SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Story Till Now…)

Hello friends. Well, it’s a summary of the story. So, who haven’t read the story from the beginning you can now.

Further, its a Sangini ff. Still, it has important roles of Swara and Lucky too. This story consists too many characters, which I come to realise only now(LOL), so I’m not gonna give you characters chart. The main two characters are pole apart. It has Sanskar in a grey shade which apparently goes through the changes.

It wasn’t like flower and lights when they first met, or, let’s say, saw each other. It was more like a beginning of the fight for dominance.

It was a high class socialite party, and a dirty one was to be exactly, hosted by the known politician of the city Mr Vupen Solanki and HE was there being an important fundraiser to the said politician’s political party.

HE, an established film star of the industry, the heartthrob of the era, Superstar Sanskar Maheshwari, dipping with the glory of name, fame, money and the great media attention. An arrogant, boastful, stubborn and twisted head womaniser.

He saw HER there while walking through a corridor, in an inappropriate situation, and smitten by her instantly impossibly. She was changing into a waitress uniform in a small room oblivious of a vulturous look already devouring her inch by inch through a slightly open door and when her eyes finally clashed with his, unlike his every other fan girls who would jump his bones, she did one thing that left him unsettled. She just stepped forward and closed the door right in his face.

SHE was there to serve as a waitress specifically for one person, her sister Swara’s ex, Mr Vupen Solanki’s wicked son Akhil Solanki but with an actual motive to collect an evidence spying over him.

She, a middle classed woman, a high school teacher and part time lecturer of a college, having an overwhelming disgust and hatred towards particular class of society, to which he belong, a double-standard-high-class. A straight forward, strong willed, witty and beautiful woman.

She despised him in a very first glance, there. But it never crossed her mind that her mere act would leave him wounded much to hunt her down in every single second of her life onwards.

Her mere thought was enough to messed up his mind and to top it all she was there serving the person he was enemy to with his guts Akhil. And his mind come with a devilish idea, he made a deal to get ‘Her’ in his bed at any cost. After making every twisted steps to annoy the hell out of her, he left the venue with the imprint of her stingy words and equally effective slap, deep in his ego.

Following all this event Sanskar mets with an accident, the same night, while driving back home in his car. It attracts a lot of media attention overnight which brings him another chance of meeting the girl his mind was occupied with, impossibly. Ragini was there much to her chagrin, for her dear sister Swara who was not only a reporter but also a big fan of Sanskar. To make his way to reach HER, he befriends with Swara and investigates HER details. Then it revealed that Ragini have two siblings, a sister and a brother Tarang in the name of family whom she loves with all her life and their parents were died in an accident planned by Akhil for Ragini. Blinded by the hood of lust and ego Sanskar continues to threat her in his own crooked ways which leads to her brother’s safety. When she finds insecurity increasing regarding her siblings life with his dirty games she plans to send them to Nainital, their maternal parents home, for some time turning out as a big mistake. She falls out of communication from them much to her worry and HIS call leaves her with a countdown of 24 hours to go to him in the exchange of her siblings. Leaving with no choice she ends up sleeping with him which makes him feel something unusual towards her he hasn’t before. He couldn’t just let her go, also after fulfilling his desires. But when she was informed that her siblings weren’t under HIS men’s clutch but with Akhil, by mistake in a phone call, she leaves him that instant with another slap.

Confrontation with Akhil turning as salt to the burn she black out in a middle of the road, getting into a near accident. She wakes to see a man, turns out to be Laksh Kashyap, a world class fashion designer and founder of LKFT who was recently there to setup his new branch, and his PA Megha Sharma.

2 months later.

Sanskar feels stunned to meet Laksh, his once a best friend and now an enemy, in a warm up party of a newly established fashion house LKFT, oblivious of the fact it was Laksh’s. With Laksh’s entry his pasts also takes a toll in his life. His shock steps up with anger when he sees Ragini there as a showstopper with his step brother Anirudh Kumar and introduced as a new model of LKFT. Trying to adjust in a game plan set up by Laksh who happened to be Her brother Tarang’s close friend Samir’s brother, Ragini jumps in to teach Sanskar a lesson. But it couldn’t proceed further when she loses her consciousness during the heated confrontation with Sanskar and Laksh where Lucky lies about them being engaged. Turns out she was pregnant of two months which leaves her in a dilemma. Subsiding everything she keeps the baby growing in her womb, lying to Sanskar that it wasn’t his but Lucky’s.

Three months later.

Somehow, when she was on the fifth month of pregnancy, Sanskar came to know about reality. He corners her in the launch party of a new hotel of Solanki’s. Overwhelmed with mixed emotions, seeing her after a long time and with his soul enemy, he proposes her to shift with him as she was carrying his baby already. Outraged by his nonstop interference in her life she accepts the marriage proposal of Laksh which infuriates Sanskar more to do everything to get her. With another confrontation between Sanskar and Laksh, it comes out that a girl named Kavita has something to do with their broken relation in the past and Lucky was back to get revenge using Ragini as he was well aware of Sanskar’s unknown devotion towards the girl. Within a little time He becomes aware of Their wedding while talking to Swara after saving her from Akhil, he makes a little effort to slip a little doubt about Lucky in her head. With the growing attachment to the infant in Her womb and her undeniably strong pull, the information of Their wedding date makes him hit the final blow to make her agree to get married to him, though marriage wasn’t his thing because of his own father’s failed marriages.

In all uncertainty, hatred and deceive they get married, but there are still many things to set in place. There are still hidden truths and trailing pasts.

With countless enemies looming around every second, will They stop fighting eachother and be together? Will He ever be able to name the feelings He has for Her? Will Her heart ever gonna warm up for Him, forgetting everything in the past? Could he able to fill the gap between? Will the two ever come together? Or is it have no such happy ending?

What’s there between Lucky and Sanky? How did they end up as the soul enemy? Is there something more than Kavita between them?

What role Swara has to play to know Lucky’s real motive?

In all this, what will be the Akhil’s next step? Not to forget Mr Kumar is still there.

To know everything just 6 more chapters are there in the queue. So, dear readers have patience and wait a little more, there are alot much to reveal.

Thank you so much for reading.

#Someone asked me in the prev update for summary, so its for you vini. And for the new readers.


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