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episode 17

“Shona, this is too much. I don’t want to look like some poker, please stop dumping your cosmetics on my face. I think you’ve put almost half kg of your cosmetics on me. Its already 7 and you haven’t done with this makeover thing, Lucky will be here anytime. I’m fed up sitting here from more than an hour, like your experimental project, now I can’t hold it anymore, OK. Let me do this by my…” Ragini chimed annoyed.

“Shut up you momma bear. You don’t know anything about trends and makeovers. You are going out with Laksh Kashyap, the sensation of the country. You have to look gorgeous and I won’t let you do this by your own because you’ll definitely apply nothing except lip gloss and your moisturizer. So, stay put like a good girl and let me finish my work.” Swara said in a finality.

“You are commanding me, in this state, how merciless you are. How can you treat me like that? I’m bored and I don’t want any makeovers, you must provide me here with my comforts and not this all.”

“Oh please, stop your rantings and let me do my work peacefully.”

Ragini kept silence with a pout and Swara took the charge to go further with her makeovers.

“Yeah, perfect. Now, you are ready to go out.” Swara, chirpily.

“Ladies, can we come in?”

Samir’s voice followed with a knock.

“Now, you’ll know, what my makeover has done to you.” Swara said boastfully and opened the door,

“Come in kids.”

“Look, who is here, OMG! is this you Di? You are looking absolutely amazing. Must say, red suits you very much. I think Lucky bhai made this dress thinking only about you. Look, how many roses he has done in this dress. Pretty smart my brother is, he expressed his feelings without a word.” Samir said teasingly.

And Ragini’s face shadowed with a blo*dy red. Her hands unknowingly brushed down the floral patterns on the red chiffon cloth that Laksh designed especially to cover her swollen belly and give her a normal look.

“Come on dude, don’t tease my Di.” Tarang stepped close to Ragini, “Ragu Di, you are looking really beautiful. I do agree that this dress is looking amazing on you.”

“Guys, stop gossiping like some teen girls over a dress. Only dress is not the thing to get complement for her exceptional look.” Swara said in a clear annoyance.

“Yeah, you are right ladybug, Ragu Di doesn’t need anything to add on her beauty because she is naturally beautiful.” Tarang.

“I agree dude, she is just mind blowing in her natural look.” Samir.

“You guys are unbelievable.” Swara let out a annoyed sigh.

“Did you smell anything, something is burning here, I guess.” Samir said mockingly pointing at Swara’s irritated posture.

“Ladybug, I think you’ve forgot to off the gas after cooking.” Tarang said in a teasing tone.

“You idiots, just wait…” Swara positioned herself to attack on them with a pile of cushion by her side.

And there start a cushion fight.

“Guys, stop.” Ragini cried out on the top of her lungs.

“Hello…” Lucky entered inside and his excitement lost with the scene next to him, “Whats this? Oh god!”

“Bhai, actually…”

“Sam, I’m looking for a best excuse but for now I’ve to take Ragini with me. We’ll talk about it later.” Laksh said in a strict tone and turned towards Ragini and offered her a hand, “Well, you are looking gorgeous. So, lets go.”

“Alright. Bye guys.” Ragini took his hands and moved out of there.

‘Silly. How can I feel any better in the place like this? I was a fool to believe that it would be a great change for me in this state. God! now how much time I’ve to be here. Its only fifteen minutes or something like that and I have the feeling like I’ve wasted more than hours here. Please save me…’


Her thought broke with Lucky’s voice and she looked up at him.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked like a gentleman.

“Yeah.” She faked a smile.

“I’ve a surprise for you.” He, meekly.

“Really? What is it?”

“Just wait for a minute, I’ll be right back.” Laksh walked away from there and mixed with the crowd there.

She looked around the enormously expensive hotel and her eyes sparkled with the lightings on the top of it, ‘Hotel Reign’ over there. Boredom begin to swallow her little self-control and she try to be calm.

“Hey dear, how are you and where is your lucky man?” Dr Meera showed up there from nowhere and a sign of relief she felt.

“I’m fine and your friend went out for a moment. Well, what about you? I mean, you, here, with anyone?”

