SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 2)


Hello friends. This is a Ragini-Sanskar ff. Thanks for the love n support to all of u.

He stood outside the door humiliated, infuriated like an injured lion, just a little away from his hunt. His ego drew his attention to do something violent, like break the door right away n show her, her right place, i.e. on the ground, or, right under his hard body.

‘How dare she? That puny, arrogant, pricey sack of girl, how dare she to have done something like this, that also with me? Seems like she is too much estimating herself but this time, she poked me, now I’ll show her, what is this Sanskar Maheswari?’

He left from there boggled in anger.

His demeanor was not at all in a good condition, where just a little ago the place seems like a pleasurable world for him, now turned out to be a burning n suffocating hell. His eyes were emitting fires, if wanted to burn everything around. His steps lead him to a chair near bar.

“One tequila.” His rude n harsh tone.

N the bartender placed a glass in front of him with a pinch of salt n a slice of lemon. He lick the salt, gulped down the shot n bite the lime, but his sensations start to react more, over that incident n the face of the girl made him mad like hell, also in his thoughts.

“Hello handsome, hope u remember me.” A tall, beautiful, curvy figure of woman stood in front of him, just in a piece of cloth hugging her like a 2nd skin, showing almost all her curves, with a teasing smile on her lips.

He looked back at her blankly.

“Oh man! don’t tell me, u forgot me, I’m Myra, remember me?” She, in a complaining tone.

“Whatever..” He dismissed her as there is only thing which is playing in his mind.

The girl’s face shadowed with an infinite expressions, hurt, anger, humiliation n all.

“Hey Mr. Maheswari, hope u r enjoying the party.” Mr. Vupen Solanki, a mid aged political figure, n Sanskar is one of his trustee, in a secret way, like underground.

“Yeah, it’s cool.” He, in a uncaring tone.

“So, y r u alone, there r many chicks, u know what I mean?” The man gave him a lecherous smile n he returned a fake one.

Then his eyes caught her, with a tray on her hand near a man, that’s Akhil, Mr. Solanki’s son, no. 1 spoilt brat, womanizer n an enemy figure to him. A curve appeared on his face.

‘Now I’ll show u who m I, u pricey ****’ He smirked.

“Hey girl, come here.” He point towards her n she froze on her place.

“Hey boy, I think u r mistaking, she is just a waitress, look someone else, here.” Mr. Solanki tried to convert his direction to other as he knew she is one of his son’s new prey, n his son never step back in his move.

“I want her, Mr. Solanki, that’s it.” He, gravely, while looking at her.

Mr. Solanki was in the state of dilemma, what to do now, where one side his stubborn son, there other side his fundraiser n a popular figure of the society, without whose wealth there will be a great vacuumm created in their party fund. He gesture a girl n she approached towards the man looking towards a waitress with a hunting eyes.

“What do u think about me, darling?” She, huskily, gave him a faint smile but his eyes dismissed her as soon as it meet.

She, bit disappointed, took hold of his hand n placed around her petite, curvy waist, seductively.

“Now, what do u say?” She, looking deep into his eyes.

He smiled n she smirked thinking at last the big fish got trapped.

“Have something healthy n learn something useful. I’m not interested in u.” He mockingly, while removing his hand off her waist.

“So what u thought, Mr. Solanki? I know u need big amount for this year’s election, I can help u increasing in party fund but I have only one condition, I need that girl, for me, on my bed.” He, in a lazy, grave tone.

“I need some time.” The old man in a deep thought.

“Take ur time Mr. Solanki but don’t make me wait as u know the value of time, very much, right?” He warned him, in his style.

She was just a little away, trying to hide herself from his ill, magnifying gaze on her but he became a shameless man, stalked her everywhere n now, approached towards there, after a long time.

“Hi dude.” He join the man with his prey.

The man, Akhil Solanki, got surprise with the person, in front of him, talking with him, cause never in their meetings, till now, they ever initiated any talks but some taunts to each others. He gave him a blank stare.

“Don’t be shock too much.” He, while looking at the irritating waitress.

“Akhil I need to talk to u, come with me.” Mr. Solanki, interrupted the probability of a big fight in the middle n they left the place.

She tried to left as well but he grabbed her hand n stopped her movement.

“What r u doing? How dare u touched me?” She, in a murderous tone.

“R u mad girl, what sort of question is this, when u know what I’m doing. N by the way, u’ll come to know very soon, to which extend n how much I can dare to do anything, I wanted.” He gave her a mischievous smile n took up a glass of drink.

“Cheers for my upcoming victory.” He raised the glass near her face while touching her hot, flushed skin with the back of his hand, playfully.

She jerked a little, her face n he enjoyed her irritated face.

“U know what, don’t overestimate urself n don’t live in some illusions, u r not the one to have control over everything n everyone, n not especially me. So be in ur limit.” She turned around to go back but his hold doesn’t release her to make any step, further n suddenly he pulled her back so that his front get plastered to her back. They both felt each other n a current passed through their body, where one side was of disgust, there other side with pleasure. He placed his chin over her shoulder.

“U know what I’m the only one, who have control over everything n everyone I wanted, for myself. N I never failed in the task, till now.” He.

“There is always a start for everything, who knows this moment is also the start of the breakdown of ur ruling world, so, wake up man before it’s too late.” She smirked.

“Let’s see.” He released the hold on her, while recollecting the heavenly feeling of holding her in his arms n a wide smile curved on his lips.


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Credit to: RSR

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