SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 8)

“Oh! heaven! how much I was waiting for this moment, to get u in my hold, from a long, girl.” He, huskily while pulling her more closer.

“What r u doing? Leave me, u scoundrel.” She, struggling in his hold.

“So, u want me to explain what I’m doing? Really?” He, in a deep husky tone while sliding his hands on her back, intensely.

She was sweating profusely in his unbearable actions. Its something she is not used to with. Someone, this close to her, that also a beast in the human outer, doing unpleasant things, without her consent. Her whole body was plastered to his impossibly as his hold tightened more with the time n her all efforts to come out of his hold failed, completely.

“Look, u r going out of ur limits, I’m warning u…” She, going out of breath.

“Wow! perfect! u r sounding much better MISS RAGINI GADODIA. U know what, ur breathlessness is poking on my desires n tempting me more. U r making me hard girl, it’s really difficult to control the urge to have u right here, right now until u knock out of ur last breath n surrender urself, completely, to me.” He, intensely.

“U r wasting ur time on me. Just go on with ur own n leave us, don’t try to play with lives.” She, hagardly.

His look changed a little bit n intensity in his eyes deepened, some unknown shade covered his self. His one hand let go of her waist n travelled up to her face.

“I don’t leave anything in the middle n about u, u r not an excusable matter girl, because u’ve poked into my self respect, u slapped me n more of that u ignited the fire of desires inside me that I never felt in my life till now, I can’t see anyone beyond u, now u r the only one who can give me the peace I need n soothe my burning desires, n no one else.” He, seriously while trailing over her face with his fingers n finally stopped on her lips, “As u have activated me all, I need something very badly to have a little control over self, know?” He, sheepishly.

Her face dulled seeing his eyes stuck on her lips, fiercely n she felt a danger n a great need to stop the beast in his move.

“How can a f*****d like u could go beyond that thought, right? U know what, whatever u r estimating urself from a long, but u r not more than a male escort, sleeping with women without knowing them properly, in the exchange of pleasure, for which u can go to any length, even behave like a wild dog, attacking n jumping on anywhere for his need. N u r talking about respect, right? Which respect? This one, which is showing ur desperation to have a control over a girl, who showed u ur true face n right place by slapping u for ur malicious actions few days back? Sorry to disappoint u but I’d like to correct u, the Respect u r talking about isn’t there in u a bit n that was a ocean of ego only that I had hurt.” She, critically.

His hold loosened on her completely n a stilly shadow entered inside him. She again gave him a tight slap with heart cold bitter words of her right on his face n with a great intensity. His posture turned around but then stopped n she felt a need to go out of there, away from his dark shadow. She took a step ahead n then, locked in a painful hold of the beast that a moan escaped her mouth. He twisted her hand n placed them back while pulling her closer to him.

“When u’ve already showed me my real face n right place, I think it’s a waste to create n pretend all this nonsense, so let’s come to the point straight, I need u in my bed within 48 hours, u go against n be ready to face the consequence.” He, in the stilly tone.

“U r warning me? Then just go to hell. I’m not afraid of a loon head like u. I know how to deal with ur kind.” She, in a cut n cold tone.

“As u r really having a great observation about me, I think u really have an idea to how much length I can go for my hunt.” He, in a deep gravel tone.

“I don’t need to…”

“How was Swara’s accident happened? That car she was talking about, where did that came from? N all of a sudden, me, the superstar, who hardly go for anyone’s help only when there is something for me, how did I came there in the picture of helping ur sister?” He described the exact scenes she was thinking about.

“I knew that, u r behind all this, right?” She, sharply.

“U r really brilliant girl. Know one more thing, now as u know me quite well, this all orphanage stuffs n being a gentleman is just my little moves to make a way in ur life through ur beautiful sister Swara n see the fright, helplessness n defeat in ur pricey eyes. But, now, no more. I need this all to get an end, perfect end.” He, in the same tone.

“I can only advice u one thing, come out of ur reel world, this is a real world.” She flung the words in a mock.

“Be ready to discover some new advices for self.” He, in the equal tone.

She stood still as he left her alone n stepped out of there but her head buzzed up with an intuition about some unknown storms to barge in their life, very soon.

He is on the backseat of his car drowning deep inside the world of stinging thoughts. He left her house without having lunch or even asking for leave, in an utter rage. Her each n every words were still ringing inside his head creating a burning n suffocating environment for him inside the AC car.

“What is she? She always poked at my self esteem n I couldn’t do anything except losing my cool n acting something stupid. She is getting into my nerves, slowly n I cant let this happen, I wont. I’ve to come out of her charm, anyhow, very soon. I’m a born winner n this time I’ve to win anyhow. I want that pricey sack of girl with a defeated look, under my control, completely.” He cried out maniacally.

Giri, who was sitting beside him, checking on his day’s schedule jerked up on his place hearing sudden blast.

“I WANT HER. Giri, I want her anyhow. Do whatever but make her come to me by herself within 48 hours.” He, seriously.

“Yes, Sir.” Giri, with an assuring nod.

“Now, I’ll show u who m I, start countdown MISS RAGINI GADODIA.” He, gravely.

Thank u so much for reading.

Hey guys, I think u know I’m going on with 3 storys n its really difficult for me to be regular with a particular one as I’m a 2nd yr student n I’ve to focus on my studies as well, so I’m thinking of giving it an end, soon, hope u’ll understand. Dont worry there is many more to come out but I’ll add some leaps of times as well.


Credit to: RSR

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