SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 1)


Hello friends. I want to tell u guys that it’s a Ragini-Sanskar ff. Sorry Swasan fans, I gave u a false hope, actually I forgot to clear this on the top.

She reached the venue n entered inside, in hurry. A luxurious party is going on there. The known faces whom she saw only on TVs n magazines n newspapers were already there, to quench their lusty desires with some beautiful butterflies fluttering around there. A wave of disgust passes through her profile for being there within the crowd of the society’s so-called reputed, high class, powerful, two-faced peoples. She has developed a thunderous n grudged feelings against these class of peoples from her young age when her senses started working. She never evaluate their existence or importance in the society, but one thing, they r playing with peoples n sucking their life, every second, everywhere.

“U…who u r?” An armed man point to her using his index finger.

“Asked ur boss.” She answered in a equal harsh n rude tone.

“What the……” The man.

“Whats going on here Syam?” A tall n dark frame of a man came there n threw a glance at her, “Oh, so u r here miss Ragini Gadodia, great. Lets start ur work. Go straight to the changing room n come fast as u know, u have to host me in today’s party. So, be quick, u r already late.” He smirked looking at her frowning face.

“Shelly… take her to changing room.” He shoot his order to his bedmate, his trap.

She instruct her the way to changing room.


Shelly….poor girl. She is bearing hell in her young age. She isn’t looking more than 20, don’t know from how much times she is pleasing the beast. Her too much make over, silky thick full sleeve gown n heavy jewelry weren’t not able to hid the cruel marks on her skin n her smile, a lifeless, fake n forced one plastering on her face, how pathetic? My heart ached like hell to see her like that.

“Shelly, how old r u?”

A pained, horrified gaze met with hers but nothing came out except her deep sigh.

“Go inside, there is ur uniform on the table n come fast Miss….” She said in a cold voice.

“Ragini.” Ragini completed her phrase.

N then, she left leaving her there, alone.


How much she is bearing without having anyone by her side. If, god forbid me, me or Swara were ever there on her position then. NO WAY, I will embrace to the end of my life than serving myself to any hungry luster on the bed. How disgusting, how could anyone can do such a thing. But what can we do when society’s so-called protectors r actually there to tarnish the feeling of security, peace n happiness in people’s mind.

Her thoughts gave her a exasperating, suffocating n barren feelings. Second by second it raised to some other extend. She took the uniform on the table, changed in it n looked back at her reflection on the mirror.


Bl**dy scoundrel. He is playing his sick games with me, right, don’t worry, enjoy ur false victory for a moment, I’ll return it with interest on ur face Mr. Akhil Solanki.

She turned around n moved forward still busy in her thoughts n then her eyes caught an ill, vulturous gaze on her. The heart thriving actor of the present era, Sanskar Maheswari, what is he doing here, outside my room? Oh god! the door was open, was he gazing at the happenings here all the time?……. Disgusted fellow…… at the end of the conclusion everyone here is of the same kind, crowding here to quench their body thirst. But what is he doing here? I’m not the one to please him.

A disgusted feeling oozed from her inner self, but he is still there like that n her mind ringed with the worst of worsts thoughts. She stepped forward with a determined attitude n closed the door right in front of his face.

Thank u so much for reading.

Guys, small one, hope u like it. I’ll try to post next part soon. Thank u for giving me a warm feedbacks.


Credit to: RSR

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