Hello everyone..quite surprising and some may ask at last you reach at here right..its more than 3 weeks without moving my pen for sorry for that..and back to story…

It was the engagement day..all are busy with arrangements..

Purvi;di…get ready fast na jiju want to see you…look already he is waiting for your impatiently…

Pragya look at abhi through windows..

Bul;haa pragya take lipstick… need of lipstick i will call jiju he will give natural colours to your lips..which make pragya wide open her mouth..

Bulbul and purvi laughs and went out…

Pr;this two always be like this..never leave a chance to tease me..

Suddenly she get shocked by looking at mirror..abhi is standing at door step..

She gets up and turns..abhi comes forward ..pragya moves backward..abhi blocks her by his hands..

Pr;why are you here..all will seraching you there..

Ab;bulbul send me her to give colours to your lips..

Pr;what???..she close her lips with her hands..which make abhi laugh…abhi place his hands on her waist by just lifting the pleet of her saree which make an electric spark in her body..he juat squeeze her waist softly by his hand because of that pragya holds his shoulders so making it as chance abhi taste her lips..pragyas eyes get widen as well she lean more towards abhi…abhi started to play with her toungue making her lips to part so that he enter his tongue into it..he press her waist which make a chill in her body..abhi take her lips from her and started to nuzzle her neck which make pragya to moarn abhi..the same abhi which he wait to hear for a while make his eyes wet and make him more pleasure to he really miss her moarn..pragya just turn to opposite side which make abhi to taste her bare creamy back..he nuzzzle her back which make pragya to hold the he  is making her hormones to be wake..the pressure he is giving is more than what she cant tolerate..

Pragya again moarn abhi..this moarn was something different as always his cutiee moarn like this to make him from stop what he is doing..abhi stops his naughty activities all of sudden which makes pragya in shock..abhi is now with a cute pout on his face..

Pragya turns and look at him..

Pr;why you stop all of sudden..

Ab;which means you are telling me to continue..

Pr,no abhi..why you stop as i call you name..

Ab,because you call it differently..


Ab; cutiee always do so to stop my naughtiness..

Pr;your cutie and fuggie is me na..


Pr;but i didnt..

Ab;just leave it fuggi really look gorgeous in it..i was not able to restrict myself from you..

Pragya blushes..

Ab;k iam leaving..dont make me wait along otherwise i wont stop like this …

Abhi smiles and leave..

Purvi and bulbul came back sees blushing pragya..

Pur;di…so jiju gave you colour right..

Pr; the way to talk to your di..

Bul; if di and jiju are like this we have to na..

Pragya blush again..

Purvi;hello my blushy di..come its time for engangement..

Purvi make pragya to sit on stage beside abhi..aliya give ring to both and they exchange their rings..alll claps..

Then there happens photoshoot with different poses couples as well as with family..

Suddenly pragyas phone get ringed..she excuse herself and take the phone..

Hello pragya..congrats..

Hello who is this…

Its not important for you pragya..the important is you must knew who you are..

What are you speanking off..

Look pragya..all around you are doing a cheap plan..all are trapping you even your family too..

Hey ..dont dare to talk about them..

Hey cool wont believe me right..k just check your whatsapp i have send some photos just look it then i will call you..
The call get ends..pragya open whatsapp get shocked…

The phone again rings..

Hello now you may believe right..look its your second marraige with same person..but they all hide this fact from you..look he is the reason of all the things happened in your life..he make your life hell..look pragya..i knee you lost your memory about past..thats why you havent identify him..if you have memory you wont marry him..the person who make your life hell the person who have extra marital affairs with other women even you are there for him..pragya if you have doubt on me just enquire about this.and ends call..

Bulbul meet pragya standing near corridor..

Bul,di..why are you standing here..look jiju is waiting for you..come..she bring pragya near abhi..

Ab;fuggi..where have you gone..
Pragya look at abhi..

Ab;fuggi everything fine..

Pr;haa..(in mind) how can i belive that call…but its my second marraige with same person na..thats a truth..i knew i forget my past ..may be i foreget about him …but why no one tries to make me remember about him..or if she said right..but he loves me na..not love madly love..from my expression he just read my mind..

Abhi sees pragya lost somewhere..

Abhi holds pragyas hand and leaves to her room..and lock  the room.

Ab;now tell me fuggi..


Ab;no need to hide..i knew you have some doubts on me..just clarify all that..

Pr;is this our second marraige.

Abhi look shocked..

Pr;answer me abhi..

Abhi nods..

Pr;why no one tried to make me remember about you..when my mind was blank …its maa purvi bulbul inform me about my past by telling my life as a story to me..then why they hide such an important character my husband..

Abhi looking down..

Pr;abhi..i need an answer from you..why it happen..why you never tried to do so..why you came again..just to wash away the mistake you did to me..

Ab;mistake..???what mistake your are talking about..

Pr;ha..marrying me and keep an affair with someother..abhi slaps pragya…which make pragya in shock..

Abhi hugs her tightly and started to cry..sorry fuggi..i ..i slap you..i slap you..i he  hit his hand on mirror …mirror get break and blood ozzes out through his hands..pragya holds abhis hand and rush to get first aid box..
She make him sita and started to treat the wound..she is crying continously.
Abhi wipes her tears..

Pr;abhi..why you hurt yourself.

Ab; i hurt my fuggi..with this hands thats why..

Pr;abhi.. you loves me this much..then why you hide all this fact from me..why you hurt yourself by staying away from me..abhi i need an answer for all that..abhi i want to knew about our past

Episode ends.

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  1. superrrrrrrrrr lovely honey……….

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    Wonderful no wrds darlu loved to the core love u muuaahh????

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  4. No words to say about the update superb and pragya’s memory lost ah? I don’t know that and now only I knew that pragya’s memory loss and having affair is with tanu ah and who is the person in phone and this memory loss track is superb and real kkb should be like this hats off di.

  5. SamyuSam

    Supprrrr frnd….. Waiting to know abt their past….

  6. todays episode was just amazing
    eagerly waiting for the next update

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