SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 14)

No night ever felt darker n chilly than this before. The night was depicting the situation, portraying some destruction, betrayal, complains n tears. A storm passed ruining everything in the way, just in a blink. Ragini finally entered inside her house, defeated n confronted her siblings. A bile rose up her throat, tear tripped down her eyes n her face covered with mixed emotions.

“I think u guys r aware of everything.” She, weakly.

“We want to hear everything from u.” Swara, coldly.

“Is there anything left for me to say about?” Ragini, miserably.

“Might be, there r many more Rags, we blo*dy, don’t know about. U hid all the troubles we were going through n faced that hell all alone. Do u have any idea how we r feeling like, now? Pathetic. Selfish. Just useless fellows.” Swara, haggardly looking deeply into Ragini’s eyes.

“Y didn’t u tell us di? Y did u go through all the problems alone? Did u find us that weak for the situation? We were like an open book for each other then how could u hid such a big thing? N, what an irony! we were enjoying our life without realising from what u r going through? We r very selfish, right di?” Tarang, holding her hand gently.

“I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry.” Ragini, burst out into a cry, “I’m very selfish in reality. U guys r my world, my life n I just wanted to protect u from every evil. I didn’t want to make u feel afraid. I just wanted to keep u guys safe n secure that’s y I hid this. There was already that devil Akhil looming around in our life n god knows from where that beast crossed our path. I was just trying to maintain our life simply. Don’t feel otherwise, I know u guys r very strong. U r my strength, don’t hate me please. I’m sorry.”

Ragini broke down n her brother pulled her in a consoling warm hug.

“We can never hate u di. We’ll always love u. Now please don’t cry. We were also hurt but now, no more.” He, choking on his words.

“Rags.” She felt a hand on her shoulder, “I’m sorry. I love u a lot n I can never hate u, how much I would try but one thing I can never forgive myself. Just because of my stupidity that Sanskar Maheswari took an advantage n harassed u.” Swara, in a sorry tone.

“No. It’s not ur fault Shona.” Ragini, turning towards her.

“It is. I’m really a bad luck, a curse for u guys. Every troubles in our life r just because of me. I’m so sorry.” Swara said in a cracked voice n ran inside her room.

“Di, give her some time. Dont worry she will be ok.” Tarang, pacifying his sister.

2 months later.

“A lavish launch party for the new sensational fashion house LKFT, whose collections r gaining immense appreciation in the new trending markets in India. Finally, we got a great opportunity to have a great fashion designer who is ready to set a new trend n rule over the India.”

“Just a little more n we’ll see the face behind the beautiful creations. Though the LKFT is a known name of the fashion world but tonight is the night to have the face behind such a beautiful creations. After getting lots of appreciations n popularity in UK, US n Singapore, finally it’s going to set its strong step in India. Lets see, what’s come out next.”

“We’re eager to see the new trendy designer outfits. As we can see many celebrities r gathering here, all r just waiting to have the most awaiting moment of the party, to see the new face of the fashion world n more importantly the new designer. Lets see how they’ll rate the new creations. There is a hot buzz about our Superstar Sanskar Maheswari’s involvement in promoting the new trendy fabrics with his killer look.”

“If u want to know more, then keep watching us.”

Reporters, high class peoples, celebrities n luxurious arrangements in their services. The spacious hall was filled with the rich, known n popular faces of the society n he was enjoying the excitement on their faces, for his creations n more of that to revealing his mysterious self, which has been concealed till now. Today is the day, to introduce himself to the world, though he has been in this world from 5 years n has it’s branches in the 3 countries but he was always behind the name of LKFT. He was sitting on a lounge, sipping on his drink from a long, watching on the big wall screen monitoring every side of the hall. His shrewd eyes were fixed at the entrance. Finally, a light sparked in his eyes seeing a white suited man entering inside the hall.

“Welcome Sanskar Maheswari, welcome. Finally, u r here, now the real fun begins. Just try to control ur hot headedness because I’m going to give u a real hard time. Just wait a little.” A quirky smile creased on his lips n he moved out of his restroom, clad in skyline blue armani suit.

“May I have ur attention, please ladies n gentlemen, as we all know the reason of us being here tonight, so let’s put this suspense to it’s end n welcome our mysterious epitome of the party, the MD of the LKFT, the rising glorious star of the new era, Mr Laksh Kashyap.” Megha Sharma, his secretary, the host of the party gave the most awaited announcement n a milky beam of light focused on a tall, handsome n dashing figure of a man descending down the stairs.

The hall was filled with theroaring applauds n every curious gazes stuck on the confident face of the man n girls were just mesmerized by his look but his gaze ran around the hall n clashed with a shocked-wide-brown eyes.

“Lucky.” A breathy whisper escaped Sanskar’s mouth.

‘Hold on Mr Sanskar Maheswari, there r much more u’ll gonna get.’ Lucky stepped on the red carpeted floor n surrounded with the crowd of congratulating individuals.

“I would like to invite u on the stage to share something about urself n ur works with us, Mr Kashyap.”

He stepped on the stage n grabbed the mike looking at the guests n his sworn enemy.

“Namaste, everyone. First of all I want to welcome n thank all of u. Though, I’m not a new name in the fashion world n running my fashion house Laksh Kashyap Fashion Trendz in short LKFT in 3 different countries but I consider this day as my life’s n career’s turning point. I’m hoping for the well. I went through a lot of hardships to achieve my goal n at last its fulfilled. Though, it took very much but I’m glad I got something back. I’m just trying to connect with ur hearts, make a small place in there n convey my messages through this party friends. I don’t know how to express myself but believe me I’m really very excited n happy that finally my dream of establishing my own fashion house in my motherland fulfilled. It took a long way to reach my real goal. I went London n completed my studies n then it took a 5long years to establish myself in this world. Today is the best day of my ambitious life. I’m glad to see u all here, to support me, encourage me, welcome me. Thank u. Thank u so much. Enjoy the party n once again, thank u so much.”

The hall was filled with a loud applauds. He stepped away from the stage n moved near his target.

“Hello Mr Sanskar Maheswari. So, how do u like this party n surprise?” Lucky, shrewdly.

“Mind bobbling. So, u r the one behind the LKFT, pretty good job. So, how is ur life going on?” Sanskar, still in the shock.

“How do u think it was?” Lucky, aggressively for a moment but then composing himself, “Tell me about urself, oh yeah, I know u r a star I mean superstar, right, I’m glad that u choose that in which u r really good, pretence.” sarcastically.

“Is this y u invited me here, to hit my head with such bullshits?” Sanskar, coldly.

“No, there is something special I’ve to announce n which, in my thought, needs ur presence as well. So just wait a little n enjoy the party.” Lucky, mischievously.

Thank u so much for reading.

Well I want to thank u Sammy, Sima n Jenisha for ur beautiful comments. I couldn’t thank for ur lovely remarks on previous update. Thank u so much. I don’t know how often I’ll be able post the updates but I’ll post all three updates every Sunday.


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