SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 17)


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Episode 16

He clutched on the steering wheel and zoomed out his car on the crowded road, wildly. His throbbing head was still holding onto the recent events and he was trying hard to gulp down every bit of sour memories in the hospital, by downing the bottles of liquor, maniacally. He was driving like hell, crossing almost all the traffic signals but his mind was hitting around the same thing.

‘….I wouldn’t like it a bit of having some random men around my girl.’

Car was already in its full speed, his temper was on its peak and alcohol was doing its job but memories were still mocking at him.

‘Sir, we need to complete some formalities before discharging ur wife.’

“f**k off you bastard. I won’t let you ruin my life this time Lucky. You did very wrong by stepping between me and her, and I’ll not leave you this time.” He burst out infuriated.

Taking out all his frustration on the accelerator and steering wheel he made a call to his PA whom he left in the hospital to keep an eye on her activities.

“Giri, how’s the situation there? Hoe is she?” As soon as call answered he shoot up his inquiry.

“Sir, she is alright and she got discharge as well.”

“When? OK, do one thing, pose someone outside their house to watch on the activities like who comes there and all. I want every goddamn information.”

“Actually Sir, Gadoddias are with Laksh Kashyap in his house. They moved in his house.”

“What?? That son of a…..”

Swearing a chain of profanities he turn the wheel carelessly and a loud sound produced with a ‘boom’. It was only after a moment his mind start to function and he became aware of a loud buzz around him. He lift his head up and looked over at the airy cushion that saved his face and towards the person who open the door to rescue him, a policeman. He came out of his car and looked over his crushed car and a police van in the same situation. His mind registered the accident that took place just a moment before, It was only then he realize that he just escaped a nearly death experience.

“Sanskar Maheswari.”

A whisper explode in a big crowd followed by a lots of buzz and a thin layer of policemen got it difficult to control the bubbling crowd around. He then guided inside the back of police van for the first aid.

“Oh god! he is bleeding… It was a serious accident, thank god he is safe… How does it happened? He is drunk, I guess…”

He heard a lot of hushes while going through first aid treatment. With every passing seconds buzzes increases outside and he became aware of the new buzz in the crowd, media buzz.

“Your driving license?”

He looked up to see a broad figure of a policeman and dismissed him with a bore look.

“Look here Mr Superstar, don’t show me your two pence attitude. I’m not your some headless diehard fan to look over all this.” The policeman said in a heavy harsh tone, “Now, as a reputed person of the country, care to make a little effort to cooperate with us Mr Superstar.” Policeman sounded a bit annoyed.

But he didn’t budge a bit and shrug it off carelessly.

“I have a lot of ways to deal with you man, don’t worry.” Policeman stepped out of the van and turned around for the last time wearing a mocking smirk on his face, “Dogra, get this gentleman through some preliminary tests.”

After a moment of his sheer shoot of order a fat constable entered inside with a tool box.

“Sir, I’m your big fan but I cannot do anything for you in this case. We’ve got an strict order from high command. This accident news has already spread like a fire. Media outside has been showing it’s live coverage…” The countable blabbered in a haste and excitement.

“I want to make a call.” He interrupting the nonstop rants of the man.

Without anymore explanation, constable put his cell phone on his hand and he dialed a number.


“Giri, its me Sanskar. Listen, dig out every goddamn information about them and get me that. I blo*dy want every f**king seconds information about her, got it?”

“Yes Sir.” Came a blunt reply.

“And listen, I’ve got into some stupid road accident case and medias are making a lot of nonsensical buzzing. Do something and get me out of here.”

He cut the call not waiting for any reply and look up at his amused fan flatly.

“Sir, please do concentrate here for a moment.”

With that constable took out a breathalyzer and everything completed in some time.

“Sorry Sir, I think you’ve got one charge of drinking and driving to your already done accident case.” Constable said in a low tone.

“Dogra, what’s the result?”

The early policeman came there again suddenly and looking at his fumbling constable he snatched the equipment from his hand.

“160 mg. Impressive. You have a great capacity man.” The man smirked sarcastically.

Everything happened so suddenly but his head was still on the one thing,

“I’m not gonna leave you Ragini Gadodia.”

Looking towards the rising sun, feeling fresh morning breeze she stretched her tired aching muscles and bend down on the matted terrace floor. Its her regular schedule from the past one month. With a surprising development of mood swings she was now greatly involved in the small arguments n inside battles constantly. Going through some exercises instructed by her gynecologist she lied down on her back looking at the soft velvety sky, ridiculously.

‘This isn’t my sky. Not a bit. Actually, nothing is mine now, everything changed. Life could be so delusive, I never thought. It will make me this dependant, I’d never thought.’

A mocking smile covered her face as she looked around her surrounding, everything that her sight could get, very costly, so elegant and only for her service. Its been three months after the hospital encounter, she was living with Laksh and his brother, with her siblings, in his house. Within the little span of time they’ve became a family, a unique family, with lots of smile, talks, love and care. Though life now is actually safe but not peaceful, not for her. There was only way of thought left for her to take out every feelings. Taking a deep breath she roamed her hand around her five month’s babybump with a small smile.

