SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 22)

It was the day, his eyes keep savouring with each details whether its being the fading hood of darkness melting into dusk of dawn, or, sneaking hue of a new day. Everything so fresh. So pleasant.

Night went in a blink. He couldn’t sleep after that heated conversation with her but with each passing seconds her stingy words left with a soothing assurance, now that, she was with him, finally.

The first thing in his mind, this morning, was to go and check on her but certain instinct on her part wouldn’t be delighted of having his presence in this hour stopped him from doing so. Hence he made his way to safe zone, towards his bedroom.

Not a moment passed for him and he was lifting heavy weights like cotton balls, smiling on his own like an idiot, for how long in his all not so usual state of mind in this widespread perimeter of his body wrecker gym.

“Uhm…Are you alright, Sir?”

It was only then he come back to his senses. Looking over to the source he became aware of the presence of his one and only reliable PA.

Giri was standing in a distance assessing every weird details in his boss’s activity (though a good kind of weird since it wasn’t normal to see his boss glowing in the glory of all but sweet smile, that too in this hour because for one, he wasn’t too fond of smiles and second, he wasn’t a morning person) since the time he stepped inside the gym which was half an hour ago exactly.

“Hey! Giri!! its you. Good morning buddy.” Flashing his mega watt smile he placed back the dumbbells to its place, the entire time his smile intact.

“Is something special today Sir? Because last time I checked you don’t have any early business to attend to today as you wished.” Giri inquired.

For his knowledge, Sanskar wasn’t the one to make it on time for anything unless it was for his duty call to serve him as a loyal and reliable PA since the very beginning in the industry. And to found the person in his gym instead of his king size bed in this hour all bubbly wasn’t something normal to be seen in their history.

“Well, well my friend! I’m in a mood to go pay the intensive visit to my lovely kitchen today. So, you just need to do is one thing, wait here.” He point to himself with his forefinger.

And without giving a heed to Giri’s puzzled look He stepped out of the gym, singing his heart out.

Sanskar checked for the forth time if he has placed everything in the food trolley.

“Giri! it all tastes good, right.” He asked expectantly placing fork and spoon with handkerchief, lastly.

“She will like it, Sir.” Giri answered his actual concern.

‘Let it be true god.’ He prayed removing his checkered apron off his casuals.

“How am I looking, Giri?” He slapped himself mentally as soon as the words passed his lips.

A knowing grin broke into Giri’s face looking at his boss’s caught-in-the-trap situation.

“You look always great Sir. But today, you are looking better than always.” Giri speak exactly what he wanted to hear. “I think you need to hurry up now Sir. She must be woken up and hungry by now.”


Making a mental note to himself he strolled the food trolley towards the place his feet were itching to run since the time she stepped inside there. His mind was still uncertain about something.

‘Its not a good idea?’

‘What, it’s just food, she needs it anyway.’ He thought dismissively. ‘And also a good excuse to see yourself if she’s OK or not.’ His inner voice mocked him.

“Alright. I do care about her. Yeah! no need to over think now.” He muttered to himself.

Subsiding any more thoughts away he stopped in front of her room and knocked on the door gently. He waited outside the door for some more time knocking in between but in vain. No effort made to open the door from inside.

An icy thought broke into his sense as he took the hold of the doorhandle and door opened with a creak to welcome him with the deep silence. Worry entered the brown orbs looking at the empty bedsheets.


Not a moment later his PA appeared in front of him and they start their search opretion. Not in the bathroom, not in the hall, nowhere. There was no sign of her presence. Nowhere near around. Then everything start to set into place.

“I think, she has left the condo earlier Sir.” Giri confirmed his conclusion.

His eyes turn into the dark pits as lips pressed in a straight line knowing that, she’s left his premise without his knowledge.

“And I know, where she is right now.” He rubbed his face violently, trying to ease the frustration. “Giri! I think Mark needs retirement. Just hunt down new security in charge.” With that he stomped out of the room.

At the end, it didn’t take her too much effort to finally tell them everything about the situation she went through. And with the last word they were fuming in anger and ill will for certain someone. Someone definitely being her Mr worst nightmare.

She was worried sick that they would play it hard for her this time but they supported her. Like always. Tarang didn’t leave her side for a second since her arrival here. He was upset earlier but no longer after her say. Samir just smiled at her faintly. And Swara, being the sensitive one just stood there, keeping her face blank. But she knew that her quiet sister wants to know what she was planning to do with her life hereon. And for that she seriously have no idea.

‘Maybe I’ll just keep myself locked in my room all the time to avoid him now that I’ve to stay under the same roof with him. Or, annoy the daylights out of his life for messing my life like this.’ She thought to herself. ‘I think later would be good to serve him with.’

“I need to get back now. I don’t want him to barge here any second now. I’m sure, he’s on his way to here if he became aware of my absence.”

She hugged her brother then Samir. Swara stood in her place shifting her weight from one feet to other. Ragini moved near her with a silent prayer in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.”She heard a haggard whisper and looked up to see her sister in tears but before she could ask anything she was pulled into a hug. She wrapped her arms around feeling her sister sobbing in her shoulder.


“Its all because of me Rags. I’m the one to be blamed for everything that has happened to you. If not for me his evil would have never shadowed your life…its my fault I’m sorry.” Swara sobbed hardly.

“Stop blaming yourself Shona. It doesn’t have anyone’s fault but his.” Ragini spat in venom recalling him. “And don’t feel bad for me because its the time to turn the table. Now, I’ll teach him the lesson he’ll keep with him to his journey to hell.”

