SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 15)


Episode 14

Sanskar’s POV

A deep odd feeling pierced my mind all of a sudden, as soon as I entered inside the party hall. There was something in the air around disturbing my already depressed self. Crowd of the rich lads, flickering of lights, media, high security n other services, just a perfect launch party but then also something is missing there… usual self.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m losing myself like hell. I was perfectly fine, ruling over my invisible kingdom 2 months back n then all changed suddenly n the reason is a girl. Though I won the challenge, though I made her my bedmate that day but that’s not enough for me. I’m craving for the for the liberation from this burning hell. That pricey sack did it! she got into my nerves n corrupted my senses. How much I’ve tried to get back into my usual self but no, I couldn’t. What the ****, m I going insane? She is nothing compare to those experienced, high class tall n curvy figure of chicks running behind me, begging for the pleasure but then also my head is hitting on the bullshit thoughts of her. Damn it! I want to feel her very badly. My head is always occupied with all the dirty thoughts I want to do with her, it keeps recalling the day I made out with her. That daggering-beautifully-speaking-black-orbs, that luscious-puffed-rosy lips, that softness, that creaminess, that addictive fragrance of her heavenly body n that attitude, everything so perfect, so mine. Yeah, she is mine because I never let go of the things I wanted for me n for the time she is my greatest need. I’ll get her anyhow. After that day, no one could give me that peace I experienced with her. No one could get me to the ecstasy I reached with her.


A deep growl escaped my mouth. I’m whispering her name n doing weird things like this, like a loonhead nowadays. I know I’m going out of my way but I can’t help it. She messed me completely, n threw me out of her life after that day. I’m experiencing the burning hell of desires. I’m not proper, not in my self nowadays n because of that I lost a big budget project n 2 brand endorsement just within this 2 months.

I needed a change that’s y I’m here in this party. Though the colours, lights, flashes, butterflies r no more capable to hold me into it but I’d give a try to everything possible to keep me occupied.

“May I have ur attention, please ladies n gentlemen,” My chain of thoughts broke off with a voice, “as we all know the reason of us being here tonight, so let’s put this suspense to it’s end n welcome our mysterious epitome of the party, the MD of the LKFT, the rising glorious star of the new era, Mr Laksh Kashyap.”

The name revoked the ocean of deep hurts swirling deep inside somewhere. The hall drowned into the roaring applauds n a very familiar figure stepped down the stairs.


I’m seeing him after 8 years. I knew him as a caring, loving, cheering, lively being, my one n only friend, my pacifier but now there is no trace of all those in the person here.

He gave his speech, shooting daggers at me with his cold stares. I know he hold me responsible for all the happenings n I hate him for that. I’ll not forgive him ever.

“Hello Mr Sanskar Maheswari. So, how do u like this party n surprise?” His voice pulled me back to reality.

“Mind bobbling. So, u r the one behind the LKFT, pretty good job. So, how is ur life going on?” I asked him casually.

“How do u think it was?” I felt coldness in his tone which changed into sarcasm then, “Tell me about urself, oh yeah, I know u r a star I mean superstar, right, I’m glad that u choose that in which u r really good, pretence.”

“Is this y u invited me here, to hit my head with such bullshits?” Though his words poked my temper very badly but I managed to counter him.

“No, there is something special I’ve to announce n which, in my thought, needs ur presence as well. So just wait a little n enjoy the party.”

His cryptic tone n blazing eyes were enough for me to understand that he is all set to give me something which for sure will be unfavorable for me but I’m readily waiting for that.

“Hello brother.”

A familiar voice came from my back, I know it, it’s his little brother Samir’s voice n his face gleamed up instantly. I turned around lazily only to get a shock. There she was with her siblings as well. my jaw hung down as I saw her, looking impossibly stunning in a vibrant red chiffon saree n everything stopped for me. No one could ever looked that beautiful, stunning n attractive in my eyes. I forgot to breath n blink.

“Hey, I was waiting for u guys.”

Lucky said while approaching towards his brother n the guests.

‘What r they doing here?’ My head buzzed up with the thoughts.

He hugged his brother affectionately while I was busy in savouring the beauty I’ve discovered just now. My unagitated intense stare disturbed when he hugged her n I felt my body heated up involuntarily.

“Told u, u’ll look fabulous in this n see u r looking extremely gorgeous, like a red mermaid.”

Lucky complemented her in his grave voice with a little amount of playfulness in it as I observed n then he pecked on her cheek. I felt hot, terribly hot as I saw her smiling back at him. Its not at all going well with me.

“Wow! what a complement, but I’d like to remind u Mr Kashyap someone else is also here complementing ur heavenly attires with her charms, who is looking outstanding than anyone here, I guess.”

I heard her, really? She is conversing with this man freely, cheerily, avoiding my presence totally. Whats happening here? Never ever in my wildest dreams I have a thought that this two have a relation. For me they r 2 parallel lines at the opposite end of my life.

“Excuse me elders, but I didn’t anyone like u have described di.”

She giggled hearing her brother’s comment n tapped him on his head lightly.

“Rags, I think we need to go around.”

I saw a glow on her face hearing her sister but there was a kind of coldness, gloominess in that voice. Then I met with a pair of big-complaining-dull eyes. I know she knows everything that has happened between me n Ragini n I’m cent percent sure she hates me more than she liked me once. Swara Gaddodia, a lively n chirpy girl I’ve met once has turned into a mysterious cold character.

“Then, lets go for a dance, whats say brother.”

My mind stumbled as I heard Samir’s idea for a dance n my eyes pointed towards Ragini, sharply.

