SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 12)

Episode 11

He gulped down the champagne, gaping at her heavenly posture, looking extremely n impossibly hot n amazing in the red lingerie, arousing his manhood, raising his desires by every inch, every second, beside him. His hand, looped around her waist, tightened with the sudden intensity n pulled her very close to him that her body heated up with the heat transmitting from his body. Her body steeled in his intense actions over her but she didn’t oppose him in his move.

“Oh! girl! u r really irresistible. I’m hardly having a control over myself, here.” He, trailing down her neck with his hungry lips, “I just want to explore u n put a fullstop… to my uncontrollable desire to have u, for ever. I want to hear ur soft screams…” He, somewhat in a lusty tone, “I want to **** u really hard n very bad that I’ve never done before…”

Her face heated up n face scrunched up in disgust n he smirked taking a sip on his drink.

“I’m here as ur wish, just do what u want n let me go, for ever.” She, harshly.

“U naughty girl.” He mocking at her.

He placed the glass on the table near them n pulled her with such an intensity that her full body landed over his, so she was on top of him. Her eyes widened in reaction n body wriggled to compose but she failed as his embrace tightened around her n she couldn’t do anything except crashing down on his body, very badly.

“Oh! heaven! this is so good. U smell so good dea.” He whispered burying his head on her long, black, soft n thick traces.

His hands sliding on her back feeling her every inch, greedily n the long to feel her softness more near his hard one, reflexed his muscles to pull her more closer to him.

“I can’t wait more…”

He groaned impatiently as his hand grabbed her slender thigh n he stood up lifting her up with, while wrapping her legs around his hips n moved inside the room.


I don’t know, suddenly my mind went off as I felt up on a height, in his embrace n I felt my self thrusting on the bed n in the next second. My mind came back to the sense when I felt him dangerously close to me, sucking, biting n licking on my skin. A shriek escaped my mouth as soon as his hands shoved off the shoulder thread of the lingerie slowly down n placed there open mouthed hungry kisses. My hands grabbed onto the bedsheet to control the urge to push him away n cut him into millions of pieces right there but in the situation the thought was nothing more than a nonsense. I’ve to go through this, my mind reminded me. He does everything n sucked the life out of me n I let him do whatever he was doing…


My eyes were just glued on her as she was looking f****** hot, gorgeous, s*xy n too seductive in those red fabric, hugging her body like a second skin n there is only thought running over my mind, strip her right there n take her. I never saw anyone like her before, though I met with many damn hot chicks in my life n made out god knows how many nights with them but no one had those s*xy, seductive n attractive curves like her that could hold my attention for any long. Red fabric n her creamy layer, damn amazing, I just want to taste those layer.

As soon as her heavenly body fell onto my hard one, something thrilling n new sensation spread all over my senses, arousing my hungry desires of ages. It felt so good to hold her delicious body on mine n there was only thing running over my senses, pull her more close n feel her, impossibly. I pulled her closer n her delicate body crashed down against mine rock-hard one. Oh god!! she is damn good. I never felt like this with anyone before. I buried my head on the addicted-black-shiny-stream over her neck n filled the fruity fragrance full in my lungs.

Desires, stepped over my mind n body dangerously, n I drowned inside, completely, feeling her softness, creaminess so close to me. I lift her up, wrapped her delicate legs around my hips n headed inside the room. I thrust her down on the bed n took a position over her, taking off my shirt in haste. My mouth took the charge to devour her, inch by inch n it become wild. She shrieked when my hand grabbed onto the shoulder thread of her fabric, finally something came out in response from her. My mind went mad, I ripped off her clothe n drank in her beauty. She closed her eyes in shame n more than that disgust. But the need, desire controlled my actions n I end up taking her everything also in her painful screams.

I felt liberated, after doing all but I’m not done with her, yet. I want all those, again. She was something like, really hard for me to understand, I just don’t want to let go of her, not now, not this soon but I stopped on my track seeing her tears n haggard breathes, I already know that it’s her first time n the feeling of being the first one give me a clear satisfaction, y? I don’t know n the thought of someone else will be there in her life, who will take her everything in future gave me an unpleasant sensation, y? I f****** don’t know. I looked down at her boneless posture drenching in tear, sweat n pain. She curled beneath me suppressing her screams n something restricted me to go further, I closed my eyes in utter frustration, what the hell is wrong with me?? I moved off her n lie down on my back, beside her. Her milky back was facing me but I want to feel her on me, over me n inside me. I pulled her vulnerable posture on mine n wrapped my arms around her, it’s not that something I haven’t done before but this time it’s just different. I dozed off, satisfied, feeling her close to me.


I opened my eyes, haziness still lingering around. A sharp stinging sensation shoot over my every parts n I felt uncontrollable pain in my sensitive parts. A steamy tear tripped down my eyes n landed on…his bare chest??? Was I sleeping like this all the while? How the hell this had happen? My senses buzzed up with the thoughts n it rose to its peak seeing his disgusting face deep inside the world of peaceful slumber. How can a beast get a peaceful sleep although after a sin? I, somehow managed to come out of his hold n moved inside the washroom tripping on my moves.

I came out of the washroom, he is still in the bed. My body shook in anger n mind filled with an urge to kill the beast in his sleep but I moved out of there, away from his presence. My steps moved towards the window when it stopped n turned to other side where a cellphone caught my sight, it must be his. I unlocked the phone n it showed me 18 missed calls from an unknown no. n my thumb tapped on the redial. After a long ring, someone responded from the other end.

“Sir, we’ve tried to contact u many times but u didn’t pick up the calls…” A meek n tensed voice of a man, paused for a moment, “Sir, we lost them. Actually, we don’t know from where Akhil’s man trapped us n…”

Someone grabbed the cellphone n turned her numbed posture around. Her face scrunched up n bile of emotions riled up of her throat seeing the beast in front of her.

“What the hell r u doing with my phone?” He barked, holding her arms tightly.

Something happened in a flash n he felt a thunder on his face n then again n again. She punched him right on his face.

“What the hell??” He, confused.

“U r a worst person I’ve ever seen in my life. Now, as u’ve got what u wanted from me though by deceit, have some shame n gut to fulfill ur commitment about stepping out of our life now onwards.” She sarcastically.

“What??” He, blankly.

“I’m leaving.” She turned around to leave.

“We aren’t done yet.” He, holding her hand.

“We r.” She, jerking off her hand, “You r not a real man I know but try to maintain ur fake status n fulfil the preposition between us or else u’ll get a tag of no man. Goodbye.”

She left the place n his dumb figure behind.

Thank u so much for reading.

Hey guys, thanks for the lovely comments n I know I made u wait for too long n I’m really very sorry for that. Actually, I’ve a Reunion with my +2 friends n after that fell sick n tired, n I took a full rest for some days. So, now I’m back. Be ready for the new phase.


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