SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 7)


Chapter 18
Chapter 22

As its the weekend as well as month’s end, n her holiday, she went out with her brother to buy household stuffs. She came back to home marketing quickly as Swara was in the house, alone. As soon as she reached her house, her heart began to pound in some not so good suspicions seeing a crowd outside her house gate. Instantly her steps broke into a run tearing the crowd, to see what is actually happening there. But to her surprise she saw few men restraining the crowd to stormed inside her house’s premise.

‘What r they doing here?’ Her mind buzzed up.

Finding her there, out of no where his PA, came running, to her side n took her with him, acting as a guide.

“What r u doing here?” She, confused.

“My duty.” He, casually.

His answers pulled her more inside the dark well n she just ran towards the main door leaving him there. As she reach the door n got that lock from inside, she felt another level of fright n ringed the bell n beat on the door, maniacally.

The door opened n there she got the man with the lusty gaze n leery smile. Her temper raised to its peak seeing his observing ill eyes, stalking overall her profile maintaining his smile n eyes.

‘He was inside the house…with Swara n the door was locked…’ A tinge of fear gripped her mind n his real face flashed on her vision.

“Swara! Swara!!…” She run inside, shoving him off her way n stormed inside her sister’s room, hastily.

“Swara!!! What happened? Whats this all?…” Ragini, sat beside the lying posture of Swara n checked on her forehead, pulse rate in a second.


Swara was about to explain everything when he entered inside there wearing a gentle look, n all the feelings of ‘disaster’ running around Ragini’s mind burst out,

“Had he done anything wrong with u? Tell me, don’t be afraid, I’m here with u. Tell me whatever he did….” Ragini, infuriated.

“No…Rags, please calm down. Sanskar only helped me, nothing else.” Swara, in a low voice while avoiding the gaze.

“What? Help??” Ragini, shocked n confused.

“If u don’t have any problem then I can explain u Rags.” He interrupted in between, sounding too much strange to her ear.

“Oh really? But Mr Sanskar Maheswari, the superstar, I’m talking to my sister n I think she should answer my question, n no one else. Well, being a GENTLEMAN, no doubt u must have learned the lessons of mannerisms n follow them in life also, I think. So, if u can excuse us, sisters.” Ragini, spat the words on his face, critically.

His face covered with a serious expression for a moment n then a sheepish smile lingered on the corner of his lips.

“Ok, I’ll be in the hall, then, Rags…”

“Ragini Gadodia.” She cut him off.

“Yeah. MISS RAGINI GADODIA.” He in the same tone as hers.

“Sanskar, it’s ok, u can stay here. Rags, listen to me, I’m the reason of my this condition, not him. He only helped me. Actually, today is the foundation day of The Little Angels orphanage n Sanskar recently became a trusty to the orphanage n he was invited there as a chief guest n I knew that, that’s y I took a leave today. I was on my way when a car overtook my scooty n I lost my control over, nothing serious happened other than some mere scratches. Thank god! Sanskar came there, as an angel n took me here, called the doctor n now I’m alright.” Swara, with a lot of humbleness towards him.

Ragini’s eyes shot back at him with a clear suspicion n then back to Swara.

“So, u hid this from me, right? Now, be ready for the punishment?” Ragini, sternly.

“Actually, not her fault completely, I had invited her there. So, this is also my fault, me too need to be punished by u.” He, faking his innocence.

Swara was overwhelmed hearing him, where Ragini fumed knowing his real face.

“Yeah, ur no. will definitely come next, just do a little wait.” Ragini, intently.

Sanskar stood there, maintaining the sombre n sorry look on his face.

“Oh! I haven’t ask him anything in all this. Pardon me please, but would u like to be our guest, Sanskar n please dont fake some no formality n all excuses. Rags is best in cooking n all, so please accept a thanks of gratitude from our side, be our guest for a day.” Swara, holding her startled sister’s hand n looking towards him with a lot of hope.

“I’d love to accept ur hospitality but I wish to hear this from someone else also as she will be the one having lot of difficulties in satisfying this guest.” He, intently.

Her face scrunched up understanding his double meaning n a shade deepen on her face. She was on the verge of blast out any moment but seeing her dear sister’s requesting cute face, her inner self restrained her to do so.

“It would be grateful if u join us for the lunch, today.” She flung the words bluntly.

“R u sure? I mean is it ok for u to have me here? Hope, u r not saying this because of Shona?” He, stressing on the words.

Her heart caught in some unknown fears hearing Shona from his mouth. He is giving her a clear messages n getting into her nerves.

“Yeah. It’ll be a great pleasure for us to have u as a guest for a lunch.” She, acting cool all of a sudden.

His eyes stilled on her for a moment in disbelieve n then an unknown smile creased on his lips.

“I would love to join u even in the dinner n have all the pleasure of ur hospitality as well. So, its done.” He, giving her a victorious smile.

“Momma bear, I love u.” Swara muttered n Ragini gave her a pat on her head, lightly, “Well, where is baby bear? He was with u, right?”

“Oh gosh! I left him outside in the havoc of my mind. He must be there within the crowd.” Ragini ran to go out but stopped in her moves as a hand caught her hand in a midway.

Her eyes narrowed with the bile of rage, fury n disgust as she saw his face, cruel, disgusted n arrogant face came in front of her with his real intention on the cover of genuine feelings n gentleness.

“Don’t worry, Giri will get him inside.” He, in an assuring tone.

“Thank u so much.” She jerking her hands off his hold, “N please, clear the crowd outside my premise as well.”

“Anything for u.” He whispered near her ear n went out of the room, busied himself on some call.

There is no crowd, outside, now. His expensive transports as well as bodyguards left the place, creating an illusion of him being with them, left the place.

Though she was doing the preparations for the lunch but her full focus was only on the recent happenings.

‘What should I do? He is not a good man but he is pretending to be good in front of Swara. He is targeting on Swara to just to get over my nerve, just to have me for his satisfaction, just to soothe his ego which I had hurt. But, now he is going too much inside in his moves n I cant take a risk to uncover his real face here, right now, in his presence because then the situation will be something else. He will come out with his real face which is really ugly. God! y u do this always with us? Was that moron creating less of the troubles in our life so u send a new?’

“Di! where r u lost?” Tarang’s voices get her out of her thoughts.

“Y r u here? Didn’t u get that what I said? I said u to be there in Shona’s room with her.” Ragini, annoyed.

“What should I do di? She is giving me killer looks to get me out of her room.” He, childishly.

“So what? Just go n be with her.” She, irritated.

He went out of the kitchen, confused with her this unusual behavior.

Her head occupied n heated up with all the negative probabilities from the new found enemy of her life. Suddenly, she felt someone’s presence behind her.

“Taru, didn’t u understa…”

She turned around only to found him in front of her, in his real self. N in the next moment, without giving her a time to get the situation well, his hand slid around her petite waist, swiftly n pulled her.

“Oh! heaven! how much I was waiting for this moment, to get u in my hold, from a long, girl.” He, huskily while pulling her more closer.
To be continued…

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