SomeOne, SomeWhere – Swaragini (Episode 19)

“I don’t care. She accepted his proposal. Very good. I’m good. Nothing can bother me. I don’t care.” He blabbered maniacally gripping on the washbasin cracking his knuckles, trying hard to keep his composure but when his eyes dashed on the mirror, the one stared back at him from there was nothing looked like he was interpreting from a long. It was a haggard, pathetic, depressed one. His hands lift up to feel the warm liquid rushing down his eyes, he was unaware until now that he was crying. ‘For what?’ His inner voice popped up and her beautiful face flashed on his head. In a blink, his hand made its contact on the mirror surface with a great impact and glass pieces splattered everywhere with blood trails, producing a crinkling noise. “This isn’t me. I’m nothing like this.” Looking back at the broken mirror he stepped backwards dumbstruck. “How dare you?” An unsettled thick voice burst out, “How dare you say yes to that f**king bastard?”

A long moment passed with cursing and swearing. Standing at the corner of the messed up washroom he stared at his injured, blood oozing hand then blood stained basin, broken mirror, glass pieces and blood trails on the tiled floor. His disordered tall broad posture was enough to describe his not so good state of mind. Feeling a little dizziness overpowering his senses he walked out of the washroom to apply first aid to his wound. He bandaged his hand suppressing every bit of frustration. A memory crossed his mind of her accepting marriage proposal and bile of frustrated growl escaped his mouth.

“I’ll not leave you this time Lucky. You’ll get back real hard for playing this sick game of yours.” He stressed every word dangerously low, “And Miss Ragini Gaddodia, you just wait. I’m not a looser. I’ll show you. You can’t ruin my life. I won’t allow you to ruin me. I’ll do whatever to make you come to me. You have my child. My blood. And I’m not gonna leave you like that. You can’t make your goddamn decisions like that.”

Suddenly, he became aware of nearing footsteps, his head snapped up towards the door and a knock confirmed someone’s presence outside. Unexpected invasion pricked his bitter state.

“Get lost.” He barked irritated but knocks followed.

‘Who could be here? Mr Solanki said me earlier, this room is for my service tonight. Then who’s deathly wish get him here?’

He stood still, seething in anger but knocks didn’t stop and with a long strides his hand pulled open the door to come face to face with the last person he’s expected, his once friend, and now enemy, Laksh Kashyap. Lucky took in his appearance skeptically and his eyes lingered on the recently bandaged hand. There were fresh blood stains on white dishevelled shirt he has on.

“Ahh. Look who’s here, Mr Laksh Kashyap himself. So, what makes you walk over to here hmm? Isn’t it your great moment to celebrate? What are you doing here leaving your beautiful fiancée alone there hmm?” Expressing clear distaste and mockery in his tone, his eyes challenging Lucky’s blank eyes observing his state keenly.

“I guess, this marriage news took you by a great surprise. I can see it. Well, I was planning on it from a while. Finally, I made it.” A smirk played on Lucky’s lips and with a cold look he snapped, “And looking at the result, I’m very much satisfied.”

“Why are you here?” He asked controlling an urge to kill the person in front of him.

“Just to see this state of yours. You are looking like someone, who lost his everything.”

Lucky’s harsh remark hit on the nerve controlling his actions. Everything blackened for a while and when it cleared Lucky was plastered on the wall under his iron grip on his color.

“Try to play with my temper once more and I’ll not think once before I disfigure your slimy self.” He warned him gravely.

“Should I take it as a threat?” Lucky mimicked sarcastically and jerked out of the iron grip, “Tell me one thing, why are you desperate? You can tell me you know.” He pretend like thinking and his eyes widened with a dramatic pause, “Oh my god! Sanskar Maheswari, are you desperate because I’m getting married to Ragini?”

Something flickered in his eyes and a fist swing in the air and landed straight on Lucky’s jawline. Lucky stagger back with the sudden blow and stopped another blow coming it’s way towards him, instantly.

“Not again Sanky. I’ll gonna give you the exact taste you tasted me once. This time, you’ll be the one to step into my shoes.” He spit in a low growl.

“So, you’re actually doing all this to get back to me? This marriage proposal and all just to get revenge?”

