truck crushed her delicate body.

My world turned upside down. My heart stopped beating nd my world stopped. She was all lying in a pool of blood. She still had some senses. I immediately yelled at the gathered crowd for ambulance nd went near her. I gently placed her head over my lap nd softly assured her.

” Shush .. Swara you’ll be fine sweetie just don’t close ur eyes .. I’m here na .. ( Turning towards the crowd ) somebody plz call the ambulance dammit .. ”

She gave me a soft painful smile nd started talking to me.

” Sans..sskaar if I did any..ything right in my li…ife It was when I gave you my .. You know what I wished day ? I wished to fa..all asl..eep in you..ur lap .. I love you a lot ”

She said this with difficultly but I was stubborn. I didn’t want her to leave me when just now we decided to start our life. Is life that much unfair ?

” Swara plz for god sake why r u leaving me .. ”

I said nd my tears dropped over her beautiful, contented face.

” I’m leaving you because you never asked me to stay ”

She said nd smiled for the last time. She was gone. blo*dy Ambulance came but she was gone. I tried waking her by shaking but she left me alone .. Her body was taken by the ambulance nd I was still sitting on her dead spot. That time mentally I was drained, emotionally I was done, spiritually I was dead but physically I was smiling .. Not to hurt her soul anymore .. I thought it’s crazy how SOMEONE who used to be huge part of my life can be gone in a second ..
This is life misery .. I call !!

With this my about to start life finished that day only .. After her departure ..Present .. ( POV pause )

” this was my story .. Was ! The SOMEONE who used to my WORLD went away from me. But she’s always close to my heart in fact she stays in my heart .. Besides NOT EVERYONE HAS THE FATE TO CHERISH THE FULLEST FORM OF LOVE … SOME ARE BORN JUST TO EXPERIENCE ITS ABBREVIATION .. ”

Said sanskar while looking at Swara’s grave. Laksh was drowned in helpless emotions seeing him like that .. He gently placed those heathers over her grave nd wished for their reunion .. In heaven or in rebirth. He hugged sanskar tightly.

” Thank you Sanskar for making me realize that I was wrong. Thank you for sharing me ur story .. Thank you for everything ”

Sanskar smiled with tears nd laksh bid him a bye nd ran towards Ragini’s home. Sanskar wished for him nd looked at the star glowing. To him, the shiniest star was his Swara ..
Whom he watch without blinking every night.

You will never know true happiness until u truly loved nd you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost ur true love.

When two souls fall in love there’s nothing else but the yearning to be close to each other. The presence is felt through a held hand, a voice heard nd a sight of smile. Even through a simple touch. Souls do not have calendars or clocks nor do they understand the notation of time or distance. They only know it feels right to be with each other. This the reason why they miss SOMEONE so much when they are not around. Their soul feels their absence .. They doesn’t realize the SEPARATION IS TEMPORARY !!

With this laksh got a complete guidance for his love of an unexpected SOMEONE i-e Sanskar ..

Nd Sanskar too got his SOMEONE even after death ..


Hope u liked it .. ??

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  1. Sanswa

    Incredible luv story!!

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks Sanswa

  2. No words to express….
    incredible story, beautifully written,
    Made me cry……

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks a lot and sorry for making you cry

  3. Soujanya


    1. Tvisha

      thanks Soujanya

  4. Munshifa

    Hi i’m a silent reader and this is the first time i’m commenting on a post in swasan ff page
    It’s amazing story
    this one is the best os which I read in this page
    Really it’s so awsome i have no words to praise your writing skill

    1. Tvisha

      thanks fr breaking ur silence and commenting her
      Thaks a lot for appriciating this

  5. Aahna


    1. Tvisha

      Thanks dear

  6. mou(swasan lover)


    1. Tvisha

      thanks Mou

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot anu

  7. This is sooooooo beautiful sweety!!!!!
    U made me cry but i guess this story is worth these tears……
    Love it …

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot yaar
      sorry for making you cry

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks Dude

  8. It’s really interesting dear… Wow I can say only this much.. ?????????

    1. Tvisha

      thanks dude

  9. awesome…
    i have doubt are you member in g+ community

  10. awesome…
    i have doubt are you member in g+ community.

    1. Tvisha

      Yeah I am

  11. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Just……………I have no words to describe how is it!!!Keep writing like this. And yeah, plz post your ss’wedding’also.

