The episode starts with their chit chat..

Ali,bhabhi…look my bhai is not able to take his eyes from you..and laughs..pragya too see him looking at her ..

Pr;(in mind) why his eyes show this much love to can it possible so can i feel it…

Bul;di..come lets have our lunch..iam so hunger…

Ali;k lets go..bulbul,  purvi, aliya , purab all gets in one pragya tries to enter..

Bul;di..yours  car is that..go there and enjoy with jiju…they go..
Abhi brings his car infront of her ..she stands there like that..and after sometime gets in..she covers her lips with her hands which make abhi to laugh..abhi starts his car …and goes..he always look at her..but she is like not intersted at him..suddenly abhi stops his car…

Ab;why you cover your mouth with hand..

Pr;otherwise you will kiss me again..

Ab; think I have no other place to kiss..abhi kissed on her forehead..cheek..pragya get shocked..abhi winks at he again tried to start the car..pragya holds his collars and make him close to him..

Pr;answer me why you love me this much…

Ab,how can you knew i loves you..

Pr;your eyes conveying how deeply you are in love with me..

Ab;how can you read my eyes…

Pragya have no answer for that because she too dont knew..

Ab;i will help  you to find answer for it..because you too loves me as much i love you…

Pr;no..i have no feelings for you..

Ab;ya you are right but my cutiee  have feelings for me..

Pr;cutiee.who is that…

Ab;the person inside you…


Abhi didnt gave any answer to her..they reached the restaurant…

Already their team was settled and reserved special seat for them..

Abhi and pragya sit there…a waiter reach there to collect order as pragya tried to give order…abhi restrict her and order the foods which she is suppose to order..

Pr;how do you knew my favourites..

Ab;i knew everything about you..its you who is unaware of me..but iam not a stranger for my cutiee.only she knew me than anyone…

Pr;again cutiee..who the hell she is..

Ab;dont tell anything about my cutiee is inside are pragya..if pragya goes then only cutiee will come..

Pr;are you telling some puzzle..

Ab;this may be like a puzzle for you..but for me this is my fuggi is my life…

At that time waiters enters with their food..abhi serves food for her .

Ab;fuggi..dont think so much..have your food..i knew after seeing food you cant control yourself..pragya started to have you said..its a will get complete answer of puzzle on our marraige day…

Pr;if you knew you can tell me na..

Ab;i too wish so..but i cant do that..but i will always give you hints from that you must find out..this resturant is a big hint..

Pr;this place…pragya look around…

Ab;just have your food fuggie…you cant find all this very soon it will take time…

Pragya with frustration started to have food…abhi is continously speaking with pragya..she didnt responds to anything…

After sometime

Bul;di..jijju…lets go na…

Ab;of course…

Pu, bhai..i will drop them..

Ab,k bye purvi bulbul and fuggi lets see tomorrow..

All leaves…

Screen shifted to pragyas house…

Pragya is thinking all incident happen in these days..whatever it be i love to hear his talk as there is something special in it…though he is annoying …but he is lovely…..but what he is trying to convey me…whats the hint about the resturant…

Screenshifted to abhi…

Ab;fuggi…my you knew i cant go away from you..when you are so close with me…i cant control my emotions..i just want to hug…kiss you..and ask you how much i miss my wife..may be you forget everything about me..but how can i ..
How can i forget who is the reason of my wife…
Not only me.
Our room also miss you too much..look how is this room is…do you knew this bed too miss you…i feel alone at this room… at this bed…i miss my sleep by hugging.
I miss my morning boost from you..( the sweet kiss which you give at my lips )… now you cant give me thats why iam taking all this..i knew all this happen because of me..

Suddenly purab enters..

Pu;abhi..still thinking about di..

Abhi smiles
Abhi..di is coming back to your lifena..may be she forget her past with you.but she will be with you for ever na after this marraige..

Ab;ya…i will get my fuggie..but i wont get my cutiee..who madly loves me

Pu;abhi…everything will be perfect one day

Ab, i too wish for that..

He leaves..

Ab;may be she forget everything..but still now she can find how deep is my love for her..still my cutiee is with her..i will get back my cutiee within these days of marraige.

Episode ends

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