Question remained unanswered but Lucky’s irritating smirk cleared him everything and his posture erected to get into action. There was a probability of a fight to ensure.

“Mr Maheswari.” A voice interrupt them with a knock and Mr Solanki stepped inside. “Oh, Mr Kashyap, you’re also here.” Once his eyes took the atmosphere inside the room, his cheery tone died down and he stopped in his track, worriedness washed his face, “Anything wrong, gentlemen?”

“Nothing.” Sanskar dismissed, at the same time Lucky snapped,

“I was going out.”

“I guess, you need some medical attention.” Mr Solanki gesture towards Sanskar’s improperly bandaged hand, “Wait a moment.”

“OK then, I’m leaving now.” Giving a nod Lucky walked towards the door.

“We need to talk here.” Sanskar raise Why Ragini? Why are you using her for your purpose?” Sanskar demanded from behind.

“You can always take an appointment to have those conversation Mr Maheswari.” With that Lucky stepped out of the door.

“Mr Solanki we’ll talk later.” Sanskar dismissed the man with a look and made a call instantly, “Giri, cancel all my tomorrow’s appointments and fix a meeting with Laksh Kashyap. Anyhow, It need to be done. Got it.”

She walked in the parking lot. After the dinner took an unbelievable twist, finally it was the time she got to process through whatever happened inside the Hotel Reign. Swara, Tarang and Samir were already in their way to home and she was left behind with Lucky despite of her willingness to ride back home with them. And now, she was on her way towards the parking lot leaving Lucky in his little social gathering inside, with an excuse of getting fresh air. She gripped tightly on the front of her fur coat feeling chillness in the air.

It was only a dull light, gloomily chilly weather and the tapping of her stiletto on the concrete floor engulfing the parking lot in itself but then, suddenly she felt herself under someone’s observation. A chilly shiver blast from the inside of her bones and she heard footsteps in a distance. With a thudding heart she took out her car key and walked fast towards a black SUV blaring with a bulky red light, 3 cars away. She was few steps away from her car almost tripping on her hastiness when the footsteps got closer and she was lifted up off the floor by muscular arms. Feeling safe she released a relieved breath and a familiar woodsy scent filled her lungs.

“Be careful.”

Her eyes shot open sensing the disturbing familiarity in the person’s voice and a clear frown seeped inside her eyes.

“You?” She grunted in disappointment.

“You did very wrong.” He stressed on the words locking his accusing gaze with her, intensely. There was something off about him.

“Put me down.” She wriggled in his hold avoiding his gaze but the hold tightened around her more, securely and he walked his way towards the SUV.

“Where is your so called fiance hmm..? Anything could have happened to you or baby if I wouldn’t had come here at time. But why would he care, its not his baby.” He spit out the words harshly and paused for a moment to throw a concern look on my face and belly. “But I do care. I’m not approving your clumsiness for your and baby’s betterment. You should be more careful. Understood.” He command her in a way that she fell under a charm and nod her head with his. His lips lift up in a smooth curve and he again get back on his walking, breaking her trance, certainly.

“Look, I can walk myself OK. Put me down.” She screamed irritated hiding the bubbling awkwardness but of no use.

He walked like that lifting her in a bridal style without a word. It surprised her that he wasn’t there with his usual rockheaded self and disgusting remarks. His stiff posture stopped reaching at the passenger side of the car and she was placed inside there, gently. He was about to close the door when a muffled cry escaped her mouth feeling some fluttering in her bellypot.

“What happened?” He looked at her bleary eyes cupping her cheek with his bandaged hand while getting down on his knees hurriedly and his other hand instantly made it’s way to her bellypot, “Is it paining?” he asked concerned.

“He kicked.” She whispered breathily.

“Who kicked?” His anger filled voice boomed.

“Baby kicked, you idiot.” She exclaimed happily.

“What? Why would he do so? Is he hungry?” He inquired confused.

“You are completely useless.” She, impossibly.

Then again, it happened and this time his hand on her bellypot felt it.

“I think I got it.” He said dumbstruck.

With that fluttering stopped and a warmth of motherhood embraced her. It felt so good to feel there is an innocent life inside her. She fell completely into a blissful world. A teary smile appeared on her lips soon to be wiped off by seeing him like that close to her. Her trance broke.

