SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 16)

Hello friends. Sorry for the delay.There might be lots of grammatical errors n spelling mistakes, I’m sorry. love u n enjoy reading…

Ragini’s POV.

The grand launch party is happening here. Most of the rich faces, celebrities, picture perfect models, reporters r here under the bright lights, flashes of cameras, greetings n all. The night is stressing n I’m having a time standing under the spotlight, plastering a fake smile on my face, pretending all comfortable in the situation. Its really uncomfortable for me n I’m feeling very suffocating for being the one in there. These r the things I hated the most in my life, showing off of the excessive wealth, power n glamour. I need some fresh air otherwise my mind would bust out any moment.

A gush of fresh air passed touching my face as soon as I come out to the balcony. Its really beautiful, the view of the dream city, from the height of the sky, almost. I filled my lungs fully with the fresh air, eyes closed. I want to forget all the blo*dy things that happened in my life. I want to forget what is happening here. I want to forget what I’ve lost. I want to forget that beast. I just want to forget all goddamn things…

Suddenly a chily shiver ran down my spine n I lost my breath feeling an outbreak of uncontrollable hot breath on the back of my neck. I jumped around only to face my worst of the worsts nightmare, Mr Sanskar Maheswari. Time slipped as I composed myself n get a hold on my breath.

“Seems like I’ve stupor u.”

His voice containing a tone of sarcasm, I just wanted to give a tight, straight on his disgusting beasty face. He was staring back at me, expecting something, by his look, just then I found eady to run away from the beast than arguing. Suddenly I felt his long muscular arms behind on the both sides of me on the iron bar blocking my way to escape his dark black eyes n my head slightly brushed on his broad, hard n toned chest beneath the white suit. I got it better to avoid looking back at him. Though he didn’t touch me at all but his proximity is doing it. I just hate this man, deeply, solely, whole heartedly n everything that concerned him irritate me the same way. I didn’t even realize that I was shaking in anger, vigorously but his mocking voice got me back to my sense,

“Ohh, m I affecting u? Is it? Does my nearness affect u? Or is it because u r angry dea? Seems like that.”

His eyes bored on me n hardened by the time as I maintained the stoic expression on my face.

“Oh holy shit! don’t test my patience.”

He growled, bit irritated. Got u bastard, now I’ll show u.

“Talk to me dammit.”

This time his voice sharp n body taut as he take back his hand to brush off his hair n I got a chance to run away. As soon as I took a step ahead his hand looped around my belly n pulled me close to him.

“Leave me, u creep.”

I screamed on the top of my lung, angrily but instead his hold tightened more.

“We need to talk. Don’t worry I’ll leave u but not before getting back my answers.”

His voice demanding as he spit the words near my ears brushing his wet lips slightly on my ear shell. A wave of disgust passed through the nerves n I dug all my nails on his strongly banded arms around my belly.

“Ahh…its good. I wish if u would have done this on the bed that day, it would be really amazing.”

“U blo*dy scoundrel, just leave me. I said leave me.”

“What is going on here? How do u know Lucky? What is the relation between u two?”

“I said leave me.”

Oh this moron is getting on my temper very badly. I’m tormenting with his hell burning touch.

“First my answer…”

“Leave her.”

His voice interrupted with another heavy-harsh voice. His hold losened on me n I pulled myself away from him n another muscular arms pulled me into an envelope. Laksh Kashyap, a popular fashion designer n my one n only support to reach my one n only goal, to destroy the name n power of Sanskar Maheswari. I don’t know what is his problem with the beast but I’m on the game with him by my side. He is not at all a sweet guy in reality. He is a rude, arrogant n hardcore man. God knows how we’re executing a plan against Sanskar Maheswari but the fact is we’re doing, thanks to Samir.

“Leave her.”

This time the beast barked out, angrily. He was giving a deathly glare to Lucky n his hands around me.

“Whats ur problem man? Just go around n enjoy the party, y r u stalking her?”

Lucky smirked at him, pulling me more closer to him. Now, it is going way too much. I can’t be comfortable in this kind of situations n here, I’m suffocating like hell. They r using me like a toy n nothing much.