‘Motherhood. Little strange but how easily, a girl could develop such feelings. Its really difficult to forget everything but I’ll face every harsh situation to make your world. Though, this society would accuse me but I don’t see any wrong in me will becoming a single parent. I’ll be a good parent for my child. My baby boy. Yeah, I got it in my ultrasound report that I’m having a baby boy. A saving light in the ugly darkness of my life. Base of a different world. My new world.’

In the world of anxiety it’s the only peace she have. A clear memory from three months back rolled on her mind. Her decision of abortion and contrasted health issues, which led her to this stage, but she wouldn’t regret the day as this innocent soul inside her is the great strength to wake a desire to live the life.

“Good morning.”

Breaking her chain of thoughts Laksh came there with a maid following him with a trolley full of her morning diets.

“Good morning.”

“I think I’ve disturbed you in the middle of your schedule. I just thought to join you in this morning breakfast, if you don’t have any problem.”

‘If he really cares about my problems.’

“And why do you think so?” She, irked.

‘Oh! that’s really rude, his face is showing that clearly. This mood swings, god!’ She thought.

“I’m sorry. Its just, I…”

“No problem. I know about your mood swings, so don’t worry, I don’t mind it at all.” He, understandingly, “OK then, bye.”

“Hey, won’t you join us?” She, apologetically.

“Us?” He, confused.

“Have you forgot my little angel?” She making a cute pout.

“Opps! how can I forget my champ, it’s just that it slipped out of my mind.”

“Please, stop your drama and let’s go have some breakfast.”

Approaching towards her now standing posture he flashed a candy smile and took her to the already arranged table.

“Well, let’s see, whats there for me.” Ragini uncovering the dishes on the table, “Yuck! spinach soup.”

Her childish behavior made him laugh a little.

“What?” She, exasperated.

“Nothing. Its just, something crossed my mind.” He controlling his laugh attack.

“Don’t you think, nowadays your head has become something like a highway that anytime can be crossed.”

“Humor, hmm?” He, appreciatively, “Well, I want to talk to you something very important Ragini.”

“Yeah, tell me.” She, spooning on her scrambled eggs.

“I want to take you out for the dinner tonight.” He, keenly.

“That’s all what you want to talk about?”

“Yeah. Be ready. Sharp at 7. I’ll be here by then. Bye.” He, getting up off his chair, “And, don’t forget, your appointment with Dr Gill. Today, 9:30 a.m. Samir will take you there.”

“OK. Bye.”

“It feels good, to know that someone is there who cares for you genuinely, my dear.” She muttered feeling the pleasant fluttering in her belly.

Darkness. There was darkness everywhere and something, or say someone ruffled inside the darkness suddenly. As he approached forward towards the source, a chilly shiver pierce through his deep inside. He felt it suffocating to be there but there was a surprising force that was continuously pulling him near the object. Suddenly darkness cleared enough for him to get a view of a familiar figure. Awareness hit over his head, nerves jolted up with the tingling pleasure and cravings occupied from the deep inside of him. Its her, in the same red lingerie, he was looking at and at the very moment, there was only one thing running in his mind, to gather her in his arms. Words seems failed to escape his mouth but then she lift her head up and his face lost its gleam, the moment he saw her face, her tear coated face

“You ruined me.” She whispered disastrously.

A sharp tinge shoot up over his head. He try to go near her and wipe those tear off her face but then felt himself shockingly numb to do anything. Suddenly, a shadow turn up there from nowhere, wiping her tear off and hr felt envious to the person. Soon the shadow turned into his closest enemy, Laksh Kashyap and his hands turned into the fist.

‘Its a blo*dy dream.’ He try to control himself, darting a hateful glance towards the smirking bastard.

“I love you.” She smiled at Lucky.

‘No. You cannot love him. Please, look at me, you don’t love him.’ He struggle to get out of that unknown force.

“I’ll take you away from him Ragini.” Lucky assured, embracing her now blurring posture.

‘Dont touch her you scoundrel. Hey, don’t listen to him. Don’t go, please.’ He try to cry out but nothing come out.

She smiled at Lucky avoiding other’s stuck up self and he felt his heart sink down from the effect. Holding her hand Lucky gave him one last sardonic glance and he knows, he’s taking her away from him. He vanished with her, in a moment and again chilly darkness wrapped him in, with a disturbing loneliness.


Suddenly, that uneasy block on his throat moved away and a scream left his mouth. He sit up, motioned his hands, they were absolutely fine now. He can move. Its actually dark around him but not like before. Not a single trace of her.

“I lost her again and that bastard took her away.” He cried out frustrated.

After the sounds of hustling steps, a milky light flooded inside there and a bright sunlight burn his face.

“Sir, are you alright?” A concerned voice.

“Another bad dream.” He, shakily.

“Do you need anything Sir?”


Again an ugly silence made its appearance adding much more to his frustration.

“I don’t want to get lost into this loneliness, not again.’ His inner voice screamed out.

“Giri, what’s the schedule?” He asked firmly subsiding his dream.

