SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 24)

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Standing at the same spot, pondering over the decision he made to come over here for a while now, he finally made a move to open the door to let him slide in. Stepping inside the unwelcoming territory of his prickly enemy, his eyes confronted by the empty chair behind the neatly arranged desk.

“I knew, you’d come.”

And that unpleasantly familiar voice greet him.

His eyes followed the source of the voice with his steps and halted. He stood beside the brooding frame of man, in front of the magnificent glasswall watching outside. And like that, standing side by side, they stare outside down in silence.

“We used to outline the world standing at the top of the buldings. Do you remember?” Lucky questioned, but then add, “Well, I don’t wonder if you forgot.”

Letting out a snicker and not waiting for a second more He motioned for his empty seat.

“You see I’m a busy man. You have 10 minutes. Whatever is there just get through with it.” He said tapping on his wristwatch.

But the other end kept mum taking his time.

“I see. You don’t have much.” Mumbling dismissal at the silence that filled in Lucky pull out a pile of files from under the desk.

“Stay away from Ragini.” Breaking the silence Sanskar let out the words finally in uttermost distaste and distinctive warning. “You want to fight me. Fight me. There is nothing to pull her in between our enmity.”

Lucky stopped picking on the files and look over to the person still standing in front of the glasswall watching outside.

“You are a fool if you think I’ll stop on your silly threats.” A wry smile played on his lips. “I’m just doing what I’ve to do. Its not my fault that she thinks of Me, to lean on. And being a gentleman, I can’t push her away when she needs a shoulder for comfort. The point here is, She’s the one who is holding onto Me. She Needs Me.”

A hint of smirk in it didn’t go unnoticed by sharp hearing of Sanskar. A deep sigh left as he turned around to meet with a pair of mischievous eyes.

“You’re playing dirty, Lucky.”

“There never were any rules.”

“She is my wife now.” He deadpanned.

An empty chuckle rung on the other side and seized.

“That’s why, she can’t get out of this mess. Between Us. Certainly.”

Their glare left any hint of warmth. Coldness dropped down to an impossible degree. Steps motioned towards Lucky and halted in front of him.

“I don’t know, what do you think of her as, but I’m Very Very Serious about Her. I’ve gone to the extend just to get Her.” Leaning down to eye level Sanskar stressed out the words intensely. “What I’m saying is, just keep the fight between Us. If you drag her in this, then it’ll get ruthless. Because, I’ll go reckless then.”

“I’m scared. Really” Lucky shifted in his position chuckling lowly. “But then, I want you to make all your efforts when you fight me back. Its not like I’ve never seen your worst, it’s just I want to know how much lower you could go to. So, do your best.”

“Trust me, you’ll see the new depths.”

With that Sanskar straightened up.

“I’ve made myself clear. Then.” Throwing an icy glare Sanskar turn to leave.

“Good luck. You will need it.” Lucky uttered loudly making Sanskar to halt in his moves. “Truth to be told, the one for whom you want to go reckless in this war will be by my side, ironically. So, save my wishes.”

Sanskar shut his eyes huffing.

“She doesn’t like me doesn’t mean you’re welcome there in her heart.”

“Last time I checked, she was wearing my ring. Now I think, more or less, I’m likeable to her than you. Who knows if I hit on the right nerve, she’d run back to me!”

Gloominess crossed his face for a split second.

“Dream! All you want. It’ll never gonna be happen. Ever.” He resumed his moves but then stopped. “And by the way, the world we used to outline never was this dirty, and the height we stood then was much lower.”

His POV.

“Got it…Yeah…Do it like that Mark…”

‘Mr Maheswari, you can’t disclose something like this so suddenly.’

‘Media will make it a hype.’

‘95% of your fans are female population and they will surely not take it favourably. To be honest, with the low performances of your last two releases and lack of cooperation, your career is at question and only way to revive it is one success that your next release can possibly be. Just wait some more. You can’t afford to lose your audience right now.’


Today’s not the day after all. How the hell did it happen? Aah I can’t believe it. Management butted in my decision. If I’ve never regretted choosing this field in my life, I am right now. Very badly. How pathetic! I can’t do what I wish.


I bawled. And bawled some more. But the frustration wouldn’t stop to build. This was the third time in 5 minutes car ride that I lost my cool.

“I can’t believe that management is meddling in my personal affairs. My fuc*ing business. Aaiii…shhh.” I try to vent out the thunder roiling inside. “Are’nt you going to say anything? Giri!”