“None of ur business. Didn’t u understand, I said leave her.”

The beast barked again in the beasty grave tone.

“Y should I? N by the way, who u r to offend that when she don’t have any problem with me?”

Lucky still holding me ito his arms.

“Lucky, I’m telling u, don’t try to play ur sick games with me, just leave her.”

“Who the hell u r to her?” Lucky.

“I’m…..I’m someone.”

“Oh really then listen carefully, we’re engaged n I don’t like any other rascals around my girl.”

My eyes popped out of socket as the bombshells dropped down in my ears. Its the height of this drama. My already stressed mind turned heavy, hazy n all black.

“My girl, my foot…”

The last thing my mind could registered were only that beasts curses.

When my eyes turned open I got myself into a white painted spacious room with lots of equipments around n a glucose water connecting in my hand.

“Di, how r u feeling now?”

I saw Taru, staring at me with his puffed, puppy eyes. My dea brother was crying all the time, I got it.

“My softcore teddy.” I teased him n gave me a pouty glare.

“Shona.” I whispered.

“She got into the sleep just now.”

He showed me towards a couch where she was sleeping, deeply.

“Hey dea! so u r up.”

A motherly lady nurse came inside the room n checked on me with a bright smile on her face.

“U know what dea, u r really very lucky. U got such a lovely, caring partner with the God’s grace. Congratulation n wish u guys a really very wonderful future with a new bundle of joy in ur life.”

Her words were very confusing, though it did make a little sense somewhere but I was ignoring that part of mind. A shaky whisper escaped my mouth,


“U r expecting dea?”

Her joyous energetic tone sucked the life out of me. I’m pregnant. With that beast’s child. Past 2 months were really stressing for me that I totally forgot about myself. But its just unexpected to digest the bitterness, the words giving me.

“What r u saying? I’m pregnant?”

“Yes dea. Now control ur emotions n take rest. Ur handsome partner can be here any moment. He is such a sweetheart dea.”

What is she talking about? Which partner? The moments r turning into the worst nightmare. I shift my gaze towards Taru, shocked, extremely shocked. He gave me a weak smile n left. What is happening around me? Suddenly, I feel myself surrounded with lots of questions without answers.

“There, he comes. Ok dea, bye, I gotta go now.”

“What? How?”

I lost the words. My jaw hung down seeing the beast standing at a little distance. She was talking about him, really? Loving n caring partner, my foot. If also he would be the last man left for me, I’ll never look back at him. The room was dipped down in a world of silence but his continuous, dark, intense gaze was a thing raising my temper n making me mad to commit something beyond the cruelty. Unable to bear his malicious gaze anymore, I snapped back at him,

“What r u doing here?”

“I want to know just one thing, r u really engaged with that Lucky?”

His voice cold showing the clear disinterest n anger while taking Lucky’s name. I couldn’t help but stare back into his storming eyes, swirling in desperation.

“None of ur business. Get the hell out of here.”

I screamed on the top of my lungs but he covered the distance between us, swiftly n grabbed onto my arms.

“Did u sleep with anyone else other than me?”

He is drunk. His shaky n desperate whisper fell over my lips giving me a clear vibes of excessive seriousness in him, eyes not leaving mine. I struggled to get out of his hold.

“U r hurting me.”

I managed to speak out. He is not the one I’ve seen before. He is someone else, more dangerous.

“Did he touch u? Did he feel u? Did he? Did he?…”

I felt chilly droplets dampening my skin as his madness rose up to next level n he hold myin his hands possessively.

“Come on, tell me. I want to hear u. Did u sleep with him?”

Now, who is this ‘him’ he is talking about n what happened to him?

“That’s our personal matter.”

A deep, cut n cold voice break the tension around me as I saw my rescuer standing behind the mad beast. Now the war began.

“Personal matter. **** off u bastard. Just don’t try to interfere in this. Stay. Away.”

He is really not in his sense.

“Its better u take ur warning for urself Mr Sanskar Maheswari because she is related to me n I wouldn’t like it a bit of having some random men around my girl.” Lucky smirked at him.

“Don’t u dare call her as urs. She isn’t.”

