SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 3)


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Episode 2

She went to the balcony, cursed him for a long, her every muscles stretched n reflexed in anger.

‘How dare him? That sick, stupid, shit head of scoundrel touched me, how dare him? Really, I have to do something for him too.’

She came to the party hall, after composing herself n her hearty wish to burn out all the crowd of lusters present there.

“Sweetheart, r u ok?”

A voice hit her from back, it’s Akhil Solanki, man of disguise. Her temper activated by hearing his disgusting tone, her sharp glance worked enough to express about her hearty wish, at the moment, to him.

“Oh..oh.. don’t look at me like that, I want a pure relationship between us as I’m solely interested in ur sister so don’t come in between us. N yeah, if u really can’t control urself seeing me then I don’t have any problem to please u but my love for my jaan will never….”

“Just shut the hell up u blo*dy scoundrel n dare say something like that in front of me.” She almost going out of control, “Love n u, what a joke Mr? N yeah, stay away from my family or else it’ll be not good for u.” She in a serious tone.

“Oh god, please don’t do anything to me…” He acted like if shivering in fear, “Miss, I know u r a teacher by profession, that’s y ur talks r also seems like a lecture but u know what I hate it, especially when it came out of the mouth of a woman as there is only one thing which suits their mouth n them…” His eyes swirled in a mischief, “…sweet screams n wild moans, in the bed, beneath a hard body of a man.”

“I knew that, ur shitty head could only think like that.” She in a disgusting tone.

“What else u have presumed about myself dea..?” He, coming close to her.

“U’ll get to know very soon Mr.” She in a challenging tone.

“I’ll wait for that moment, then.”

He smiled wickedly at her n left the place looking somewhere. Her eyes scanned around, to diverting the aching mind but it’s raised to some other level seeing the disgusting acts in an open environment.

‘How cheap peoples? Their clothes n wealth can never able to hid their true colours. How they r gathering here to fulfill their fleshy desires, pretending like a gentleman outside n here, showing their real face now. ‘ A disgusted feeling oozed from inside her as the lusty gazes r equally on her body also.

At last, party gets over. She felt exhausted by the end of the party. She stepped inside the changing room, locked the door properly n her hands instantly went for unbuttoning the shirt but stopped seeing the man, the so-called superstar of the days, inside there, facing her with an evil smile.

“What r u doing here?” She, controlling the rage to kick the man on his weak point for barging inside the room without any emergency n decency.

“I was waiting for u but seems like u r eager than me.” He, playfully while approaching forward towards her, looking at her front with his greedy eyes.

“Stop on ur track man. Don’t u have any other work? Y r u wasting ur time, just go n do ur work.” She, coldly.

“So u too don’t like to waste time, right? Ok then, let’s go out n get into some actions, what’s say?” He slid his hand around her soft, curvy waist n pulled her little closer.

Her head buzzed up with his nonsense.

“S..L..A..P..” He felt a thunder on his right cheek, a blasting sound echoed inside the room.

“Enough, or need some more actions?” She, sharply looking deep into a red, fiery eyes with her equal one.

The slap directly hurt in his ego n the sound resonated inside his impulsive mind. He took a step further n grabbed the front of her shirt n pulled her near him. Her heart stopped beating for some time n she felt life out of her body.

“U will pay for this slap miss. I’ll make ur life hell. What u think of urself, hmmm? U r nothing miss, u even don’t have a class to just stand in front of me, ok.” He flung the words dangerously.

“If so then, what r u doing here? Y r u behaving like a dog around a bone? Just go….” She was interrupted in the middle as a hand grabbed her hair from back.

“Don’t u dare to talk to me like that, get that, n yeah, for ur kind information, now u’ll come to know very soon, how big trouble u have invited, messing up with this Sanskar Maheswari. Be ready miss, to become my bedmate, I’ll see how much u can hold onto ur this attitude, I’ll break it down into pieces, just like ur body. Start countdown for the hell miss, I’ll make it really difficult n hard for u to live ur life n even asked for giving it an end.” He in a grave voice.

She stared down at his one hand, which is still on her front, near her sensitive area, a heat of rage passed through her veins. She pushed him away using all her might n he jerked away by her sudden force but composed himself within seconds n a smirked looking at her irritated, outraged, blood shot face.

“Try to adjust urself, it’s nothing, u have to go through more than this girl, so keep it as my free example of ur upcoming life.” He, smirked at her.

“Be in ur limit man, n don’t try to mess with me. Just go with ur own or else it’ll not be good for u n stop predicting others future, focus on ur own. Who knows what can happen next? N u r a public figure, there r many fans n companions around u but how many of them r genuine, do u have any idea? There can be an accident, death, kidnapping or something, that can happen with u, so concentrate on that n leave others life for them.” She, in a warning tone.

“U r making me crazy to have u in my arms, here right now, girl. I’m sure it’ll be a great fun to play with a wild deer but I’ll wait for some more, let’s play little more with the hunt.” He came close to her, with a wicked smile lingering on his lips n leaned towards her.

She stood there still, if challenging the tall, looming figure over her. He let out a deep husky laugh seeing her stubbornness.

“U r really SomeOne to be devour by me, as soon as possible as u r making me real hard n tempting my desires with ur extra actions, girl. I really want to know however, ur body also worked wildly or it’s only ur mouth.”

He flung the word in whisper, over her face n left the room behind, with a outraged, infuriated girl inside.


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Credit to: RSR

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