Giri who was no more busy with the call, shift in his place and gave me a calm look. Speaking of calmness. This man has it a lot. And it irritates me sometimes. Like right now. Because I don’t have it.

“I guess it’s better for your career right now Sir.” He suggests at last.


I couldn’t think anything except pulling my hair out, frustrated. My mind occupied with the thought of smirking lucky and his challenge.

‘She’s the one who’s holding onto Me. She Needs Me.’

Blood drains in vains.

‘Truth to……..the one for whom you want to go reckless will be by my side.’

I see red hot fury.

‘If I hit on the…….she’d run back to Me.’


‘He is the one genuine person I have got in my life. I will not stop meeting him. Never for someone like you.’

I can’t be so sure.

Will she do that? With my baby growing inside of her, could she still be able to carry out her relationship with that good for nothing bastard?

“Will she leave me to go to that bastard? Do you think she can do it, Giri?” I mutter my crawling suspicion.

“You shouldn’t think like that Sir. She’s your wife now.”


“She doesn’t think like that.”

Will she ever?

“Actually, something come up suddenly Sir.”

I feel something wrong hearing the gravity in Giri’s tone.

“Miss Madhvi Gill is at your place.” Giri pause for a second. “And she met…”

“Get Her Out Of There. Quick.”

Its really not my day.

Her POV.

Shona pulled her hair in a braid and look in the mirror, then freed it. Again. And again. I watch the boring repetition of the act with no other choice. Thank god, she didn’t experiment on my hair too much and grace it in a pointed bun.

“Done.” After a whole lot of redos she let out a satisfied remark.


My body screamed for relief by the time, I stretched my muscles to relieve stiffness. Somehow, that torturous phase of getting ready is over now but thinking of going out with Shona is something else. Oh how I wish I would have done something to stop this from happening. Though it would have of no use but I should have denied it when she demanded to go out for dinner. So much for that hunger strike. Uff!

“Shall we go now.” I suggest sickly.

“Mommabear, wait no. I still have things to do. Just 5 minutes. I’ll be right back. You don’t move.” Shouting loads in a single breath she ran into the bathroom.

Oh goodness! Her 5 minutes means forever.

I jogged around all dolled up in a pretty dress and nice shoes. Its already 8. And all of a sudden I started to feel hunger building up.

“Its you, isn’t it?” Brushing my hand on my belly I smiled.

He is growing day by day. Its amazing that I could feel it. I stood in front of the mirror and found myself glaring at my own reflection. My hands sliding over the protruding belly covered in velvety smoothness, proudly. Now I think of it, this brown velvet gown doesn’t look bad at all. It hugged my body tenderly from every side. I don’t know how did she manage to get this dress but it felt actually comfortable. It has done a great job so my belly doesn’t look weird either.

By the way, I’m hungry.

“You’re giving a hard time to your momma, junior.”

I chuckled on my own self. I’ve managed to develop self talking during this pregnancy and it sometimes creep out the others.

“Its a good thing to know that I’m not the only one having a hard time here.”

That voice was enough for wiping off my smile clear. I did not have to make any effort to ignore him as the next thing I know, He was standing behind me closely. He lean over to my side, his eyes locked with mine in the mirror.

“Look at yourself. Your hairstyle, this dress, shoes and this unmistakable glow. Isn’t it perfect? Umhh… but then, why don’t it make you look like one?”

I was taken aback when his intense sputtering end up on a different note and rather stoic. Am I disappointed?

“Whatever you think.” I shrugged.

“Well, I’m here to make it up.”

His lips tug up in a smirk as our eyes met. I couldn’t get what’s the evil he is setting this time until his hand grasped mine over my belly and guide it over there. And with a dramatic turn the little beast inside me kick up right that moment making me lean back on him for support. His hands snaked around me over my belly instantly. But I’ve no time to think it over. Regardless, I smiled out this pleasurable pain. Motherhood growing more.

“Let go.” I pushed his hands off.

When I looked up he was gaping me with that weird glaze. Did I loss something here?


“How did you know we’re going out?” He fend innocence.

“Why would I go out anywhere with you?” I waved my hand and, gasped. “Where Is My Ring?”

Oh god! Oh god! I couldn’t have lost it. It belongs to Lucky. I need to give it back to him. Where do I look to? I’ve no knowledge of putting it anywhere in the first place.

“Now you look perfect.”

