SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Intro)

Hello friends. New ff, hope u like it.
May be I’ll not be able to post it regularly but I’ll try my best.

A party hall. It’s a lavish party with the known, rich faces of the society.
Nothing is left there for the reputed, white coloured, high positioned peoples services, beautiful escorts, beverages, servants n entertainment, everything.


Being a Casanova, I love this kind of parties, always. God knows, with how many girls, I spent my nights without knowing them properly. But today y I’m feeling something strange, like someone is here for whom I’m waiting from the ages, when I know this can never happen.

“Hey! Sanskar Maheshwari, the handsome, dashing n heartthrob of the industry, so how do u like it, my boy? Is everything perfect? After all u r a star, u need some special treatments,” looking at a girl near them, “as we r family, need to know about each others comforts, u know.” Mr. Kumar, his step father, asked him in a mocking way.

“Yeah, u r correct. What can I do, after all I’m Sanskar Maheswari, the superstar of the industry not like some flop artists, here around.” He, in a same way n the old man’s face turned into a fiery ball.

“Sometimes we need to control our tongue, who knows what can happen because of it’s over activeness.” Mr. Kumar, gravely.

“I usually don’t agree with the cunning foxes but today, I do agree with u, Mr. Kumar. So, if u excuse me, I don’t have a time to waste, as u know, how much costly my time is.” He mocked at him n left the man in humiliated state.

He walked passed through a corridor to washroom n his eyes stuck there on some movement, inside a room, from the partially opened door. A girl in waitress uniform, but his greedy eyes were able to scan her milky white skin n his body began to vibrate with the affect. The girl turned around n stepped forward to move out of there but stopped abruptly in her approach, seeing a piercing lusty gaze on her. She stepped forward but he remained there, like a statue.


I don’t know y, my legs were not moving from here if it is made up of stone, almost all my body part become like that, hard. I felt the heat course through my nerve to my whole body. I know what it need, n she approached towards me without looking at me. But what happened, she stopped in her way n looking to her demeanor I can say that she is not surprised like my other fans but shocked with some unwanted attention. I want to go near her, touch her, feel her, n do everything I want to, with her but what happened to me suddenly? Its like my mind is only blabbering insanely. Oh, she again began to move towards me n something is ruffling inside me. But, what the ****?

She took a hold of doorknob n closed the door in his face.


Thank u so much for reading.

Dear readers, if u r the reader of my other ff then, I want to tell u that I’ll not be able to post that for 3 days as I’m preparing for my presentation. So sorry dea…s.


Credit to: RSR


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