“No. Actually, I’ve got an invitation from Mr Jr Solanki as I’m dealing with his mate’s case so.”

“What? I mean Akhil Solanki invited you because you treated that girl Sally, really?” Ragini, shocked.

“Yeah. But whats there to act in such way?”

“No, actually it’s weird to know that he has such feelings for her, I mean he cares for her, she is pregnant with his child but they aren’t married yet.”

“You are forgetting that you are also having the same story darling. Well, when will you going to get married with that handsome hunk of yours, hmmm? Hey, don’t be late, there are many girls in the queue.” Meera said in a teasing tone.

Ragini lost her words and a heaviness weighed on her throat thinking about her reality. Making an excuse she escaped the teasing glare of Meera and made her way piercing through the carefree crowds engrossed in dancing and gossiping on the floor. Her feet took a halt inside the wide and empty washroom.

‘God! why are you testing my patience all the while? I just hate it when someone named me with Lucky. Yeah, he is a good guy but I don’t feel anything like that with him. He is a gentleman and I respect him for whatever he has done for me and my siblings. If possible I would love to have him by my Shona’s side. She needs someone like him. He is all the way perfect for her. But sadly, here is a different story because of that too much of pretense in front of that mongrel. Oh god! I just hate him…’

“I hate you Sanskar Maheswari.”

She cried out, in an utter frustration, holding on the sides of the basin, head down, eyes closed. Her sense drowned to the reality sensing someone behind her and impulsiveness took a control on her as she felt herself well aware of this closeness and turned around in a jerk to found him in front of her. The life destroyer Sanskar Maheswari.

“I’m surprise, you’ve that much of emotions in you, for me, still.” He said in a mocking manner scanning her face intensely.

“What the hell are you doing here, you pervert? Don’t you see any difference between ladies and gents washroom?” Rahini controlling her urge to pull off that spark from his face.

“Who can know that better than me.” He said and looped his hand around her waist, “I know, you are a woman and I’m a man and for now, let me remind you something…” He rested his head on hers leaving a safe and secure gap in the middle, “…we had done something magical in the past, though you want to erase those but I do remember every single bit. Your eyes, your lips, your softness, your taste and you, with me, on the same bed, naked.” He said in an intense whisper.

Her body trembled thinking about the day and a feeling of disgust oozed from inside of her.

“Leave me you bastard.” She pushed him hard on his chest using her hands but of no use.

“Shhh…hhh…let me finish dear.” He grabbed the both of her hand by his other hand and flashed a crooked smile, “You were off guard and vulnerable at the time, in front of me, and you give in to my wish. You submitted yourself to me that day…”

“Just shut up your filthy mouth and get lost you scoundrel. You cheated me that time. Have some shame to remember that you took an advantage of an off-guard woman to satisfy your ego. Show some mercy to your self and please don’t stoop this low to get it difficult to say that you’re a man.” She said sardonically.

His eyelids dropped down in an infuriated lines and remained like that for a moment. After a quite well his smirk return back to his face and he again faced her struggling posture in his hold.

“Don’t struggle because I’m not gonna leave you that easily. If you run away, I’ll chase you. So it’s better to hear me peacefully without any harm.” His voice containing a wave of coldness.

Her posture stilled hearing the word harm and thinking about her dear one inside her.

Having her in his control his head moved a little down to her neck and he breathed on the crook of her neck, deeply.

“Oh heaven!!!” He let out a deep satisfied whisper, “You are addictive.”

“You are testing my patience I’m warning you.” She said haggardly.

“Oh, I was talking about you on my bed nak…”

“No…” She screamed, “You were talking about taking my advantage that day.”

“OK, I took your advantage. You were on my bed nak…”

“Stop hitting those words and come right on the matter.” She said frustrated.

“What is the wrong with those words, you were naked on my bed that day and I’ve made love to you…”

“Correction, that was lust, you made to me.”

“No, that was love otherwise you wouldn’t have escaped me that easily, I wouldn’t have stopped myself seeing your tears and more importantly I wouldn’t have lost my mind to have some protection, resulting your this state. Now, I’ve only one question…” He said in a breath and freed her hands.