Why not, after all it’s your dream to see me miserable.

“Do I care?” I shot him a glare between looking through the drawers.

I look over the stand, inside the cupboard, under the mattress.


I checked every drawer two times. But in vain. What do I do now? I paced around and looked every corner, though I don’t have any idea of placing it anywhere.

“I Said Stop.” He stood in front of me looking slightly angry.

“You won’t understand. Just go away.” I push passed him.

Where do I look now? Where?

“Whats the big deal in losing that ring?” His question stopped me completely. I turn around to face him. “I will buy you new one.”

“You have it, don’t you?”

He look at me impassively, quiet. And I was no more suspicious but sure. Brute has it. And all this while when I almost lost my sanity, he just watched standing like a rock.

“Give it back.” I demand.

“I Will.”

Without wasting another second he walk out the door, without giving back the ring but one thing, he sounded promising.

Her POV.

“This way please.”

The man escort us up the stairs. I follow his leads with Shona beside me, unsurely. It was her idea to tag me along for the complementary dinner she got for her service but since the moment we reach our destination, it felt quite out of the place. It was an expensive restaurant and for a complementary shot this place is quite…uhm. I couldn’t afford to visit this place for meals also in my dreams. Thinking about the purpose we came for, we’ve already pass the tables below. Now heading towards the oblivion it feels somewhat uncanny.

“This is the restaurant, right?” I question lowly my suspicion.

“Why, does not it look like one to you?”

This girl can’t answer simple thing without being irritating.

“You know better things than staring holes on me.”

Well, I know better than to react on this. The marbled wall seems better to focus on. We were walking through the passage now.

Our escort halt in front of a flashy looking door. Opening the door wide open the man gesture us to get in.

“North Valley is delighted to have you, Mam. Please enjoy your vision. We’ll be on your service certainly.” He bowed courteously and vanished outside.

The sweet smelling engulfed us dearly even before stepping inside the crystal room. It was comfortably wide and tidy. The ginormous glass wall stood in a way presenting the beautiful sight of the glowing city. Shona was awed, I could tell by the look on her face. But what got my focus was the arrangement of the table on the center with five chairs around.

“Shona, don’t you think it’s really an extraordinary treat for an intern?”

“You know what, your sister has qualifications. I’m best at what I do. Now, come here see how beautiful it looks out there. And stop thinking around.”

I can’t stop thinking. Something doesn’t feel right here…

“Isn’t it wonderful!”

And I was right.

“I’m not too late, am I?”

There he stood like a rock. The brute. Oh! I can’t place this feeling. His smile speak volumes. That blood boiling smile. I knew it from the beginning, something isn’t right. And see, what was wrong. Shona stilled in her place, mouth agape.

“What are you doing here?” She boggled in middle of confusion and anger.

“Your rock head sponsor.” I answered for him.

She shut her eyes in pure anger.

“Why are you so crooked? Why can’t you do anything simply?” Shona question so softly, her patience hanging by a thread.

His reaction was like him, unwavering.

“That’s me.” He shrugged it off like nothing as his daunting eyes fixed on me, I felt it strip me off with its intensity. “And there’s more to it, so keep your horses on check.”

Now what’s the evil he has in store for us?

Well, we don’t have to wait another second as the large wooden door open and slide in,


His steps faltered as his eyes scan the whole situation and finally fixed on us. A slight confusion still in there as he greet us.

“You’re here?” I ask.

His arrival was out of the proportion. It just jumble up the things. Hows is he here?

“You messaged me.”


And it didn’t take a brilliant to know who messaged him using my cellphone as our eyes zeroed on the culprit. The brute. And his reaction was, an annoying smirk.

“When we’ve already gathered here then why don’t we sit!” Lucky proposed the idea wryly.

I obliged with others, halfheartedly. Lucky pull out the chair for me but I was held back by a bundle of muscle.

“Sister in law, please be seated.”

My heart skip a beat. I look back at Shona who complied to him without any complain and slid in the seat. I felt sorry for Lucky as I look at his face but he shrug it off and sat on the chair next to Shona. Most Miraculous Moment. That’s what I could think of.

On the round table HE sat by my left where on my right was Shona and lucky was across but there was a chair between two men.

“I think we’re only four here.” Shona grumbled out my thought looking at the vacant chair.

“Well, we’re still expecting a special guest.”

“Guest?” Her interest spiked with this information.