“Sir, your gym time is over. You have an appointment at 10:00 with your hairstylist Miss Marina. After that you have an invitation in the grand opening of Hotel Reign, from Mr Solanki, in the evening 6:30 before that you have an important appointment with Mr Das for a new project in the afternoon 1: 30…”

“Giri, I said, what’s my schedule?” He, sharply.

“9: 30, Madhvi Gill’s Clinic. Routine checkup.” Giri, tapping on his notepad warily.

His eyes went onto his bedside clock showing 8: 47a.m.

“Need to freshen up.” He rose up off his bed and stepped inside the washroom shooting an order, “Giri, I want my car ready.”

“Take a deep breath n release slowly. Yeah perfect.”

Dr Meera Gill, a well known gynecologist and Laksh’s friend, examined Ragini’s pulse rate. She was lying down on the table, going through some regular checkups. After that Meera helped her in getting up.

“Everything is perfectly fine. Well, do you need any help to change into your clothes.” Meera offered a help.

“Thank you Meera, but I’ll help myself don’t worry.” Ragini, politely.

“OK. Then I’m waiting out in my chamber.”

Meera went out of the examining room and Ragini changed into her loose nighty carefully. Stepped inside the chamber she sat down on a free chair opposite to Meera who was looking a bit tensed.

“Ragini, you and your child are absolutely fine. I’ve got an emergency, right now I’ve to go. Sorry dear, it’s urgent.” Meera’s voice combining the apology and tension, “And this is your new diet chart.”

“Is there any problem Meera?” Ragini asked concerned.

“Yeah, actually I’ve a patient on her seventh month. I just got a call that she slipped from the staircase and is going through a boodloss.”

“Oh god!…”

Before Ragini could say any further with a quick knock Anny, Meera’s receptionist came inside.

“Dr Gill, Mr Solanki’s car is waiting for you.”

“OK, you go, I’ll just come.” Saying so Meera turned to Ragini apologetically, “I’m so sorry dear. If you don’t have any problem we can make your next appointment soon.”

“Its Ok doctor, you can go now.” Ragini offered her a genuine smile.

“Its OK, I’ll help you out to your car or else Lucky will eat me raw.”

“Don’t worry I’ll help myself. You just go.”

“OK then, I’ll send Anny for your help. You stay here.”

With one last apologetic note and glance Meera hurried out of the chamber. Ragini too moved out of the chamber slowly thinking about the matter.

‘Mr Solanki… seventh months pregnancy… who could be…’ And then suddenly her head glow up with instant answer,


‘God! she is pregnant.’

“Mam, let me help you with this.” Anny came there for her help and took her hand bag.

“Thank you dear.”

“Mam, Tarang is your brother?” Young girl sounded a little tensed.

“Yes but how did you know him?”

“Actually, we were from the same batch of our +2.”

Ragini noticed a tinge of pink hue spreading over the young girl’s cheek.

“Anny, were you talking about Akhil Solanki?” Ragini asked in a casual tone for which she earned a positive nod, “But as much as I know, he isn’t married right, so who is the pregnant?”

“Actually, he has a mate, Saloni Shukla and Dr Gill is looking upon her case from the first day.”


Ragini was now clear about everything. Anny guide her out to the parking lot.

“Alright. I’ll go myself from here. You go back to your work and thank you so much Anny.”

Bidding goodbye to the young girl Ragini checked her mobile records and a small smile curled on her lips seeing a picture of cute baby boy. Delighted she moved forward towards the black car and suddenly bumped onto someone. Her body went taut and cold with a muffled scream left her mouth as she was about to slammed on the ground surface facing right there but then her fall stopped abruptly and she got her balance. Taking a deep breath she looked up to see the person and her eyes tightly shut with a clear frustration.

“Careful Miss Ragini Gadoddia.”

He crossed his arms enjoying her frustrated expression and then his eyes scan down her thoroughly. A sharp twitch he felt seeing her swollen belly and his eyes get back to hers, burning with fury.

“I don’t need your advice, just get off my way.”

Avoiding his mischievous glint of eyes she moved a little forward.

“Did I heard something wrong? I guess you need to thank me.” He shouted from behind.

“I know you are totally crooked, you don’t need to show me.” She said in a sharp sarcastic tone.

His lips curved a little, much to her annoyance and he trailed her steps to reach near her.

“You know what, I missed this side of you very much. God! you are killer girl.” He said placing his hand on his heart, dramatically.

“Get lost.” She burst out outraged.

“Di, are you fine?”

Samir came there much to her relief and looked between them.

“Sanskar bhai, you here?”

“I’d a meeting with Meera but she’s got something important.”

“Oh. Di, let’s go. Lucky Bhai is acting out of his usual self. I’m just fed up answering his calls. Do call him once.”

Hearing Samir, Sanskar’s face lost its glow and a fog of annoyance shadowed his face.

“Well, bye guys. See you soon.” He managed to say, looking into her bored eyes and disappeared from there.

“Was that real?” She shot a sharp glance at Samir, elbowing him.

“Partly. Well, let’s go and please, do call him.”

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