“Are you alright?” He asked in an urgency, his eyes twinkling with alien emotions and it pushed something inside her.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you making everything complicated for me? Why do you think my life’s a game? Why don’t you go away?” She burst out furiously.

He stared blankly at her sudden change of behavior for some time and stood up with a jerk. With that all the warmth left her and coldness shadowed her senses.

“Take care.” He closed the door and walked out of her vision leaving her restless.

Night felt heavier. Her muscles start to ache shifting on the bed time to time but warm, snuggy bed couldn’t help her enough to get a good sleep. Her mind keep playing her last encounter with Sanskar in the parking lot few hours ago. It was the stupidest of her that she felt too much comfortable with him. She traced the place on her belly where his hand rested, his warm heaviness still in affect.

“For god sake, stop it.” With a irritated shrill she jerk out of the bed and made her way towards the hall. She was on her way but then she stopped outside Swara’s room and enter inside. Adjusting her sight in a dull blue light, her eyes directly landed on the empty bed and roamed around.

“I hate you OK. We’re over, long back. Now stop interfering in my life.” Swara’s sharp cry hit her ears and she ran towards the balcony, hurriedly.

“Shona, what happened?”

“Rags, what are you doing here?” Swara boggled in shock and fear, slipping down the cellphone from her ear.

“Who was that? Don’t you fool me around. Come straight, what’s happening?” Ragini inquire in a serious tone.

“It was Akhil.” Leaving with no choice Swara blurt out meekly, “He’s stalking me outside from a long time. After also my strict warning, he’s calling me and asking for a chance.”

“He is harassing you like that and you didn’t feel the need to tell me once?” Ragini screamed angrily.

“I thought it wasn’t a great deal. And I didn’t want to throw my silly problems on your head.”

“Oh! right. I’ve forgot that you’ve become really big that you don’t feel the need to tell me about your problems, right. Then, OK.” Ragini said hurt evident in her voice and turned around to leave.

“Rags, it wasn’t like that.” Swara said in a haggard voice holding her sister’s hand, “We were already going through a lot then and I didn’t want to add another problem in it. I’ve already troubled you guys a lot and I don’t want history to repeat itself. I’m no good. All I can do for you guys is to add troubles. I’m very bad, Rags. Because of me, momma-papa died. I’m the one to be blame for every bad things happened in our life. Akhil messed our life because of me. He killed momma papa because of me. Sanskar ruined your life because of me. All because of me. But I can not lose you guys.” Swara burst into tears.

“It wasn’t your fault, Shona. Everything happened because it was bound to happen. You are the grace, we always wanted to protect. Momma papa never left us. They’re with us, always, everywhere. Whatever happened you never wished that. Nobody wished that.” Ragini said emotionally, cupping her sister’s cheek, “And whatever happened with me, I don’t blame anyone, anymore. I just want to move on in my life with this wonderful gift of my life and my lovely family’s support.” She smiled through the tears giving a gentle squeeze on her sister’s cheek. “And you know what, he kicked.” She said gesturing towards her belly.

“See, it happened and I was wasting this moment. When?” A small voice escaped and sister’s conversation went on.

LKFT. It was a sky rocketing cream colour building. With a quick glance, his bulky tall posture clad in a perfectly fitting black suit headed inside the building hurriedly, his PA on tail and directed to the lift. Lift stopped at the 37th floor. They reached at the first desk a receptionist was working at.

“Excuse me miss.” Giri spoke getting her attention and the young lady’s eyes widened in surprise seeing the dashing Superstar in front of her, actually.

“Sanskar Maheswari. Oh my god! Sir I’m a biggest fan of yours. I’ve watched all your movies…” She blabbered in excitement.

“Miss, where could we find Mr Kashyap? We have an appointment.” Giri interjected in the middle observing his boss’s disturbed mood.

“Oh yeah. I can escort you inside.” She offered cheerily still in daze.

“No need. I’ll manage.” This time Sanskar clipped harshly and the wide smile fell off her face. “Giri, you wait here.”

His long strides crossed a busy lobby and few alleys and at last he stopped outside a cabin. All manners to knock at the door before entering inside someone’s space flew out of his head and he barge inside.

