Abhi..i need your answer now..why you hide everything from me and bear all this pain..abhi holds her hand and pulls her out..abhi…what are you doing..everyone sees this and calls them to stop abhi made pragya to sit in car and goes…the car stops at abhis house..abhi make her get down and move ahed to his house..his footstep get stopped when he enters his his room their room..

Fuggi..i have no other appropriate place to explain everything to you..this is rockstars and cuties world..the world we love each other..knew each other…pragya look around..sees everywhere his and her pic on the wall..their sweet moments…all the pic only what she sees is only her smiling face… tell me did you think that i have cheat any of this pic can you see yourself without happiness..can you in all this pic you can see we love each other..did you think all this was love for you is fake..abhi kneels down and started to cry..

Pragya who cant tolerate this ..goes and hugs him..

Pr;abhi..did i tell you your love is fake..did i blame you cheat me..then why are you crying abhi..i just ask you only one thing…na why you hide all this and bear all this pain…

Abhi look at her face and she is sobbing continously…

Ab;becuase i want my cutiee back thats forget everything..our love..our lovely moments your rockstar.. actually this is my try to make you recollect all this by moving through same moments in our life..

Pr;same moments..

Ab;yes you remember our first face to face..your was not your first liplock to me..

Pr;that i i was your wife may happen more..

Ab;arey naughty fuggi..its not that..our real love story starts from that only..the same place..the same bet ..bulbul and purvi just create it again to make you recollect past..

Pr;what..abhi..did i really kiss you that way before..

Ab;ofcourse cutiee..


Ab;what then??

Pr;abhi..may be ever i cant remember all this..but you can tell me what happened in our past..anyways i want leave you that i will promise will you please tell our love story..

Ab;love story…who told you its love story..

Pr;arrey yaar..its not love story..our marraige is love marraige na..

Ab;again you mistaken fuggi..its arranged marraige..


Ab;dont break your useless brain..o will tell you everything..what happened till now is same happen in our story too..

Pr;that means..

Ab;haa..after that liplock i came to see you..and again i shock you with my kiss..then our shopping and resturant scene all are same..

Pr;so you really try hard to make me recollect everthing abhi…really sorry its all because of my stupid brain..

Ab;hey dont call it as stupid..its a genius brain..but now its good for nothing..

Pr;you..and threw pillow at him..hey fuggi..stop..abhi holds her hand..and make his hand wrap around her..abhigya sits like that on floor..

Pr;abhi..i want to knew more yaar..

Ab;k i will tell our engagement happens ..then we started to see everyday and spend some precious time..

Pr;which means there too you wont stop your kissing..

Ab;telling do you knew whenever i see your lips..its make me to just have it like an apple..and tried to kiss her..

Pragya blocks it with pillow and told can do all afterward first i want to listen story..

Ab;arrey this is not story its real..

Pr;for you na..but for me its like that..abhi feels her pain..

Ab;k lets continue…as days movea our bond get more and we came to stage that we cant live without each other..

Pr;arrey..then why dont we get married …if so..

Ab;its all because of you..

Pr; mee???

Ab;haa..if you havent join as a journalist in new india news paper we can marry..

Pr;what that connection??

Ab;the connection is you are new person so there is a bond that you must get married only after bringing a good assignments and you cant resign too..

Pr;what a stupid bond na..??

Ab;haa..for that you work hard..

Pr;haa i will as i want to marry you na..

Ab;haa..then ??

Suddenly their talk was disturbed by whole family..all reached there in tension seeing the scenerio smile arouse on their face…

Pr;you all..

Bul;haa.if jiju…bring you like this way..we all will come na…

Pur;so..whats happening here..

Pr;dont talk..


Pr;aliya you too..


Pr;you too purab…

Sar and da;pragya..

Pr;you too..only my rockstar can talk now..

All in chorus what???

Pr;haa.iam kattis with you alll hide such a big thing from me all look at abhi..abhi smiles sheeply..

Pur;jiju cheating..all you cheated us..

Bul;di..dont believe jiju..its only him who create this much drama..that dont tell about him to his cutiee..he will make his pragya as his cutiiee himself..what he only need is our help…
Abhi hides behind pragya like child..

Pr; then you can attack him..all attack abhi…abhi runs around the room all chase him..atlast he hide behind pragya..

Ab;fuggi..pragya give a death galre..cutiiee..please save me from them na..

Pr; leave him..look he is too tired..

Ali;bhabhi..he is acting..haa..he is all in chorus..

Pr;anyways..he is my rockstar na..i cant make him in more trouble..
Abhi kiss her in cheek..while pragya beat everyone is around all smiles.

Episode ends…

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