Sorry friends I can’t update long episode as iam having exams and thanks all for your support

Recap : the episode starts with flight landing in chennai,abhi came to pick them up as priya insisted him. He saw neil and ragini but did not show any expression, they all were waiting for abhi , pragya says I know that dumbo he will always late for everything and she takes bulbul and goes to take there bags,neil went to buy something, seeing all gone abhi cones to ragini and calls her “hey beautiful ”
Ragini : what who are you
Abhi : hey baby iam uf bf dear

Ragini : what nonsense
That time neil returned
Neil: what happened ragini
Ragini (points at abhi) : he is misbehaving with me
Abhi : what ” m i s b e h a v i n g” i was just flirting darling
Neil holds abhis collar and asked how dare you flirt with my wife
Abhi: what your wife? No she is my aunty
Neil and ragini : what
Neil : abhiiiii
Abhi : yes mama did you call me
Ragini : idiot you just scared me and beats him gently and little saithan you didn’t change at all
Abhi : how could I, and by the way where is ms.bulldozer and her sister
Neil shows him pragya and bulbul and abhi was stunned to see pragya in modern dress and thought of his bet with purab,aaliya and tanu

Precap : family picnic

Credit to: Arya


  1. vaishali

    very nice arya i loved it abhi was mesmerized seeing abhi waiting fr ur next episode with eager which std r u studying? but all the best fr ur exams arya bhai

  2. shree

    Arey it’s too too short episode yar… u r episode was good but update long episode please

  3. durga

    All the best 4 ur exam thn today’s episode s soooooo cute n really abhi s sooooooooo cute n awesome… Love the way u expressed abhi’s character it’s really sooooo cute n I love it…

  4. hey arya plz dont test our patience atleast update little long episode plzzzz anyway awesome & best of luck do well, which standard u r

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.