SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 10)


episode 9

It has been very long, she was waiting for her brother but he was no where to be seen there. Her heart was going out of beats n eyes were continuously making its way towards the wall clock showing 5:00 p.m. n this is quite long from his daily schedule. Seeing her restlessness Swara tried to pull her sense to many other things but every time her mind turned up with the actual happenings.

‘God! please send him all well. I want to see him, my Taru. Please, protect him.”

She walked outside the gate n threw a glance at the black pitch for many times but no, he wasn’t there n in addition to that he isn’t picking her calls. It was going very well with the situation n her dark instincts to give her an affective blow.

“Don’t worry Rags. He must be on his way. U also know, how much students r there n it takes a lot of time, normally. So, stop ur horses n show some pity on urself, momma bear. Ur baby bear will be here within a little more. He must be doing this on purpose as he has already cleared that he don’t want to do anything but only enjoy in tonight’s party.” Swara, tried to lighten the tensed environment around there.

“Yeah, hope so.” Ragini, faintly, “Oh! dear god! his phone is responding switched off Shona but he never does so, before. I don’t know y but I’m not feeling well Shona. Now, I can’t sit a minute more here, I’ve to go.” Ragini, approaching towards the door all of a sudden.

“Rags, is there something u need to share with me?” Swara, doubtfully.

Ragini stopped on her way.

“N y r u feeling so?” Ragini, irritated.

“Because, I’ve never seen u like this ever. U r not the one to do anything in haste, then what happened all of a sudden?” Swara, rationally.

“I always behaved like this whenever the situations dragged u guys in it.” Ragini, stubbornly, not wanting her sister to go through more mental stress.

Swara kept quiet but she wasn’t convinced at all. There were many questions raising inside her head, just wanting a reasonable answers n Ragini was all known about it. They were glaring at each other with lot of unsaid reasons n a call interrupted them suddenly.

“Hello, Taru. Where r u? What is this all? We r waiting for u…” Ragini,

“This much concern for ur little brother.”

She froze on her place n something chilly passed down her spine, hearing his teasing tone on the other side.

“Where is Taru?” She whispered a lifeless one.

“He is inside the ICU, fighting for his life. U can give him life n I think u’ll think about it definitely from now. But please be quick, there is only 18 hours n…37 minutes left in ur hand. So, be quick n sharp with ur decisions.” He, seriously.

“Where is he?” She, composing herself.

“Oh! dear lord! I think someone is going out of their mind but don’t worry I’ll bring u on the right track within my time limits.” He, stoically.

“Rags, r u alright? What about Taru?” Swara, shaking her a little.

“No..nothing. Please get me a glass of water.” Ragini, fumbling a little.

“Alright.” Swara left the place.

“Look, please don’t drag my siblings in this matter. Ur problem is with me, please leave them.” She, in a cracked voice.

“Ahh…ah…not a problem, its passion, more suitable, obsession. I’m just obsessed to have u, in my arms. I’m just obsessed to feel those softness, richness n perfect curves of urs against mine. I just want to feel u, deeply that I had never feel anyone in my life. I want to drown deeply inside the world of pleasure I never drowned in my life.” He, intensely.

“Just tell me once, is he alright?” She, weakly.

“I’ve told u before u go against n be ready to face the consequence, u took me lightly but hope today’s lesson gave u a little sense about my myself.” He, gravely.

Her heavy breathes hacked on her lungs n mind numbed in the affect.

“Rags, water. What happened…” Swara was asking her questions when door bell ringed.

“Look, it must be him. U just raise ur blood pressure for useless thoughts.” Swara went towards the door giving her an impossible look.

“Whats this? Taru!!”

Ragini come running on the door hearing Swara’s loud voice n saw her brother unconscious on a boy’s shoulder.

“Mam, please show me his room.” The boy, gently.

He placed him on the bed.

“What happened to him?” Ragini, checking on her brother.

“I don’t know di, actually I saw him on the college park, he was in this condition that’s y I get him here without informing to the college. I’m Samir Kashyap, Tarang’s best friend.” He, in a descent manner.

“Thank u so much Samir. We’ll never forget ur today’s favour.” Swara, pleased.

“Its all right di. I’ve to go now as I’m a hosteler so need to be there on time. Ok bye.” He, with a smile.

“Don’t feel awkward, if u feel anything bad or need any company, come here. N don’t hesitate n try to be here everyday, we’ll feel happy to have u here again.” Ragini, thankfully.

“I’ll definitely di. Ok, for now I’ve to leave.” He left the room.

“Don’t worry he’ll be alright.” Swara, in a soothing tone.

Ragini just gave her a dry smile, nodding her head as there was something else running inside her mind.

“Guys, u r going for massi’s(maternal aunt) place, Nainital for a week. I’ve done with ur packing stuffs n u guys only need to get ready within time n ur journey will be by train n that is after 3 hours, so be quick with ur stuffs.” Ragini, on the breakfast table.

“What???” Both brother n sister cried out in extreme shock.

“No dramas n get on ur work kiddos.” Ragini, determined.

“But di, I’m not feeling well.” Tarang, childishly.

“I know my baby that’s y I’m sending u on a trip to hill station. I know u’ll surely love the place n get back on ur self.” Ragini.

“But, u’ll be alone then…” Swara, worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be alright. Its just u guys need to be introduced in our maternal relatives as well n massi was asking for u two, so enjoy guys.” Ragini, cheerily.

Both of them sat there with a pouty look.

“Trust me guys, u’ll enjoy this trip n please don’t give me such a horrible treatment.” Ragini, in a teasing tone.

“We’ll miss u” Both hugging her from back.

“I’ll miss u too.” She clutching their hands n hiding her unshed tears.

‘Now, I’ll deal with u.’ She thinking something deeply.

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