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Recap : neil and family moving to newyork

The episode starts with neil asking ragini to pack the things as they are moving tomorrow and goves the tc of pragya and bulbul. At night priya cries thinking of her and neil days and here ragini thinking about hers and rams, both neil and ram consoles there sisters saying that it’s just 15 years.
The next morning all goes to airport to send off neil and family. Abhi came to ragini and ask her leave pragya here and to take him with her , ragini tries to explain him but couldn’t, neil who was hearing this came to abhi and says to him that “ok you can come with me but if you come who will toucher you mother and other like me ” abhi says i will chithapa and i will stay here you don’t worry. Abho saw pragya having a chocolate and goes to her and snatched it and both started to fight,at that time an announcement came pragya goes without saying anything to abhi . Abhi feels sorry and tries give it to pragya but in vain she already left
A fifteen year leap is shown

Precap : news of neil and family returning

Credit to: Arya


  1. durga

    Superb yaar… Sooooo cute child fight I’m just waiting for next episode with much excitement… Bt only one request if u thk it’s OK na take otherwise leave it yaar…then may b r may not u would have thk abt ur story line lk tz only…then the thing s tat don’t make abhigya love like love at 1st sight just take some time to know abt their love n fill with cute fight n romance plzzz… It’s my request if u thk tat I’m interfering in ur thoughts na I’m sry yaar…

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