Hello lets go back to story…

Pr;ha…i knew he has gone…

Bul;but why are you getting shocked and desparate with this sound sis and again make the sound of kiss.

Pr; bulbul..dont eat my brain..will you leave me alone for sometime..

Purvi;to think about him na..

Pr;you both will never get changed…and goes angrily…

Sarla hugs pragya …iam really happy for you last you get a best proposal..are you happy in it for not..look his family is too good and he is too..did you have any…

Maa..what are you talking..till now did i tell that your choice is bad no naa..then why are you asking so.. look so worried thats why..

Maa its because iam going to entee new stage of life dont get tensed..and goes..

She sits in garden..whats all happeing here..again i met him and he kissed him just as can he kiss me like this..

Di..maa is calling you…

Haa..iam coming…

Pragya…abhis dadi have called me just now..tomorrow abhi will come here to pick you for taking your engangement jodi..

Maa..we too go with them we too need to take dress…

K you too…as aliya has told me she want your comapany too…

Bulbul and purvi hugs sarla in happiness..pragya go back to room..suddenly her phone beeps…

Hey my lady love…??

Lady love who is that????

Its me your abhi…

My abhi…

Ofcourse as you are going to marry me i become your abhi…

Hey fuggi… how dare you call me that name…

Oh my sweetie …dont be anger yaar…if you get anger na..i feel to come there and kiss you again..

How dare you to talk with me like this…

Oh my sweetie fuggi..dont get anger na..your hubby is pouring his love you are getting anger…oyye fuggi..i knew whats going on your want to ask me somany questions can ask eveything tomoorrow…i will give you answer..

Pragya in mind…how can i believe him…

Oyye fuggi…dont think too much …trust is an important thing in any relationship…i trust you…and about you i dont knew..k i willnot irritate you more…bye see you tomorrow..

Bul:di…jiju hey na…i gave him your number…

I dont knew why everyone irritates me this much…

Irritation..di whats this…jiju have the feeling to talk with his lady love na…

Lady you get that name..??

Lady love..from where did i get..usually we talk like that na..

But its he who called me na..

Oh are too bhudhus..and leaves..

Next day..

Pragya purvi bulbul get ready..a calling bell sound heard..

Bul;di..jijju have came and runs to open door…

Goodmorning jiju..this much couldnt get peace without seeing my di…

Sar;hey bulbul ..stop your bakbak..abhi you get inside beta..

Ab;no maa..purab and aliya is waiting for

Sar;k i will call pragya…pragya….

Haa maa iam coming…abhi eyes are waiting to see her..there she comes…

Pur;jiju …dont look like this..what will she feels..

Abhi smiles..

Ab;maa ..we are leaving..abhi get inside car..

Pur;di took the front seat we will be in back…

Pragya getsin ..till now she didnt look at abhi…which hurts him …

He is driving car..and looking at her continuously..
At last she broke her silence…where we are going.

Ab:.aliyas  boutique…oh you dont knew that na.she is a fashion designer and she has already set a design for her just try to check whether ready…

Pr;what? How can she fix a dress without seeing me…is just one day needed for her to set the dress..

Ab; who told you that she has seen you yesterday..

Pr;which means she knew me before but i dont knew..

Ab;yes fuggi there are somany things which you dont knew..suddenly they both here some giggles…

Pr (in mind) its not good to talk infront of them..pragya you just remain silent now..they reached boutique..purab and aliya welcome them..

Ali;bhabhi…this is the dress which i design for you…hows this..

Pr;wow its too you knew its my favourite design and colour…

Ali;i knew that bhai already inform all this..

Pragya look at abhi in wonder ..he just smiles…

Pu;abhi..this is for you both just try this and come…after sometime abhi and pragya comes out in attire and get lost in each other…

Bul;wow jiju both look perfect in this dress….

Ab;thanks bulbul…

Ali;i knew already as its my design na..

Pur;my tesnion was in i knew all dress suits you both..its her na making it so iam..

Ali; are always against me..

Pur;what to do truth is always with me..

Pr;are you both going to continue your fights like this.can i go and change this dress..

Pur,of course bhabhi..she goes..
Abhi too follows her and stops her by holding her hands..and pulls her close to him..she is too tensed and shivering abhi can feel it..

Ab;oh my beautiful lady can you go easily…let me enjoy your beauty na..abhi place his hands over her waist..pragya tried to move but all  goes in vain..
Abhi moves close to her lips and gives a sudden peck there..this time pragya havent get shocked as she already knew he will try for this..


Pr;can i go now ?

Ab;ofcourse..she leaves…oh abhi ..what happened to your lady love did anger or shout at you..


Abhi was keeps on eyeing at pragya …her chitchat with aliya bulbul and purvi..their laugh…

Pu;so abhi is ogling at his fuggi..

Ab;ofcourse purab..when i see her like this i feel like iam getting my fuggi back..the one who loves his abhi alot who mad at his abhi…

Pu;ya i too feel my old di in her now..

Ab;do you knew if that happens then i will be the most happiest man in the world…i knew now my actions irritates her alot and make her anger..but purab how can i control myself when i see her..

Episode ends..

I knew my precap didnt came in this episode…and lot of confusions too..i dont how you feel for this episode if i waste your time with it really sorry

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