someone like you-chapter-1, part-2



From the next day i was surronded by many books. I studied hard n cracked the Bansal’s admission test n left 4kota 2prepare 4 IIT-JEE n 2complete my+2 from a dummy school there. Once there, i immersed myself in complex no:s, differential calculus n organic chemistry.
My maa never wanted me 2go unlike my paa ah,ahhhh i doesn’t say about my paa. He was a government employ 4 1st 15 yrs of his career. My grand paa, a lawyer with the local government, had died a premature death-a heart attack-when he was 43yrs old. Dad was only 18 n eldest son of the family due to this he had 2 tc of the family. Just b4 i was born , he joined a local university as a proffessor, having done the rest of studies through correspondence n evening colege. Things hav been better since n he wants a better future 4 both simran , my older sis, n me. Simran(simran-radhika frm manmarziyan) is alredy on her way. She always interested in english liTterature n went off to Delhi 2study . V have no doubts tat she will be doing her master’s from Oxford on a full scholarship nxt yr.

My mom- she was more like the quintessential mom from movies. She wanted her daughters 2 growp as the most prettiest, most cultured girls in the neighbourhood. I don’t remeber she ever raising her voice on us. She is such a sweet soul. To think tat she had 2 tc such messed up daughters like simran di n me seems unfair. And she harboured a simmering ambition 2 c me succced.
Eventuly, aftr a lot of pleading and cajoling, she let me 2kota. There, i was 2 busy in coaching classes n late-night studies 2hav time4 luv?. So aftr piyush, thre was no1. I sometimes do wish tat sm1had been there 4 me, like when i watch romantic movie where everything is perfect at the end.

But then,who would want 2take me out? I am tat skinny girl frm school, who sat on the 1st bench, wearing her thick glasses, always immersed in her books, religiously noting down everything taught in the class. The kind u never hear speak,unless it is 2 answer a teacher’s question,or when she is on stage ,presenting a debate or an extemper speech.
That’s me- Ragini Gododia- the girl tat doesn’t exsist. It’s strange tat i am wat i am becauz my sister simran- frm the same gene pool-turned out perfrct. And now, she wants me 2stay with her 4 1week.

I am still out of ideas of hw 2turn her down becauz going 2her clg-Miranda House,Delhi- is the last thing i want to do now. Even my mind started 2find all possible excuses 4not going there. I get a sinking feeling. I know watever i say she won’t listen. I am all set to clg- the Indian Engineering College, Nagpur- in a few days n simran wants 2 c me b4 i lose myself in the books. She will not take no as an answer n will give me an earful hw i never listen 2her n hw i never……….
Is tat my phone ringing?

Precap:conversation b/w simran and ragini.
Simaran is acted by radhika frm manmarziyan.

Guys sry 4 the mistake . I write fastly tats y i know its boring but wat can i do its not my story. I’m saying 4 sure the climax is interesting . I can’t make the intro short .

Credit to: Neena Raichel

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