On a queue, the door open followed by a gentle knock and the man who escorted us here, again show up there with that awaited guest.

“Its you.” Shona’s interest blew out in a second.

“Please come, join us.”

HE jumped out of his chair and guide her to the table cheerily. Come on, there’s no need do this things in front of us. Such a show off.

Her reaction was same as Shona’s. Poor woman must be shocked to see her dinner-date-turn-out-to-be-some-strangers-feed. I can’t blame her, we were also victims like her.

“Hello guys.” She faked her smile.

We did the same. She sat down on that vacant chair. And an amazing thing happened. She lost her glow with that pasted smile. Lucky’s calm exterior was no more there. And the Brute’s face was glinting in smirk he own like nothing else. By the look of it, there’s something going on here without us knowing. Shona elbowed me. I know she is curious too as what’s going on.

“Let me introduce you.” HIS deep voice cut through the thick tension in the air. “This is Madhvi Gill…”

Name sounds familiar. Like my…Clinic!

She turn her focus but couldn’t maintain her expression. And being an insensitive brute he continued his useless introduction.

“Here’s My Gorgeous Wife Ragini Sanskar Maheswari.”He uttered each syllable with specific stress.


It was not a great day for this poor girl. Her eyes stare in shock.

“And we’re also expecting our first child.” He said as if there will be second or third in line.

But the poor soul was going insane with each second. As expected he didn’t see the horror filling in her cave like eyes. I jerk his hand that somehow managed to grasp mine during his ramblings. He didn’t mind and grasp it again.

“And that beautiful one is my sister in law, Swara Gaddodia.”

Shona’s blank reaction was other thing, I was shock that he completed it without being dismantle.

“Well,” His head directed towards Lucky. “Don’t you think, she look like someone you know.”

The three knows each other but no one speak, except for one.

“Come on, don’t act like strangers now.”

That’s when the hell break lose.

“Why is She here?” Lucky’s bone dry shrill take me by surprise. “If it’s your way of showing me how cheap have you become.”

Whats this now?

“That’s not how you greet your ex Lucky boy.”

OK. So that’s it.

“When you’ve dig the past then dig it correct. It ‘t me who shagged her for challenge. It was you who had a thing for Her.”

Girlfriend? Shagging? Whats going on?

“Stop it.” The sear cry cut through the air and it wasn’t it.

The poor woman stood up, on the verge of tears.

“It was really a head-on-surprise-dinner, but I’m full now. So, excuse me and please have your fun.” Without glancing back she stomp out of the sight.

Load of dramas in a single day. Hfff.

“The thing is, I was clear about everything. Whatever we did was no string attached things. But you used her and pretended of dating her.”

This is insane. Somewhat I feel pity for Madhvi. She had load of shocks just in seconds. And they were still dragging it to no point. I must stop it.

“And you know, that was a lie. For a reason.”

Lucky was loosing his sanity.

“Why exactly?” And the brute was egging him.

I try to jump in but Shona held me back with a look.

“I know what you’re doing.”

Then please get a hold on yourself, Lucky.

“Then, you probably know who am I going to bring up next.”

Though, it’s difficult.


The reaction was immediate and so not like Lucky. He looked so damn angry. I’ve to step in now because I know the other one will not stop on it.

“Shona, lets leave.” I shot out of my chair in a blink.

Reluctantly she stood up. As I look down to Lucky I couldn’t gather a word to say to him. And smile as a farewell didn’t feel good either. So I pat on his shoulder gently.

“See you.” I mumble.

“Don’t you want to know the interesting part between us?” Sanskar’s hand grabbed me so suddenly as he directed his question towards me.

I was curious. And Shona was more than me.

“I don’t. Whats the use to know how many wrong you have committed in the past.”

Everything silenced.

But it didn’t live too long because next thing I see, the chair he was sitting on went flying back.

“How’s it my fault, when she left everything behind on her own?” His eyes fixed on me.

“It was your fault. Your blo*dy fault.” Lucky jumped up now. “She left because you didn’t stop her. Loving you selflessly broke her all apart. She was devastated that’s why she left.”

“I don’t regret what I did.”

Instead of any explanation his voice sound like him. Painfully harsh.


“I don’t expect anything else.” Lucky spit in venom. “I just feel sorry for you because you could have a true meaning of life unlike now.”

With that Lucky turn his back and get out of sight.

Thank you so much for reading.

I’ll try to be quick this time guys. Have a safe and glowing Diwali.


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