Leaving a peck on her sister’s forehead she turned towards the main door and her eyes landed on Lucky standing at a corner, his face hard in thought. Though she has told them everything she was needed to but something was still there to settle down between them. Though, it never felt good before to imagine him as whatever they were planning to but weirdly, if not for Sanskar’s crooked idea she would have end up with this man here. In some way she had always felt it odd with him but surprisingly, with the turn of the fate this way, somewhere, she feel relieved. Not that it feels great to end up with the person she hated like hell but she was relieved for other one.

“Can you drop me by?” She asked hesitantly.

He jerked out of his deep thoughts and lead his way outside to his car on the porch.

“Lucky!” She stood in front of him fidgeting inside out in the turmoil. “I just…want to say that…that…” words hardly registered on her mind to escape her lips as she felt tension growing in her.

“Its alright Ragini.” Lucky’s calm words silenced her poor attempt of apology. She felt terrible but his smile soothe her a little. “I’ve always respected you for what you’ve done for your near ones.” His hand shush down her effort to piped in and grabbed a hold of her shoulder gently. “Trust me when I say this, I understand your situation. Don’t feel guilt ridden.” He hold her chin to make her look into his eyes. “You’re an amazing woman and I respect you more now.”

“Too bad. You’re hitting on the wrong person. The amazing you’re talking to belongs to me now. So better keep your nosy hands to yourself unless you don’t need it intact in your body anymore lucky boy.” Another voice boomed near and they knew whom it belongs to.

They turn towards the source and saw him moving towards them.

“Oh dear lord! look the Bride Stealer is here. ” Lucky scoffed making an awkward moment to freeze them in.

“Were you in a one-sided-love lucky boy?” Sanskar retorted back intently.

Lucky’s face contorted in anger where Ragini felt unpleasant heat surrounding her body looking at the devil face.

“What are you doing here?” She bit out annoyed.

“I would ask you the same but save it for later. Right now, lets just introduce ourselves in a new light.” He smirked pulling her by his side while shifting his gaze to Lucky sharply. “Mr Laksh…KASHYAP right?” He fend confusion sarcastically and Lucky’s face just turned into a dark shade of pink. “Well, meet my beautiful ah…amazing, amazing wife Mrs Ragini Sanskar MAHESWARI and her handsome, astonishing and amazingly amazing husband, that’s me.” He boasted about himself.

She just closed her eyes seething in anger but what her mind couldn’t hold on was that they were not talking about anything but their secrets. Her eyes could only decipher the murderous glares they were throwing each other. Suddenly, she felt awkward in the growing tension.

As Lucky also find it better to dismissed the other one with one hard glare and turn his focus to her fidgeting in the secure embrace. And a smirk crossed his face.

“Ragini, don’t forget that I’ll always backed you in every situation. Just call me if you need anything.” Lucky uttered genuinely while pressing the last word.

Sanskar picked the sign as expected by other. His muscles reflexing to get release.

“I’ll remember.” She smiled at Lucky politely.

“…to invite you in the baby name ceremony. You know baby will be happy to have an extra additional mama
(maternal uncle).” Sanskar continued on her part mockingly while placing his one hand on her tummy.

“Let me go.” She wriggle out of his hold and hee didn’t try to pull her to him as he wished.

“We’re leaving now.” Sanskar declared side glancing her.

“Ragini! you’re not alone. Remember that.” Lucky uttered softly and pulled her in a hug giving Sanskar a satisfied look.

She froze.

“Play along. Don’t give him the satisfaction to know that there is nothing between us.” Lucky whispered lowly in her ear.

Sanskar looked at the scene playing in between. His blood boiling in its peak, eyes turning into deep dark shade and fist ready to powder every bone in the morons body holding his girl. But it all froze the moment she wrapped her hands around.

“See ya and take care.” Lucky mumbled placing a kiss on her temple.

And she just smiled awkwardly.

“Bye Lucky.”

With that she turn around and walk over towards the silvery SUV leaving now utterly pieced off Sanskar.

“Isn’t she a good catch?” Lucky clicked his tongue sneaking a glance at her wickedly.

And the next moment he was crushed between the hood of his shiny black car and murderous Sanskar.

“Definitely a very good one.” Lucky smirked beneath the shaking man.

“Speak another dirty word for her and I don’t think for once before wiping your two faced revenging existence from this world.” Sanskar gritted out each word, pressing his hand more on lucky’s throat blinded with extreme fury and jealousy.

“What are you doing?” He snapped back to his sense and backed himself away hearing her shriek. She hurriedly made her way towards them from halfway to the SUV.

“Don’t come near her again. Dare so much of even thinking about her dirty mind.” He spat at the coughing figure, his eyes still bloodshot and turn around.

“Are you…” Before she could reach Lucky, Sanskar grabbed her hand and pulled her with him to the car.

“Leave me. I said leave me you moron.” She struggle to free her hand from his strong hold.

Without giving hid to her clawing, hitting and screaming he pulled the door and pushed her in the passenger seat but not too harshly. Fastening her seatbelt he closed the door and run around to driver seat and soon they were out of sight.

Lucky looked towards the car zooming out of sight. His coughing fit finally stopped, breath steady. He fixed his gaze at nothing and smiled in himself.

“Congrats Sanky! you’re finally screwed.”

Smirking he turn around and soon enough his smirk fell off.

“What are you up to Mr Laksh Kashyap?” Swara stood in front of him.


Thank you so much for reading.

Hello guys. Hope you remember this ff still. An unpleasantly event shadowed my space for last few months resulting my disappearance for quite a long. I don’t know if it’s good enough to post. Maybe there are alots of mistakes, please bear me. I’ll try to make it good and lengthy for the remaining chapters. Well, here’s the new update.

#Lovely, Aswathy and Asw, sorry for making you wait this long. Well, I appreciate your messages and love for the ff.

#Asw, sorry dear I couldn’t make it earlier.

Small treat from my side, on the 21st year of my life in this world. Love you all.


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