“…they’re looking for Kavita every…” That voice stopped and his eyes clashed with the most hateful person of his life, Mr Kumar.

“What the hell.” Another shriek pierced the silence and Lucky’s hand grabbed on the intercom. “Miss Liya, what’s this? I told you not to disturb me for half an hour, then what’s he doing here? What are you doing?” He barked out annoyed.

“Ahh. Welcome son. After a long time we’re seeing each other.” Mr Kumar smirked at him.

His head was still glued on the name he heard at the time of entering inside. Kavita Sharma. A reason for the drift between his and Lucky’s relationship. His blank stare roamed over other two shocked faces staring back at him, his so called mother and brother.

“Yeah, you’re right Mr Kumar. It was a great time without having your disgusting presence around. But I seriously missed you a lot. I adopted a roadside doggy in your memory. You know what, it always remind me of you. It always trying to catch my attention swinging it’s tail around, like you. It barks like you and what’s most amazing is, I’ve named it on you.” With that remark Mr Kumar’s smirk turned into a scorn.


“Dad, stopp it. Lets get out of here.” Anurag snapped in the middle and dragged his father with him giving a small smile to Sanskar.

“How are you San..?” The lady lift up her hand shakily to touch his face but he stopped it in midway.

“No. Stop it whatever you wanted to say. I’m not least interested wasting my time on you. You can leave now.” He clipped stoically moving out of her way.

“What you want to talk? Come straight, I’m not in a mood for any nonsense?” Lucky shot gruffly.

Having only person he wanted to confront, his head jerk out of the recent happenings and focused on the person standing behind the table, disturbed.

“Alright then.” Sanskar scoffed, stepping closer to the opposite edge of the table from Lucky, “You have all the way to get back to me, just stop using Ragini in this. She shouldn’t be in this. She’s expecting my child and I don’t want her and my child between our riots.” He cleared his part in a breath.

“So, what you want me to do?”

“Stop this marriage fuss. Get out of her life for your own good. And stop pretending that you care for her. I’m here for her.”

“And you think, she’ll come to you if I leave her? Impossible! she will die but never come to you.” Lucky mocked at him.

“Whatever. I don’t give a damn. I know only one thing that she’s carrying my child and I’m not leaving her. With my child.” He added the last line, to satisfy his ego.

“That’s the simple reason for me to not giving up on her.” Lucky reasoned calmly, “It will affect you more than anything if she’s involved. It’ll satisfy my wounds. Now, if we are clear then I need to leave for home. I’ve promised her to take her on a candlelight dinner.” He reflexed his muscles ready to leave.

“Its nothing like that and you know it very well, Lucky. Ragini isn’t anything like Kavita.”

“Don’t you dare take her name with your filthy mouth Sanskar.” Lucky covered the distance between them in a flash, furiously. “I know everything very well Sanky. How you used the girl, I loved? How you ditched her after getting your way? Because of you she’s not here with us. We don’t know, if she’s alive or not. All because of you.”

“I know I made mistakes but It wasn’t what you guys are accusing me of. You very well know, she was the one behind me. I never reciprocated her feelings. I dated her because you asked me to. You guys are throwing shits on my head without realizing the fact.” Sanskar dig on the memories.

“But I never asked you to sleep with her. I never asked you to ditch her knowing she’s pregnant with your child.” Lucky hissed at him covering a little distance between them, shooting daggers at him.

“Its all lies. We never have anything physical between us because I knew it, that you have feelings for her.”

“I’m not buying it, Sanskar Maheswari. And by the way, why would it affect you this much that I’m marrying Ragini. She has your child but it has nothing to do with me marrying her. What matters is she accepted me. And, you don’t worry I’ll allow you to meet with your child in the future.”

“Lucky, we’ve already wasted many years for nothing. Don’t pick another fight. This time, hell will broke out.” Sanskar sneered challengingly.

“Lets watch then.”

Thank you so much for reading.

Hey guys, Happy New Year. I was having some problems to post my ffs lately. Hope you remember this ff. This time I’m looking forward to complete this ff soon, anyhow. I’m not gonna leave you on a cliffhanger. Promise.

Atharya, thank you so much for remembering my ffs. Your e boost me to write this in my very busy schedule also. Love you dear.


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