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Recap : separation of abhigaya

Abhi : a rockstar
Pragya : a game designer
Bulbul : a fashion designer
Purab : working at rams office
Aaliya : wildlife photographer
Tanu : model

The episode starts with a 15 year leap

In chennai
A big house is shown and then priya and neha shouting at servents to clean the house and neil,pragya and bulbul’s room properly as they are returning after 15years . A cool guy is shown comming down and sees aaliya,purab and tanu ,it’s abhi he ask about priya and nehas behaviour,they told him about the return of neil and family. Abhi with a shock “what that bulldozer is coming, o god ” (abhi and pragya has not seen others including the two families)

Abhi explains them how pragya eill be looking (his imagination) “she will be wearing a big glass, dress will be salwar or saree and a fat girl with old look and she will be a teacher ” and he began to laugh saying this tanu too joined abhi except Aaliya and purab
In newyork

Ragini is shown packing the things happily,she calls bulbul and ask her to call(phone) pragya and tells to come straightly to airport. A girl is shown wearing a 3/4th jeans with baby pink top and with loose hair its pragya in meeting, she talks about a business projects and budgets and that she recives phone and say ok iam coming, and she comes out and thinks about abhi ( her fights with him)
The next morning they reached India

Precap : abhi flirting with ragini

If the ff is short Sorry friends as iam having exams I could not update a long one

Credit to: Arya


  1. Sadhana

    Pragya enter was super….ur story was interesting ….but u can try long episode it’s very short….

  2. durga

    Nice yaar soooooo cute episode..thank u sooooooooooo much yaar tat Even u too imagined the story in tat way only…

  3. shree

    Exactly sadhana… pragya enter was super with 3/4 th jeans and it’s different from others please update fast and give long episode yar…

  4. Sripragna

    I liked it very much pragya entry is awesome it’s very interesting keep continue it I am eagerly waiting for next episode

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.