SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 6)


The night with a dark sight. The moon is totally hiding in itself, just like him. He is standing at the balcony of his 2 storey beautiful building built by using white marbles n bulletproof glasses everywhere, far away from all the crowd n disturbance of the city, deep inside the world of his own, where there is no place for any pretense n where he could be himself. His all focus for now was only on the accident matter. The words continuously buzzing inside his mind…

‘…u r a public figure…There can be an accident, death, kidnapping or something…’

‘Who can be behind this? Yeah, I can’t take it easily. There r many enemies, looking for chance to get rid of me, in this way. **** I’m also confused among them, who could be it?’

“Sir, here is the details about Gadodia sisters.” PA.

“Yeah, whats in it?” He drawing his attention on the matter.

“Miss Swara Gadodia, age 21, a news reporter by profession n a big fan of urs. She is a brave n bold girl. N most important She is related to Akhil Solanki…”

“How??” The name pulled his all sense.

“Actually Sir, they were in relationship, he was obsessed with her n tried a real hard to get her, n in the process they lost their parents.” PA in a low voice.

He shot a plain look at his PA n quirked up his eyebrows a little.

“We don’t have much proofs but according to the sources their parents died in a car accident, which is actually a preplanned by Akhil, n the girls had filed a murder n harassment case against him but it was left undecided or say it never come out in the light, he come out of it without any obstacle n is behind her, still.” PA.

“Then what about other one?” He, curiously as he was having a thought of her being that man’s trap but reality was something else.

“The elder one, Ragini Gadodia, age23, works as a part time lecturer in the A.C.Collage n a permanent teacher in a reputed Boarding School…”

“Don’t u think it’s a bit indigestible to hear a 23yrs girl as an college lecturer?” He, interrupting in the middle.

“Actually Sir, she was a gold medalist in physics, in her batch, a bright student. That is the reason she was called there n appointed as an part time lecturer as soon as she cleared her M.Sc. with distinction.” PA.

“PHYSICS???” His face scrunched up in a clear disinterest.

“Yes sir. She is the guardian of the house. She has a younger brother, little one of the family n pampered one, Tarun Gadodia, a 1st year mechanical student.”

“Whats the connection between her n Akhil?” He, instantly.

“She was the main reason of his failed attempts in getting Swara. Actually, the day their parents left for the temple, they used her car, where there was a bomb already planted in n as a result they died, in her place.” PA.

“So, that was Akhil Solanki.” He let out a cut n cold words, narrowing his gaze.

Something unpleasant entered inside his features, which he felt clearly.

Its a late night, but still, she was unable to sleep as something hellacious was running on inside her thick skull, some possibilities of a stormy happenings. The wild thoughts of his being too much descent, gentle n friendly with Swara n showing real face to her was really something to get her worried about n she was doing it really right now.

‘Oh god! please show some mercy on us, be with my siblings n protect them always from the evils.’ She closed her eyes only to revive the devil faces of her life.

She stepped out of her room n went inside her sister’s room, only to get welcomed by the kingdom of darkness. There were darkness everywhere, just like in her mind but then her sense drag her to something,

‘Swara is not a girl, used to with darkness, she always prefer to be in a light even in her sleep, that’s y there r many light bulbs in her rooms, wall light, table lamp, dim light including a disco light, n her ceiling was all occupied with glowing stars n moon n her bedside wall, with a picture of the three siblings attached with the lights around n which always used to gleam, drawing everyone’s attention in the room, were all dead, except glowing stars n moon on the ceiling. Her impulse sense took the control over her n she ran in the dark to the switchboard without bothering for the hurdles in the way n fell down on the hard surface colliding with something.

“Ahh…” A moan escaped her mouth n a sharp cry followed her n in the next instant everything came into the view.

“R u alright di?” Tarun, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m alright but what r u doing here?” Ragini, composing herself.

“To spoil my beauty sleep.” Swara shot in a stinging tone.

“What? N by the way, y did u turn off ur lights, hmm?” Ragini, confused.

“Ask ur dear baby bear, I’m warning u Tad, dare do this again or I’ll show u what is the real prank..” Swara, infuriated.

“So, that was u, behind all the mischief right?” Ragini, somewhat relieved.

“SORRY.” He, with a puppy face.

Ragini let out a sigh n a small smile broke on her lips seeing the sight of trembling figure of her angry sister n the heart melting antics of her brother.

“OK, now leave it, just go to sleep. Its too late.” Ragini, in a heavy tone.

“Yeah..yeah, momma bear, I know everything very well, stop shielding him n put some sense inside his empty head or else I’ll really do something very bad.” Swara blurt out outraged.

“Ok..ok, Taru u go to ur room n I don’t want something like this again, got it?” She, bit strictly.

“Yeah di. Love u n goodnight.” He, ran out of the hell, giving her a peck on her cheek.

She smiled while other one inside there was still fuming in anger.

“Its a clear partiality, u always support him.” Swara complained with a pout.

“I accept it, but there is nothing like partiality. I pamper him because he is the little one of the family n he needed that.” Ragini, calmly.

“N what about me, I’m also a little princess of the family.” Swara, in the same tone.

“Oh god! please, be a deaf for a moment than hearing such stupid talks.”

Swara’s anger rose to other level hearing his comment again.

“Taru, what r u doing here?” Ragini, bit tensed.

“Just to do something important.” He approaching towards them.


Swara was about to blast when he pecked on her flushed cheek.

“Goodnight ladybug.” He ran out of there, giving a cute smile.

All anger evaporated with that n a small smile creased on Swara’s lips, while Ragini left amused by the sight.

A conference hall, with 5 persons there where 4 were sitting on the chairs n one, a man in black, looking like an employer, was standing right in front of the glass wall sneaking behind it.

“Sir, India is a great market for our business to expand but there r many tough competitors as well. It’ll not easy for us to make a place in the fashion world.” Employee 1.

“U r fired Gwen.” He, without turning his face.

“But, Sir…” Gwen, startled.

“I want actions, not assumptions, n when someone speaks about failure without giving a try, I’d like to keep them away from my appearance, got it?” The man in a rude tone.

“Yes Sir.” Gwen in a low tone.

“Sir, Bollywood is a grand n best way to enter into Indian household. We r working on the many other fields for it n I suggest Mumbai, as a right place for setting up a branch of LKFT.” employee2.

“So?” He.

“Sir, we r trying our best to deal with a construction company.” Employer3.

“Since?” He.

“3 months Sir.” Employer 4.

“In other words, u guys r failing continuously from 3 months, just to deal with this matter n giving me lame excuses here, right?” He, finally turned around.

A handsome face filled with arrogance, rudeness n stillness, gelled up hair shining perfectly, n the black suit perfectly defining his physique adding on his personality, more.

“I want a result, soon. If I wont get it in a month then u 4 will be out of this industry, clear?” He, gravely, putting his hand inside his pant pocket.

“Yes Sir.” Everyone in a low tone.

“Now, leave.” He, turning his back to them n going back to his former position.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I’ll never blackout, the game is still on…” He, reminiscing something.

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Credit to: RSR

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