SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 13)

The room was dipped in a tensed environment n he was standing right in front of his portrait, a memento from someone, his close one.

‘Life will be very easy Sanky, if u could give a try to relax ur bullshit thoughts n smile like a winner in every situation of life, just like me n u know what u r looking like right now, a complete jerk.’

A chuckling voice echoed inside his head seeing the portrait in which his face was presented as in a thoughtful state with a lopsided smile n there was a quote on the bottom of the portrait on the right side, ‘Key To My Happiness ____SomeOne, SomeWhere’, seeing which his face filled with an impossible look.

‘Oh please, don’t give me such irritating look, I know u r not like the one in this picture but u will, in future, man. N u know what is the concept of this portrait, that u r waiting for ur special one whose thought could bring a smile on ur face, despite of the fact that u don’t know anything about her.’

His head buzzed up with the memories.


A shaky, heavy voice bring him back to the reality n his head snapped back to the source. A dark shadow covered his demeanor n his posture hardened looking back at the man standing there in the room, beside the door. A jolt of sensation spread over his nerves, his body lunged forward towards the man, ruining everything in his way n grabbed the man’s throat in his grip n shoved him on the wall, in a flash.

“How? How did this happen? How could? U were supposed to have an eye on them, right, then how could anyone take them right under ur nose?” He, gravelly.


“Let me recall something, u r my security in charge I guess, right Mark?” He, dangerously.

“Yes Sir..” Mark, shakily, “..but situation was out of my control. I didn’t have any idea about 3rd party’s interest in the matter. I was just backed up for the target with my 4 other men n then Akhil turned up with his men out of no where, put guns on our head n left the spot with them.”

“Bl**dy bastard. How did he get to know about them?” He pulled himself away from the man furiously.

“Sir, there is something more, it wasn’t like kidnapping or something like that, the targets left with them with their own will.” Mark, thoughtfully.

“What do u mean?” He, dropping his temper suddenly.

“Actually, Miss Gadoddia went for the washroom once n according to one of my man, she was talking with someone in phone. May be that someone was Akhil Solanki.”

“So, Swara Gaddodia was the one behind all the scenario, is it what u want to say?” He, narrowing his gaze on the man.

“Yes Sir.”

“Cool. So, new angle, hmm.” Sanskar thoughtfully, “U go now n yeah, keep an eye on Miss Ragini Gadodia. I want every damn information about her.”

“Yes sir.”

‘What the hell, if they were out of my hold then y didn’t they inform her? Although, that mistake gave me the most pleasurable n wonderful moment of my life but still what could be the reason behind all this?’ His face beamed with the thought, ‘Anyway, I’ll find out everything. Now, no sour feelings n all, after all, I’ve done what I wanted to do from a long. I gave perfect answer to those slaps of her with interest. So, its better to let go of everything n concentrate on other aspects of life.’

“Hello Miss Ragini Gaddodia.”

A heavy-harsh-manly voice echoed around the spacious, white, posh hall.

“Where r my brother n sister?” She, looking at the man approaching towards her, lazily.

“I was waiting for u, finally u r here. Well, we’ll talk about everything, have a seat, y so hurry miss?” Akhil stood in front of her, giving an irritating smile, “Shelly.” He screamed aloud.

A lean n pale figure appeared there as soon as his command n served them drinks. She was looking sick, Ragini observed.

“Now, get lost.” He barked the order at her n she left the place.

“Where r they?” Ragini.

“I don’t have any idea about ur brother but my jaan…I mean, ur sister, she is still on the bed.” He, playfully.

Everything lost into the deep silence for a moment n her hand grabbed the juice on the table n spilled all the contents on his face.

“What the…”

His face lost its cool for a second but then his eyes gleamed up with a mischievous smile.

“So, Miss Ragini Gadodia, how was ur night, I mean day? U see, tongue slip.”

Her face flushed with an extreme anger, remembering all the worst happenings just in a day. She got his points very well.

“Hope u enjoyed a lot, after all, u really had a great partner, Superstar Sanskar Maheswari. Was he good with u in the bed, I mean r u satisfied?” He, wickedly.

“U blo*dy bastard.” She stood up, looking at the foxy man, infuriated, “Where r they? Just tell me u *******.”

“Oww…temper. What to do, u know what, I didn’t abduct ur siblings, my jaan called me this morning n asked me to get them back to their home. How could I refuse my jaan, I just obeyed her command…”

“I don’t believe u. She called u, impossible.” She, impossibly.

“I don’t care if u believe me or not but she believe me that’s y she asked for my help in need. Actually, u know what, she still loves me otherwise she couldn’t seek my help in the situation.” He, dreamily, “She wanted to know the reason behind ur weird behaviour n I told her everything.” looking intently at her.

Suddenly she felt all the tiredness, pain n a burden on her. ‘Is she aware of today’s happenings?’ Her lungs felt tight with the thought.

“What have u told her?” She.

“Everything, she needed to know, about u n Sanskar Maheswari. U know what, I knew all the smoky scenes between u two from the very beginning, though I hate him from the core of my heart but that man is really super. He trapped u, in a no time n believe me, I would have saved u from him but u needed that punishment for messing with me, again. U did really wrong, spying on me n including my jaan in such activity but it’s all right now, I sorted out the matter. U also got a good lesson for ur very life n I got her faith on me, once again. Now, just wait n watch, I’ll take her away from u.” He stood up, “Now, if u excuse me, I need to take a bath again. Well, they r at home, safe.”

She left the place, shocked.

‘Everything finished. One wrong move ruined my life. My sister n brother went to that man just to know about me, oh god! I failed. I lost completely in the battle of my life…’

“Hello. Are u mad? Cant u see this big car…”

Her eyes caught an angry tall, broad n handsome figure of a man shouting at her but her brain couldn’t register a word properly as darkness occupied in her senses n everything turned into black.


‘She believe me…’

The wicked voice ringed inside my head, raising upset tingling sensation over my senses n I opened my eyes slowly. A blur white vision caught my eyes n I heard a chirpy voice.

“She is up, Sir.”

‘Oh gosh! Where m I?’ I looked around.

“How r u now, dea?”

Same chirpy voice, again n I felt a hand on my head.

“Miss Sharma, ask her about her name n address.”

This time a heavy, arrogant, male voice hit her eardrums n she got a view of a cute young girl n same man, whom she saw before passing out. Oh god! whats this? Where m I? N who r they?

“Hey! can u hear me dea? Who r u, I mean whats ur name?”

“Where m I?” I asked them, confused.

“Hi, I’m Megha n this is my house. Actually, u passed out in the middle of the road that’s y we took u here. So, what about u?”

“I’m Ragini Gadoddia. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Ragini, awkwardly.

“U should be.” He, aggressively, “If u r not in ur proper sense, better just stay at ur place without bothering everyone around. Do u have any idea, u were suppose to get into an accident, thank god I put the break in time, stupid.”

“Sir, calm down. Keep pity on her. Let her speak.” Megha, interrupting him in the middle, “Ragini, u want to say anything else?”

“Sorry n thank u so much for everything. I have to go now.”

Thank u so much for reading.

Sorry for the delay. I’m still suffering from seasonal flu. Thanks for the beautiful comments guys.


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