A chilly shiver ran down her spine and tiny droplets began to form on her forehead.

“Why did you hide this truth…”

“Stop your nonsense and let me go.” She struggled to get out of his hold and more importantly run away from the thing he was pushing on.

“You made me believe that you slept with that bastard… and you conceived his child…” Feeling his ragged breath on her neck, she stood numb as his one hand travel down to brush on her baby bump.

“Please let me go.” She broke in a vulnerable whisper thinking about someone innocent inside her and facing someone ruthless in front of her.

“You hid the truth that you are carrying my baby.” His voice suddenly softened and she felt a soft caressing on her fully covered belly.

“What the hell? He isn’t your baby, ok. Stop deluding yourself and just get lost.” She blasted out jerking off his hands.

“So, we are having a son.” He said warmly as if he didn’t listen to her.

“Stop it Sanskar Maheswari, I have enough of your bullshits and I can’t take any further. Its better let go of the past and everything.” She cried out exasperated and then began to say in a controlled way, “Lets just focus on our own life. You go on your own way and let me go on my own way, without creating any problems for each other.”

“Excellent!! Lets just focus on our own life. I’ll give you all the freedom you’ve said. So, when will you going to shift with me?” He said coldly.

“You rascal!!!”

“What? When you can live with that bastard in his house still carrying my child, then what’s the problem in shifting with me?” His eyes darkened with a shade more and his voice turn dangerously low, “Did you find him any good that you are behaving like this? Is he providing you with extra manly pleasure, in this state also?…”

‘S…L…A…P…’ a blasting sound echoed inside the washroom and she look at his tall disgustingly smirking frame looming over her posture still after getting a slap.

“Enough. You know what, you are an asshole. Screwed up bastard. Always with a thing in your mind, f… Go around, you can find many others on their heels to throw themselves on you, to give you pleasure you want rather wasting your time on me.” She screamed out frustrated.

“Hey chill! its not good for your and baby’s health. Now go back to your table and think about my proposal.”


“Oh sorry, I didn’t clear it yet, right, OK, I want my baby with me so I want you to come to me otherwise you know what I can do to make things go on my way.”

“f**k off with your proposal Sanskar Maheswari. Do whatever, I don’t care.” She hurried towards the door.

“You will. Definitely. Miss Ragini Gadoddia.”

She stepped towards her table, piercing the crowd, lost in herself. Recent unwanted encounter with her nightmare turned to be one of the most worst thing of her life. She stepped forward but still in the fog of tension.

‘What, if he really has something big this time also to ruin my life. He can do anything. God! how can you send such beasty creatures in the world among us?…’


Suddenly her feet stopped in the middle and she was welcomed by her newly discovered family.

“You guys here.” A relieved smile broke onto her lips.

“Yeah. Its a surprise dinner as you see but where were you?” Swara chirped excitedly.


“OK, let us complete.” Lucky pulled her to her chair and slipped into his chair beside her.

“Have you guys ordered anything?”

“We are dying with hunger so it’s better to jump directly on the main course I think, right Tarang?” Samir.

“Yeah, lets order our dinner. Ragu Di, tell us what you want?” Tarang.

“Whatever, you guys order. I just want to enjoy my good food.”

“Dont worry guys dinner is already on the way, I’ve something important to announce right now.” Lucky said in a tensed tone followed by a silence, “OK, Ragini, I don’t know what you think about me but this three months of my life with you are the best moments of my life. I want to have rest of my life like that, can you fulfill my wish? Will you marry me?” Lucky produced a velvet box containing a ring inside.

An excited shrill covered around the table as her eyes flared in an utter shock and voice lost inside the fog of tension. It felt like another nightmare for her.

“Come on Rags.”

“Yeah Ragu Di.”

“Answer Di.”

The excited hollers pierced inside her sense but she was still in the dilemma as how to refuse the proposal in the situation. Feeling a fluttering inside her belly, a relief course through her body and she gathered a courage to say no but then her eyes land onto the person next to her table, shooting dead glares to her side. And a word escaped out of her mouth,



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