“Thats a great idea, what do u say Rags?”

Swara’s dry voice again.

“I don’t have any problem.”

She flashed a smile to her sister.

“OK then, u go with Lucky, I’ll go with Samir n u baby bear find someone for urself.”

I stood there as an unwanted spectator. Its quite embarrassing but I couldn’t help it.

I watched her smiling within their circle not bothering a bit to look at my side.

“Beautiful lady, may I have the honor to dance with u, please?”

Lucky asked like a gentleman forwarding his hand towards her n I again saw her smiling at him. What the hell, she is smiling at his every lewd comments. I can’t let anyone else near her, I won’t.

“Might I take ur smile as a positive one?”


My impulsive mind couldn’t take it anymore n I blasted out seeing his hand ready to loop around her waist. He is going away, too far now n I won’t appreciate anyone pretending like an owner to the things belongs to me. She is mine as I’ve already marked her as mine n no one can interfere into my interest, ever.

“What happened Sanskar Bhai? R u alright?”

Samir’s calm voice did soothe my mind a little n then I saw the blank stares glued on my face n realization dawned my mind that I grabbed a lot of attention in the party hall.

“I’m fine. Its just, that, something crossed my mind.”

Somehow I managed to reply not only him but all the curious gazes. Though everyone got back to their self but I couldn’t as I found best to escape the situation n get out of there instantly.

Milky beams of lights focussing on the tall lean curvy figures walking on the ramp dressed in the fresh designer clothes at the one side n flashing of cameras, reporters, hootings of the crowd with amused expressions on the other. There is a different environment creating inside the hall. A bright light moved along focussing a attractive figure of man of the night, Laksh Kashyap n then it stopped with him at the one end of the ramp.

“May I have ur attention please everyone. Thank u so much dears, u guys did a fabulous job.” He, directing towards the models, showcasing his beautifully designed outfits, “This is a proud moment for me I can never ever forget in my life so I want to make it more special. I’ve an announcement.”

A deep silence occurred there following by the curious, excited, glittering gazes n he let out a soft smile.

“Ladies n gentleman, I know there r many rumors hitting around but now I’m ready to clear that all. Please put ur hands together n welcome our showstoppers…” A beautiful pair walked on the stage in a beautiful elegant unique outfits n the hall was filled with a mind numbing claps n numerous flashes as the crowd went mad again seeing the outfits. The pair came to his side n he introduced them, “Mr Anurag Kumar, a raw talent n Miss Ragini Gaddodia, my friend n ultimate choice who has the ability to justice my creations n promote it as well. They r fresh faces in the industry like my creations, hope u’ll appreciate them.”

The hall then again n again lost into the loud applauds as the three individuals went through a lot of question n answer rounds, photos n all. At last they came down the floor n joined within the crowd. All well in their own self enjoying the party, just a pair of fiery eyes were shooting daggers at the three individuals, gulping down the shots, infuriated.

He stood in front of them controlling his inner storms.

“Congratulation guys.” His eyes rolled over the two men n stopped on her bored face, “U r looking breathtaking.” His voice intense. “Well, Lucky what u wanted to prove doing all this?”

“Just a simple thing, stay away from her. She is not alone n don’t u dare to play ur cheap tricks. Keep it as a warning.” Lucky, dangerously.

‘Ahh…so he is warning me not to be around her, what the ****?’ Sanskar’s face scrunched up with that.

“U r no one to decide my limits, ok.” Sanskar, gravely.

“I’m not drawing anyone’s limit, by the way. I’m just asking u to be careful crossing anyone’s path related to me. I’ll not keep mum this time.” Lucky, intently.

“Thats ur problem, I don’t want to beat around n well don’t try to teach me what to do n what not to.” Sanskar, stoically.

“I changed my habit of giving free advices long ago, so don’t think it as one of those. Mark my words, I’ll not leave anyone this time…” Lucky’s aggressive voice dropped down n lost suddenly.

“Excuse me everyone. I’m sorry if I disturbed u but I just wanted a little moment of urs Mr Sanskar Maheswari.” Sweta Pandit, a popular reporter said politely.

He get himself away with her from them, reluctantly. They took a seat.

“So, Mr Sanskar Maheswari, can we have ur especial remark about tonight’s event?” She placing her equipments on the counter.

“Its wonderful, refreshing n fantastic. I liked the new innovative estern outfits. I must say, LKFT is a milestone in the fashion industry. Creations r really fresh n unique n I loved them.” He, gritting on every words.

“Sir, there were many speculations about ur involvement with LKFT n a huge amount of fans were expecting u but it turned out to be the rumours, only. N most importantly the new handsome hunk Anurag Kumar, ur younger brother, who turned out to be the face for the LKFT, is all set to make his footing into the industry, what u have to say about it? Is it a coincidence of him making his breakthrough with a project which had a big hype that concerned u, his brother? Or is it ur idea to introduce ur brother, say brotherhood?”

His jaw hardened n coldness entered in his eyes.

‘My brother, f****** a******.’ His gaze shift towards the man, his so called brother, step brother.

“Its cool. I’m in this industry from past 6 years n rumors r not new here. I don’t know how this kind of rumors get such a flow that peoples do believe that all. Anyway, I want to congratulate the man, the star of the night, Mr Laksh Kashyap n his gorgeous, beautiful models.”

“Well Sir, as they r new here, anything u would like to say for their better future?”

“Good luck.” He shrugged off the reporter with his fake smile n stormed out of there.

Thank u so much for reading.


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