Thank you guys for commenting. As your wish i will continue the childhood story and there will be no separation .
To clear you all that ram,priya,vikram, neha,neil and ragini are living in the same house

Recap : abhigaya fight

The episode starts with all kids getting ready for there school. After a while ragini is making them to eat while priya comes with milk for the kids , all started to show there face on seeing milk execept abhi , he started to smile seeing milk as he had added salt and chilli powder in pragyas cup . All hesitatingly takes the milk while abhi with a big smiling face,all kids got suspicious seeing him . (Ragini and priya left the place) pragya began to drink the milk on getting bad taste she splitted the milk all began to laugh as she spiltted in abhis face (as abhi is sitting at opposite of her) abhi stares at her and he throws a peace of butter at her face while pragya throws cream , and all began to play by throwing things on each other,abhi throws big peace of cake at pragya suddenly she moved and it hitted on priyas face and all are shocked seeing it and the screen freezes.

Precap : fun at school

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  1. It’s very nice
    Awesome please continue soon
    Please give us a long update
    I am waiting

  2. hhahahh awesome yaar amazing can’t stop laughing loved it but make it as a big episode fearing at priya’s reaction because she is always conscious abt her children, abhi is going to get nicely from her…

  3. Very funnyyyyy….yaar……awesome…..i m waiting 4 d nxt fighting??……..

  4. It’s cute arya

  5. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice. Childhood memories are going through my mind when I read ur ff.

  6. Nice yar… please give long episode

  7. Superb yaar soooooo cute… Abhi n pragya sooooo sweet n cute… Bt plzzzzzzzzzzz somewhat long coz it’s toooo short

  8. Its cute yaar bt it is very short



  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Its soooooo cute fight yaar………Superb……..

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