SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 11)


She entered inside the home, her lifeless home without her dear siblings. Her tired n drained posture fell down on the couch. She was sad but there was a sign of relief as well, for time being, at least now her life, her dear siblings r away from the double faced beast’s clutch. Her phone ringed on n a mischievous smile played on her lips. She received the call n punched on the call record.

“Good morning sweetheart.” She heard his husky tone.

“Good morning bittergourd.” She, coldly.

“Woah!! sounding different dea. Change, hmm?” He, impressively.

“I always go with the need n the need of the time, for now is change.” She, carelessly.

“Really? I’m impressed hearing ur thought of the day.” He.

“Yeah, n I think, u also need that. Change is really very important in ur life.” She, coolly.

“Don’t worry here after u’ll go with many changes in ur life.” He, intently.

“Oh really?” She, in a mock.

“Only 1 hour n 20 minutes left to complete my time limit, so when will u reach here?” He.

“In ur wildest dreams, may be.” She, stoically.

She heard a mirthful laugh on the other side, “I know how to turn my dreams into reality. Well, if u won’t be able to come here then I can come there as u r also alone in the home…” He, lecherously.

Her heart skipped a beat but she composed herself.

“So at last u got to know about this?” She, casually.

“Every matters related to u always go through my knowledge, girl. So, a week plan, not bad we can enjoy very much.” He, huskily.

Her heart thumped in her chest n words slipped off her mind.

“NAINITAL. Ur mom’s birth place is really a beautiful place. Well, ur massi would be glad seeing ur siblings there but sorry for this time, they’ll not reach there.” He, in a sorry tone.

Life sucked out of her.

‘How could I be so stupid? He is too powerful n resourceful to do anything to get a hold onto them n she took a wrong move by sending her life away from her. Now what??’

She fell down right on her face with the sudden turn of the events.

“What r u talking about?” She, stuttering a little.

“U r not that dumb. Be ready, my driver will be there in 20 minutes. Be quick. Now, I’ll see to how much length u’ll go for ur siblings n don’t disappoint me this time with ur stupid moves, it’ll cost someone’s life, dear for u.” He hung the call.

She punched on her siblings no. which answered back in the out of coverage area, darkness occupied her vision, mind blocked with the fog of bad happenings n she broke down into tears reminiscing her stupidity.

He picked up the bottle of champagne n smiled thoughtfully.

“Now, I’ll see ur defeated face in front
of me. U messed with a wrong person girl n it’s the payback time. Start countdown for the victory Sanskar Maheswari, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…”

“I’m here. Where is my siblings?”

He heard a haggard voice from his back n a victorious smile creased on his lips. He turned around n with that a ‘pluck’ sound come up. She saw the fizzy bubbles coming out of the champagne bottle n trailing down his hand.

“Its the celebration time. Finally, my dreams n obsession r going to get it’s sanity.” He approaching towards her.

“Where r they?” She, desperately.

“Let them be there, where they r, for some time, sweetheart?” He, playfully.

He closed the distance between them, completely n slid his one hand around her waist. His head dipped down inside her thick n silky long black traces.

“Wow! How I always wanted to feel it.” He, dreamily.

Her posture stilled in his intense action.

“R they alright?” She, breathlessly.

His eyes narrowed on her continuous query about her sibling’s well-being.

“Yeah, they r alright n will be out of my zone after tonight.” He, intensely trailing down her temple with the back of his fingers.

“Do, whatever u want to do, I’m here n leave us in the peace forever.” She, in a crack voice.

“Yeah, that I’ll do without any doubt. If u would have agreed for this before, this all things would never happened. U only invited this inconvenience for urself.” He, leaving her numbed posture.

“Go inside n freshen up. I’ve kept there something for u on the table. I want to see u in that. Come back, quickly.” He, pointing towards a room door. She followed his order n went inside.

‘Today, my beautiful day. Finally, I’ll feel her, devour her like I wished to, since the day I saw her. Oh! how much I’ve suffered because of that black-bold-beautiful eyes I wanted to drown into, that long smooth traces I wanted to hide inside, those pink-bloomed cheek I wanted to touch always, those berry lips I wanted to suck hard n the soft-creamy n perfectly curved body I wanted to hold, always. N, now, I’ll do that everything.’ His eyes gleamed up with the thought.

He poured the champagne into two glasses n waited for her, the poker to his very uncontrollable desires n without giving him more restlessness she came out in the thigh length red lingerie displaying every curves of her perfectly. His eyes glued on her without a blink.

“Oh! heaven!!” escaped his mouth, a breathy whisper.

“I want to get out of here as soon as possible, so don’t waste ur time.” She, looking towards nowhere.

His steps moved forward towards her n grabbed her waist tightly pulling her very close to him.

“Before going for the wild ride, I want to have a glass of my victory with u.” He, still gaping at her.

Thank u so much for reading.

Sorry for the delay guys, I’m very busy in my college stuffs nowadays, as exams r looming around the head so pardon me.

Thank u so much Sammy, ur words means a lot for me. I’m really glad to know ur liking for my ffs. Keep reading in future also n love u dea…

Amna, I’m from Darjeeling n I never visited Nainital but I wish to visit the place, once in my life.


Credit to: RSR

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