What is his problem? He is acting weird.

“That’s my child she is carrying in her womb. The best gift of our love, togetherness…”

I was shocked as Lucky was going beyond the limit in his pretence, that’s not going well with me. Whats the need to add such stuffs? His child, love, togetherness n all. It sucks. Suddenly, my thoughts broke off seeing Sanskar’s hands on Laksh’s colar, they r ready to get into a heated fight. Guessing for the upcoming storms that is knocking on the door, I cried out on the top of my lungs,

“What r u doing?”

They were staring at each other like a hungry beasts, emitting fires from the bloodshot eyes. They forgot all the other things except the bitterness they were keeping somewhere, deep inside of their self, since a long. I don’t know what their problem is, but it’s really sensitive, I can say that looking back at them.

“Woah! guys, r u going to fight?”

Heaven! I heard my Shona, really. She must be known of the recent happenings. I’m bit scared as what would be its affect on her.

“Well, what’s the matter? Actually, I missed the beginning.”

I’m out of clue what is happening here. The things were hitting on my head incessantly n I couldn’t focus on any one. I’m really very engrossed in the stuffs that I forgot the bombarding news of being pregnant. In addition to my befuddlement Swara was giving her precious attitudes.

“U just stay out of my matters Lucky. U’ve already ruined my life n I won’t allow u this time. I won’t leave u if…”

“If, what Sanky? U r still the same, the arrogant, egoistic, hot headed nut with a pea sized brain on the heels.”

That was it, if I they weren’t interrupted by any other force then, they will turn this medical room into a battlefield. Guessing about the upcoming storm, I managed to get out of my bed n jumped in between the two sour enemies.

“Stop it. If u guys want to fight then just get the hell out of here.”

Somehow, I managed to say that but as soon as I did that a tinge of unpleasant sensation bust into my head n I stumbled on my feet.

“Careful, Sweetheart.”

Lucky’s sugary voice enter into my ears n I felt a strong band of arms around my waist, giving me support. I know he is pretending in front of that man but it was not at all comfortable for me. I could feel the immense heat there, between them. Thank god, Swara came to rescue me. Though, a deep silence occurred inside the room but I could feel the tension in the air n the long piercing silence broke with a clear n gentle knock on the door as a young nurse came inside.

“Sir, we need to complete some formalities before discharging ur wife.”

My face flushed hearing her. My husband, now when was that happened? She was gaping towards Lucky.

“OK, I’ll be there in a moment. Please excuse me for now.”

Lucky was playing the game, intensely n I’m now not sure if I’d like to continue this game, from my side, because this game is evading into my personal space, excessively.

“So, u r carrying his child. Its really his…”

That man was muttering like a mad. He tried to come near me but Lucky covered me from him.

I let out a deep breath when he finally stormed out of there.

“R u alright Rags?” Swara asked me, concerned.


“Don’t worry. I won’t let him do anything harmful to u guys.”

Lucky said in a cut tone but I was literally steaming with disinterest in his plans.

“I don’t want u to do anything more for us now. U’ve already done a lot of things.”

I replied back in an equal tone as his.

“Look, I know u didn’t like it, that I interfere in ur personal matter but I had to do that n I’m really sorry if u r hurt.”

He left the room with that.

“What will u do now Rags?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure, I’ll not continue this nagging stuffs.”

“U know well, do whatever u want to do.”

Swara also left out of there n I got my time to have a look upon the matter. The main concern is, I’m pregnant n that’s also with a man I hated the most. I can’t take any risk. Its accidental n I won’t give it a thought for once, before aborting it. Yeah, I don’t want anything that reminded me about that beast n the one growing inside of me is the part of him, remembrance of the worst day of my life.

“I’ll abort this child.”


Thank u so much for reading.


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    1. Hey dea, don’t feel like that. U r always a sweetheart for me n I do care about u. Its just I was really busy, actually we got into sudden family get together n I didn’t have a time to visit the page. So sorry dea. love u n take care…

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  3. Awsm it’s becoming more interesting…really u r a great writer….in love with ur ff..but nxt update soon plzz..i can’t wait anymore

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