SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 9)


Its half moon night. After a lot of trials also, she couldn’t get a sleep, tonight. Dear sleep was far away from her eyes n there was only some blur pictures of the possible future, which were giving her a perfect restlessness.

‘God, please, be with us. I don’t care about myself but only about my siblings. They r my world, please protect them from every evil eyes…’

She heard a ring on the landline n looking at the time n the situation, her consciousness alert her, it could be him. Her reluctant steps approached towards the hall n picked up the call.


“Hello MISS RAGINI GADODIA, so, u r awake, still. Hmm…same with me…” His, lazy voice.

“Y did u call me at this hour?” She, irritated, interrupting him in the middle.

“Just to confirm myself that u r also awake. Did u see the moon, oh! how beautiful it’s looking, isn’t it? I’m just thinking about u after all whatever happened between us…” He, mischievously.

“I have a thought that after today’s happening, knowing urself from very close, u’ll give a thought upon urself but no, all waste. How shameless u r? Even after getting insulted by me for umpteenth times, u r still running behind me. Being a celebrity, heartthrob of the millions, u r after a girl for whom u r nothing but a sack of arrogance, ego n disgust, how funny is it, isn’t it?” She, in a mock.

“No…no…baby, not this time. I know u r tempting me to go out of my control but ur those perfect curves r enough to do so, so save extra energies for some other purpose.” He, huskily, after a while.

“Rags, what r u doing here at this time?” Swara, from her back.

“Nothing, I wasn’t feeling sleepy, that’s it. what r u doing here?” Ragini, turning the question towards her.

“Water.” Swara, showing an empty water bottle on her hand.

“Leave that there. I’ll do that. u go n take rest.” Ragini, concerned.

“OK.” Swara left inside her room with that n Ragini came back to her senses hearing an unpleasant voice.

“I can’t believe that I can also give u a sleepless night as well, that also without my appearance. Till now, I was spending sleepless nights with an urge to hold u in my arms n crush ur celestial body beneath mine but it’s fine as the beautiful, pleasurable dreams of mine will be going to turn into the reality within 37 hours n… 40 minutes, exactly from now. U know what I’m desperately waiting for the moment, to feel u, close to me, impossibly. Oh! heaven!” He, dreamily.

“Finished? Just get the hell out of my way n get into ur own, I’m warning u don’t try to underestimate me or it’ll be not good for u.” She, coldly.

“Attitude…oh! ur attitude is killing me from the day 1…” He, wickedly.

“Keep the call n don’t u dare to call in this no. again.” She, bluntly.

“Then, give me ur no. oh, its ********** like this, right?” He, playfully.

“How did u get my no.?” She, annoyed.

“Its not a big deal for me to get a school teacher’s detail, whose sister is mad after me additionally. N don’t worry u have to go through many things in this time limit of mine. So, have a long night but please take care of urself, I want u fresh like u…”

She hung the phone without giving any heed to his lecherous nonsense anymore. But something stuck on her mind n hit her inner soul strongly.

‘He is powerful to do anything he desired of n his only madness, for now, is Me, n without any doubt he’ll go to an unknown length for his satisfaction. Then what could be his next move? God, please keep my siblings out of it.’

She stepped inside Swara’s room with water filled bottle n saw her lying on the bed, turning to the other side.

“Who was on the call? Was that Akhil?” Swara, in a heavy tone, while turning to her side.

“Don’t worry dea, everything will be alright.” Ragini, in a soothing tone, while hugging her teary sister. without disclosing the real fact.

After spending a restless night the gloomy morning knocked at her eye door carrying some hunting hunches with it. She wasn’t feeling well, there is something in this morning which is continuously giving her a threat of something unpleasant.

“Di, bless me. I’ve to go now.” Tarang’s excited voice dragged her out to the reality.

“Taru, give a break to ur studies for today. Lets make it out our memorable day.” She, hiding her unknown fear.

“I’d love to do that di, but today is my important practical exam n I can’t ignore it. Don’t worry I’ll try to be back at home asap n please don’t cancel the party.” He, enthusiastically.

She gave him a peck on his forehead n smiled a wide, without showing her actual inner turmoil.

“That’s like my sweet Ragu di.” He, childishly while pulling her cheeks, lightly.

“Oh really? Then, what about this gorgeous princess?” Swara, limping towards them.

“What r u doing here? Forgot, what I said, don’t u dare to get out of the bed, now go n take rest. I’ve already informed to ur office, so no excuses.” Ragini, sternly.

“Ok..ok. At least don’t treat me like a prisoner, I can’t stay quiet, at a place for a day long, so have a pity on this innocent soul, momma bear.” Swara, cutely.

“Ha…ha…innocent soul, what a joke. At least speak something sensible some times ladybug, always bak..bak..” He, imitating her.

“Oh! shut up n take my blessing as well, u need strong blessing as well with a mild.” Swara, dramatically.

“Oh! yeah.” He taking her blessing.

“Thats like my good boy.” Swara, cheerily.

“Taru, do well n don’t take stress. I know u’ll do good n I love u n trust u always. Come fast.” Ragini.

“Oh! momma bear stop ur ranting or else baby bear will go out of his self. N yeah, do well n make me feel proud, understood?” Swara, comically.

“Ok dearies. Bye n prepare for the party, I don’t want to do anything after coming back to home.” He, running out of the house.

Ragini looked back at her brother’s running figure with her thudding heart.

“Rags, I’ve completed a report on Akhil Solanki’s real, undercover face with needed proofs as well, but I need to submit all those to our MD.” Swara, in a low tone.

“Dont take so much of tension, everything will be alright.” Ragini, giving her a positive nod.

“I need to submit all original proofs. Should I send him?” Swara, confused.

“Yeah.” Ragini, with a gentle smile.

Swara left for her room convinced while Ragini left there in the hall, in the world of her nagging thoughts n dark instincts.

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Credit to: RSR

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