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot I will surely post that SS soon

  12. Shreeyu

    It is amazing ….. Reading it tears made a way through my eyes ….. Best os …. Loved it

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Shreeyu sorry to make u cry but thanks again

      1. Shreeyu

        There’s no need to say sorry dear it was a mandatory part of ur os which couldn’t be changed ….. yw by the way m a new commentator and I started writing a ff too do read it …. It’s title is Swasan ss love hurts… Love heals

  13. Arshaanya

    Its so beautiful n heart touching story….?
    I was smiling reading it bt later i knew sumthng lyk dis is going to happen wen he took laksh to his home i cried reading dat ??..
    I loved ur story…

    1. Tvisha

      thanks yaar
      I know you would get to know soon but this story is like that we can’t really change this story

  14. amazing story dear………. i loved it
    this is one of the best os i hav ever read

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot

  15. Best os ever…thank uh for such a fabulous writeup dear..luv uh stay blessed

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Smita

  16. You made me cry… ? That was very emotional & heart touching.. U have beautifully written it.
    Do write more but which have happy endings. ?

    1. Tvisha

      Sorry to make u cry but its meant to be like that

  17. Heart touching

    1. Tvisha

      True thanks

  18. Radhika..

    amazing story what to say ummm……………..
    their is no words to describe this story its just……… beyond perfect love it and the way u write and express every emotion just loved it amazing one its one of the best os i have ever read love the way u describe and the u use the quotes its a lovely experience to read it ??

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot Radhika
      Thanks for your each and every word it means a lot to me

  19. Huufffff!!!! give me 10 minutes to think how should i compliment ur OS… coz m not getting anything to say… But i can’t stop my feelings i need say… okkk let me tell u ,,, ur OS was emotional , painful yet beautiful…i know these words r not enough for it… n i also know dat Swara is in her love’s heart…n will take rebirth to complete her incomplete story… coz even destiny cant separate them… thnk u dear… for ur wonderful OS… it will always be in my heart…

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks and I appriciate all your words for this OS yeah swasan are two souls and one body I love them this was keeping a stone in my heart thanks for this

  20. Sinin_kabir

    It’s lovely.. Awesome incredible love story .I just loved described every emotions so clearly.. Heart will always be in my heart..stay blessed

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Sinin like you are commenting its a dream to me but thanks your comments make me feel really happy

  21. Vyshu10

    So beautiful….very emotional one. Awesome

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Vyshu

  22. I guess this is really one of the only 4-5 which made me cry.
    Others did bring tears into my eyes, but this made me cry like a madman.
    It was so good??
    Pls come up with more soon…

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks Laddoo
      I will surely think about one more

  23. Mica

    Tvisha!! you are bad.. you made me cry ! i can’t stop my tears.. huaaa
    i can’t.. no words to express my feeling.. love itt soo much..ty

    1. Tvisha

      LOL I’m sorry to make u cry thanks Mica

  24. AnuAnn

    Tooooo emotional yaar

    1. Tvisha

      thanks dear

  25. Sri


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      thanks Sri

  26. a beautiful love story love it u made me cry dear

    1. Tvisha

      Thanks maisha glad u liked it

  27. Kaynatk01

    oh my my tvisha u seriously made me cry yr why do you kept sad ending but though it was awesome os

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Kaynat I know its kinda emotional but this story is meant to be sad

  28. Manolove

    Brilliant story.. my friend..
    I cried literally.. the way u started and ended was mind blowing.. thanks for the wonderful story

    1. Tvisha

      thanks dude glad u liked this concept

  29. Savanshi27

    Speechless!!! The way u described the unfathomness of love was stupendous

    1. Tvisha

      thanks Savanshi it means a lot to me

  30. tears are rolling down my eyes u defined love so well

    1. Tvisha

      thanks dear I know its a sad story

  31. I feel like I was in your story! So deep, awesome writing.. Hats off!! Lovely, beautiful and worthless of words…

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot dear it means a lot to me

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      thanks a lot dear it means a lot to me

  33. Anjali30

    Tvisha!!!! This was just too brilliant…. I loved the description the story everything…?????

    Such a heart warning story…. omg… now I’m so glad I saw ur comments in the comment section…. and checked this out… ??????

    I Srsly can’t get over the Niagara falls description…. and at the last ……

    Amazing OS!!!!!
    love you!!!!! ??

    1. Tvisha

      OMG Anjali you’re commenting like its a dream thank you so much for appreciating but its not compared to your writing

  34. Its incredible dear lovely are u the one who wrote love is a connection of two souls i just loved both these os thank u for sharing such a beautiful thought

    1. Tvisha

      thanks a lot Simin

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